Confederate Battle Flag at School Leads to Lockdown

September 29, 2015

POLK COUNTY, Ga. – A trio of students has been suspended from school after one of them brought a Confederate battle flag to campus.

Officials said the disruption occurred Wednesday morning at Rockmart High School in Polk County when a 10th grade boy arrived with a Confederate battle flag attached to his backpack.

“He got dropped off out of his truck and came down the sidewalk just like any other student does,” said Principal Wesley Cupp.

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  • mustang6984 says:

    So…we are now going to start deciding who gets the rights and who doesn’t based on whether or not someone dislikes a flag?

    The ones who needed to be suspended were the two kids who confronted the kid with the the flag and back pack. THEY started the confrontation and the shoving.

  • Our nation truly needs a cleansing of all these Leftist Loons! I am 63, served under Presidents Johnson thru Reagan, and all these years, I have never had anything with the Confederate Flag on it, just never thought about it. But since this Racist 3rd World Idiot, that some call President, and all his Racist Ghetto Scum and Apologetic Ignorant White Leftist Loons started raising hell about part of our History, acting like dump pansies, I but everything I find with the Confederate Flag on it, even thinking about have it tattooed, just to piss these cowardly dipsh*ts off! TRUMP 2016!

    1. mustang6984 says:

      You must have either entered the military at 16 you are mistaken about serving under that moron LBJ…since you were born in ’52 and didn’t run 18 until ’70..under Nixon. (Nixon was sworn into office 1-20-69)

      1. I was 16 and my Aunt worked for the Draft Board. I wanted away from a bad home situation and my Aunt said she could get me in with no problem. I was sent to Ft Polk, La in June 68, but before I left the Reception Station to Basic Training, they found out I was only 16. I stayed at the Reception Station for almost a month, as a runner for a SFC Sallee and SFC Davis, until my Minority Discharge came thru. They told me that they never wanted to see me there again. The next June, I was back at the Reception Station again, and both SFC were still there, and gave me one hell of a hard time, but in a good way, lol! So I count that I joined in 68, my heart was there, and Johnson was the President, so yes, I served under Presidents Johnson thru Reagan. That one year back home gave me the chance to get into really good shape for the things I wanted from the military.

        1. mustang6984 says:

          Understand. Good that they were happy to see you…they could have REALLY made your life mud!

          Stubborn people do make the best military men! I take it your stubborn! LOL!!!

          1. I can be, except with my grandkids, lol! But those two SFC put me on every crap detail there was until I left for Basic, lol, kp, police call, anything and everything they could find, trying to make me regret my decision to come back, but they were great guys, just as I have found all my past instructors to be, once your finished with the training. Until then, your nothing dog meat to them, lol!

          2. mustang6984 says:

            Yea…in those days it was called making men out of boys. Today I doubt that D/A’s could get away with most of what went into making those men of the past.

            My instructor in Military School my freshman year of high school (67 -68) showed us a confiscated film from Viet Nam…first month of school…a guy popping his head up 3 times in the same place within 2 minutes or so.
            The third time was his last. Sarge stopped the projector as we saw the guy’s helmet and top of his head at a bout a 45 degree angle to the rest of his skull. Asked us if anyone could explain what the guy did wrong. After a bunch of the class “tough guys” came back from removing their breakfast from their bellies…he took answers.
            He could never get away with that today. He told us on our first day…that if paid attention and listened to and did everything we were told to do…we might well come back form our “Senior Trip” following graduation to lovely S.E. Asia.
            Something else he could never get away with today. Oh…the answer to the question….idiot stuck his head up in the same place more than once. Sniper just locked in and waited.

          3. Anyone, when in the Front Leaning Rest Position had his butt in the air, WHAP! with a pistol belt! We were told the majority of us would not come back and we believe it. I love jungle training, always been a woodman of sorts anyway, and was good with compass and map since cub scouts, actually, since Wolverines, which we had before you became a Cub Scout, lol! I always felt sorry for the guys who got drafted and had only sat behind a desk, overweight, smoked heavy, they got it worse, not only from the Drill Sgts, but from the troops, for slowing us down or making us look bad. But I loved every minute of it, almost, lol! A lot of things I wish I had not had to do, those thoughts never leave, but still would not have traded that experience for anything today.

          4. mustang6984 says:

            Yea…I understand what you mean. I live in WA State now…the Olympic Mountains are my backyard. Some of the most wicked and untamed forestland in the country. Local Indians say there are parts of that mountain range that still has never seen the footprint of any man…white or red…and I believe them.
            We have city clowns that come to them all the time…get lost and have to be rescued. Some…go in and are never seen again. About 10 or so like that over the last 40 years.

            I didn’t get drafted…and didn’t join. I let my mom talk me out of it…along with some help from my grandfather…WWII vet from the Japanese theater…Marines. They got some of the worst in his division…losing then taking back islands.
            Both were afraid I’d be the first one to hit the jungle or go down one of those rat hole tunnels and get myself killed. They were probably right…about being first anyhow…not sure about the other! HAHA.

            I was already doing drug stuff for the local cops anyhow…even though I was not yet 21…and got into law enforcement in later years. I kind of wish I had not gone down that path either. Made me lose some of that happy-go-lucky attitude I had when I was younger. I had another career path mapped out…but…well…formed that law enforcement habit…and that’s where I went.
            Afraid it made me suspicious of everyone and everything…I still even though 10 years done now…still never enter a room without doing a visual sweep…can’t sit with my back to a door, and don’t keep many friends. I have a hard time sleeping more than a few hours a night…and I sleep oh so light. It made me kind of mean…and I suppose that goes with the territory.
            My son has thought about going to law enforcement…he’s 22 now…I have told him that he needs to think on it a bit more. I won’t talk him out of it…he needs to live his own life…but he has other talents that could give him a good living and a more peaceful one.

            Luckily the ugly parts were long over before I got married…in fact when I met my wife I was out of that world at the time. But when we moved back here…I went back for another 14 years in a much reduced capacity…working for the courts and prosecutors. But still was no picnic. I finally pulled out altogether about 10 years ago.
            I’ve done other things as well…at the same time as when I was working the law, but neither are available to me anymore..and at 62…my primary focus is getting out of here and back to a more intelligent and conservative state. I have had my fill of liberals and all the garbage the west coast brings with it.

            Well…off to bed for a bit now. Take it easy…and watch yer back…never know who’s coming up behind ya’!

          5. Hey, I turned 63 in June! After the war, I started working for CID, not as an agent, but undercover, within the ranks. I was so bored, I was about to go nuts, so had an opportunity to work with a couple of agents an took it. On weekends, we would go to different cities, throughout Germany, we would meet with the local law enforcement, find out where the drug bars were, then it was time for me to party! I would go into a bar, find something for sale, go outside, around a corner for the sale, once money changed hands, Mr Ivy and Mr Pickering, along with some local cops, would screech to halt, handcuff us and toss us into the van, drive a block or so away, let me go, and it was hitting the bars again. I loved it, but it was hard on my wife and the baby. We made one of the biggest busts in Stuttgart history, at that time, 1975, made up of Turks, Italians, and Black GI’s. They ended up having to fly my wife and daughter back to the states for safety, until the trials were over. Weird thing is, the two main Black dealers got off scott free, then it did get harry, lol! They ended up giving them dishonorable discharges and sending them back to the states, and me too, but far away from where they were. I thought about joining the police force, in Oklahoma, but I also always did enjoy a joint now and then, so I never applied. Instead, worked the oil fields till they went bust, in 83, then went to work for the BOP, at an FCI. Got burnt out babysitting criminals, and ended up over here in Europe, where my wife is from. Like it pretty well except for the invasion we are now having and not having my little armory, but it is still stashed safely away back in the states, just in case the SHTF there, lol! You know, I always thought I was so well trained that I would never have PTSD over things, but it did not come until 2008, forty some years later, and believe me, it was not fun to deal with, for me or my family. Luckily, my wife since 1973, four daughters, and ten grandkids kept old grandpa together, barely! Even went to doctors and they could not figure it out because the had never treated anyone with PTSD. No VA over here, so it was a long hard road! It took almost three years before I brought it under control, but it still tries to pop it’s ugly head up now and then. I am a firm believer in our Lord, Jesus, and give him all the Glory for helping me get it together. Man, I got to get off here and go eat, almost 1340 hrs!

          6. mustang6984 says:

            Yea..I’ve often wondered if I had something like that. I’ve seen and been part f so much garbage..and buried a few cops along the way.
            I can honestly say I am glad I don’t have t deal with it anymore. The last 4-5 years have been pretty peaceful but it took a long time getting there.

          7. Believe me, it is something I would not wish on my worst enemy! That is also why I have slept separately from my wife since 2008, I was afraid I may do something without knowing it. I had gone to sleep one night, happier than I had ever been in my life, all was right with the world, my first granddaughter had been born, after six boys, and my 2nd granddaughter was due within a couple of months, but when I woke up the next morning, my entire world had turned upside down. It was like everything had just happened or happening and I totally lost it, about tore our living room and kitchen up, until my youngest daughter walked in, and I realized what I was doing. My wife was so freaked, she was terrified of me. It was really touch and go for a year or so. Just one word or thought could send me off again. Only thing I found that actually helped was cannabis, and I had no idea where to get any, since I don’t socialize much. But a friend helped me, it was at a shrinks recommendation to see if it would help, although it was illegal, still is, but no harsh laws like in the states. I had used it when I was younger, that is why I never applied for the police department like I really wanted. But it did help. Now, eight years later, it still tries to pop up now and then, but I get out my Bible, read, and pray. If it gets too bad, I call a friend up and he brings me a bit of cannabis, but for ages now, it has pretty much stayed dormant. I pray it continues to do so. I did find that if I talk about those times, it make it worse, not better, so I just avoid story telling of old times.

          8. mustang6984 says:

            I never got that bad…I just haven’t ever really spoken of most of the time before we were married. I was single until I was nearly 40…so most of the ugly was behind me. I met her when I had walked away from it all the first time.

            I had coached fastpitch softball on the side in the last few years…and left all the insanity to go do it in college. I thought that going to that level would help me purge it all..and to some extent it did. But overall…I just took the ugly with me and went elsewhere…and caused me to make some stupid choices and I eventually left the college as well. Went to just teaching lessons and running clinics and that was good.
            We moved back to WA state and I thought I had a job lined up…it fell apart…so…shortly after…I got a call…and I was back at it…although at a much reduced level of exposure as I now had a wife and two kids…and didn’t need the potential for trouble at home.from interlopers showing up.
            Being married was a REAL change though…and hard on me. I haven’t done it for 20 years now…but at times I would load up my tent, couple of fishing poles, one of the dogs and an ice chest and a bag chair and head out for a few days…maybe a week…if I caught something..I ate…if not…I didn’t. I needed that alone time. It helped…a lot. My true church is the lakes and mountains. I get my peace there.

            Toward the end I had an issue with a state’s attorney who thought he was all that…he threatened to kick my backside in front of his boss…who informed him that he might want to tread lightly…as I had already in a short time decided which bones I was gong to break first and in what order. Mouth couldn’t contain himself and he got fired.
            After a few more months…I decided that I’d had enough…told the wife that we needed to act on our discussions…only choice was to decide where…and we made the choice…and I put in bye-bye papers and we left.
            When she is ready to retire…we are leaving the west coast and heading to the Midwest.

          9. My wife and I are both retired, she at 62 and I had a liver transplant in 2008 and have been on medical retirement since 2003. We had moved to my wife’s hometown, in Austria, back in 1990 (another long story there, lol) and have been here since, only going back to visit my family every 2-4 years. Was back in 2013 last time, for one of my sister’s funeral. I was an illegal worker when we first moved here, doing construction, working my butt off for very little, but my boss liked me, trained me to drive his ships on the Neusiedler See (Google it) and I took tourists on tour for a summer, then worked at a factory for a few years until finally I got on with a telecom company who trained me. Never been on a computer in my life till then, lol! Worked for them until I got sick, in 2001, continued to work as long as I could, but was in the hospital more than out, so finally had to give it up. We just babysit with our ten grandkids today, all of them live within 15 minutes of us. We bought an apartment, guess you would call it a condo, years ago, that is paid for, and I bought an old house with about half an acre, in a very out of the way Hungarian village, back in 2003, that is my getaway. I like Hungarians president, Orban, who is not taking any Muslims, only Christians. So if it gets too bad in Austria, my other house is about two hours away, in the heartland of Hungary. The house in in horrible shape, but still has water, and I take the grandkids there and we camp out, nice and quiet, as long as you keep the gypsies at bay, they will steal you blind!

          10. mustang6984 says:

            We have two houses is a rental. I’m trying to put together a deal to buy a piece of income property in Missouri…once that is done, then we will be out of here in a year.
            She is originally from OK and I am from TX. so we will be back where we feel at home. San Antonio is too big for me anymore…and OKC is a sewer that we have both lived in and don’t care to again.

            We’ll be on 5-10 acres with a house and a shop for my cars. (I have cars…LOTS of cars!) I’ll be able to work on them until 2 in the morning if I want…and not have to worry about some stinking neighbor whining about it! We live is a city now (a small one…but never the less…in town) and I HATE it. Done with it. We had a place with acreage…and living in town has NOT been pleasant. I HATE having neighbors…barking dogs…traffic…being in the middle of a bunch of houses and not able to work on my cars. No more for me!

          11. Lol, I understand that! I have to live in a town now, heck, over here, you have to be rich to have a country house! Very few of them. My house in Hungary is on a dead end dirt road, on the edge of a village with only abut 2000 people in it. Lots of dogs barking, but hardly any cars. If three cars drive by in a day, that is heavy traffic, lol! Most of the street is dead, empty houses, but do have 5 kids that live down the street that I bring sweets to all the time, and my neighbor across the street are great people, everyone is very poor but good people. Also have families of gypsies that a person can never let out of their sight, for they will steal you blind. Our place in Austria is nice, but still, a damn apartment. I always thought it was great that we had the police station across the street from us, but now they have a tent city set up there, filled with muslim men, and I truly hate that, and I despise Islam! I have no contact with them, except for passing them in the street, bad part is, they think I am one of them, lol, with my beard! Hell, mine is longer and bigger than any of theirs, lol! Actually, today I was to be in Leogang, Austria, near Salzburg, for the 2015 World Beard Championships, and was going to take the train, but with the flow of Muslims heading for Germany, I cancelled my registration. I am also about to delete my Facebook account, so that nothing will lead these animals to where I am, right across the street, lol! Wish I could load the entire family up and head back to Oklahoma or anywhere in the South, but that would cost a small fortune. I pray things work out for you and you make it to OK or Missouri, just stay away from Ferguson, lol! I was born in Anadarko, OK, and raised in Eakly and Weatherford, lived a while in El Reno, worked at the FCI there, decades ago, after the oil patch went bust in ’83!

          12. mustang6984 says:

            We talked about going to another country….Australia, New Zealand, north part of England or maybe into Scotland, even Ireland. But I can’t take my cars…and I won’t leave them now. I spent years getting them…and am now going to be able to start finishing their builds after all these years…so we’ll settle for Missouri.
            We’re looking at the area in the south west corner…about 10 miles above the Arkansas line.

            Funny how living in the country in one country is extremely affordable…and opposite elsewhere. Go figure. I can get a nice 2500 sq ft home on 10 acres 10 miles out of town for around $200k…same house in town on a large lot under an acre…$300-350k.

            I know what you mean about the eeriness of the Muslims…in today’s world..I think all the non-Muslims feel that way.

          13. We are only here because we got divorced in 1990, after me pulling stupid stunts. After seven months alone, I realize well, what I had lost, so I sold my old 1959 Ford pickup, third owner, bought a ticket, and came to win them back. Won them back but the wife didn’t want to go back to the states, afraid I would get wandering eyes again, so we stayed here. Hated it for years, but finally learned the language, got a good job, made a life, with the help of my Lord Jesus, and have been here since! As bad as things are getting, more and more muslims, I really would like to bring the entire family back to the states, get a big piece of land, and try our luck. But just kids and grandkids it comes to 16, plus two or three son in laws, maybe a step grandson, we are talking a whole herd here, lol! What kind of cars do you have? I have always been an oldtimer fan, hell, back when they weren’t oldtimers, lol! It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, selling my pickup and Harley, love my old Harleys too, but haven’t ridden since late eighties.

          14. mustang6984 says:

            Yea…wondering eyes can be expensive! OOPs! Glad I married late.

            I have 2 ’57 Ford Sedan Deliveries, 4 Mustangs…a ’68 coupe (that goes to my son when he finishes the build..IF he finishes the build!), a ’69 fastback, an ’84 SVO that is ready for paint almost…(needs some more fasteners..bought it in a basket) and am ’88 Saleen convertible one only car.
            We also have a ’49 Dodge p/u that is in beginning stages of being a rod, I have “inheritance” of a ’48 Ford p/u that is almost done, water pumps rebuilt is all I have left to do…then it is a solid rat rod type…flathead and now a flatbed.
            I also have designs on a 40’s era panel truck I have found…but haven’t had the green to make an offer on yet…and I want to build a Factory Five ’33 Ford couple (Factory Five is a company located in Massachusetts…they are a “kit car” designed to take the running gear of a Fox-body Mustang. Also make a copy of the Shelby Cobra and the Daytona. Look them up at great cars.
            Below is a pic of the Saleen…only one I have in the computer at the moment. Shot this on Sunset Cliffs in San Diego across the street from the home of a friend.

          15. Fine looking car! I love my Fords! I just bought an old folks Ford, called a Ford Connect, don’t know if they produce the same car in the states or not. Pretty much of a box but has lots of room. I used to have an old Ford Taunus and they were never sold in the states. I let my wife pick out our last car and she picked a Hyundi, which was ok, but rusted like crazy! I just bought this Ford last week, a 2005. I have never bought a brand new car, only used ones. Why pay $25,000 for a car that looses $2-3 thousand just driving it off the parking lot! Nope, only used cars, lol! What I love about Ford is that they did not take any of Obama’s Stimulus money, unlike Government Motors, lol! I don’t care what kind of oldtimer it is, I love them all! My first Harley was a ’70 Sportster 900, that was great for running around town on but sucked bigtime on the highway, so much vibration. Then I bought an oldtimer, 1957 pan bottom with a 66 shovel top end, chopped it out, suicide shift, foot clutch, talk about sweet! But hard times call for harsh measures and ended up having to sell it when the oil patch went bust in 83, lost out house too. Learned then, never depend on the good times, they never last, lol! Finally built back up to now having two homes, paid for, along with everything else, including the cars, just wish they were all in the states instead of Austria and Hungary. Course, it does help when your sister in law is the director of our Bank, lol! No, just kidding, doesn’t help a damn bit! But the wife is fantastic with money and I left it all up to her! I am not good with money at all, it disappears with nothing to show!

          16. mustang6984 says:

            I had my SVO Mustang for about 2 months before the wife knew about it. The house we lived in at the time had a large shop about 40 yards from the house. I had it delivered while she was at work, stuck it in the shop and closed the door of the section it sat inside. She never came down there, so I just kept that door closed at all times. LOL!!!
            I too have never bought a new car. Same reason. Let someone else take the loss and deal with what ever issues a new car has. I buy them when they are 5 years old or so…after most of the fixes have been made and recalls are done.
            Yea…they sell that Ford Connect here. Lot of guys use them for cargo vans for delivery companies.
            Wonder..was your Taunus like the Taurus sold here maybe?
            And you’re right about the bailout money…Ford can hold their head high over that. GMC & Chrysler caused a lot of small businesses to go out of existence when they didn’t pay their bills via bankruptcy.

      2. Oh, and your right, LBJ was a moran!

        1. mustang6984 says:

          He was so crooked he made a dog’s hind leg look like a straightedge. never figured out how a guy with no pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of could get so stinking rich…honestly…when the only job he ever had outside of brief military service was politics.

          1. And he was a big racist too! No doubt, in my military mind, that LBJ was elbow deep in JFK’s murder! I could not handle Lady Bird either, just that name was weird as hell, lol! I still remember, sixth grade class, Anadarko, OK, when a kid passed me a note said JFK was assassinated. I wrote back that “No, it was Lincoln who was assassinated, dumbass!” That was when the teacher made the announcement and we were let out of school early.

          2. mustang6984 says:

            I was in school in San Antonio. Fifth grade…nuns came in and told us. Not a good day at all.

            I never had any use for LBJ…then or after. I remember him referring to blacks as ni@@ers…and picaninnies (sp).

            I always suspected he was more than involved…he HATED the Kennedy family with a passion. Over the years I heard stories of Secret Service assigned to the White House talking about the yelling and screaming he did to and with Kennedy over ‘Nam. He wanted to increase the efforts…Kennedy wanted to leave because the Vietnamese people seemed to lack the desire to fight for themselves…and because they didn’t really seem to care who was in charge…since they would still be in poverty.
            I have often wondered how much different this country would have been if that crook had never been POTUS.

  • Luke says:

    I like the fact that this symbol of freedom from a gov’t of fools scares the crap out of the sissy liberals and their lapdog voters..

    1. Ace Dragon says:


      1. mustang6984 says:

        No need to yell…(all caps)..but yes…actually it was and still is known as the Confederate Battle Flag. Has been as long as I can remember…and that goes back before the 60’s.

        When ever we went in to a store to buy one…we asked for a Confederate Battle Flag.

  • Mort Leith says:

    Typical ign0rant N1663rs believing what the liberals TELL them to believe..
    That flag is no more racist than Generational Welfare is

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