Court: Texas voter ID law is discriminatory

by Lydia Wheeler - The Hill
July 21, 2016

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that a Texas law requiring residents to have a photo ID to vote is discriminatory.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit said the law, known as SB 14, violates the Voting Rights Act and ordered a lower court to find an appropriate remedy as soon as possible that still respects the legislature’s goal of safeguarding the integrity of elections by requiring more secure forms of voter identification.

The case, brought by Rep. Marc Veasey (D-Texas) against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, was heard by the full 15-member court.

In April, the Supreme Court denied an advocacy group’s request to temporarily block the law from being enforced during the 2016 general election. The Campaign Legal Center worried that the Fifth Circuit wouldn’t rule on the case in time.

In its opinion Wednesday, the judges said the district court should avoid disrupting the upcoming election and focus first “on fashioning interim relief” from the discriminatory effects of its law in the months leading up to the November general election.

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  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The SCOTUS has sold out to the lefts hypocritical lies.

    Yes, we must register and remove guns from law abiding Americans.

    No, we must NOT deprive illegal aliens the ability to commit voter fraud or remove them from the U.S.

  • SickoftheBS says:

    Thank God that the Great state of Georgia requires a Drivers License or State ID to vote.

    1. Elaine says:

      Ditto Kansas. When I voted in the Republican caucus a couple months ago, the poll worker really LOOKED at my ID, to be as sure as he could that I was who I said I was. It actually made me feel good and proud to be an American.

  • Retired says:

    Time to get these Judges removed from office.

  • BillB says:

    Non-elected judges making law at the expense of freedom and the rights of WE THE PEOPLE to determine how our elections should be protected! Time to overrule them…demand our leaders to impeach them for overstepping their authority.

  • robert sanders says:

    What islamsic country did Marc Veasey come from. Oh, I forgot, hes a dumbass demo. Fire the bastard. Freedom of speech.

  • Taz says:

    This is yet another ploy by the liberal left to steal the elections. They have been building an electorate that is beholden to them so they could eventually establish a one party system, a true oligarchy run by the democrat party who will establish themselves as royalty.
    With no requirement to establish your identity when voting you will see an even greater incidence of voter fraud and the subsequent loss of all our liberties. This will eventually lead to the totalitarian rule by criminals such as the Clintons and Obamas.
    And let us not forget, turncoats like Ted Cruz. He probably has already sold out body and soul to the democrats as evidenced by his speech at the RNC last night. He should be removed from office due to the lie, written not oral, that he would support the eventual nominee of the Republican party for President of the United States. The people of Texas and the United States will not forget how untrustworthy he has shown himself to be.

  • ONTIME says:

    This is insanity, the voter laws to protect the election from left wing fraud is being denied on grounds that have no substance,……If the system is rigged as it is said to be, then it is this kind of fraudulent thinking that denies one man one vote system we honor, is foul to the core…..the criminal left wins on this one again…..

  • Dan says:

    There’s only one reason why the progressives are opposed to a photo ID voter card. VOTER FRAUD! As they say in Chicago, vote early and vote often.

    1. Retired says:

      The claim in 2012 it happened as well as driving then into Indiana by the bus loads.

  • TeaPartyPatriot says:

    simple require a photo ID to get welfare. the leeches will flock to the photographers to avoid getting their meal tickets and 0webomb phones cut.

  • 7papa7 says:

    I hope that if Trump wins the election he will do some serious voter reform. He would need to require ALL people who vote to show a state ID which would require a birth certificate to get. After they vote then do something that shows they have voted so that they couldn’t vote again. Hey do what they do in the middle east and paint the thumb purple or something like that. If voter fraud had been stopped in the last election Romney would now be president not that it would so great but it would have been better than barak.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Where are all these socialist judges coming from, Texas of all places is slowly losing their way! They’ve let in to many Cal. businesses and their left wing idiots, then top it off with way to many muslims, Texas is going to have problems before long! But U would think all these illegals would use there ID cards they use to get food stamps or anybody else that is on any kind of federal get everything free program that they have to have an ID FOR!!

  • Gfrischmann says:

    Discrimination, BULLSHAT! These liberal activist judges know as we all do that the Democrats want to push illegals to vote. And guess what, most do not have a valid ID. This should be national law. How is it discrimination to ask for an ID card. How do you know the voter is valid. Is this why Obama is secretly pushing in all of these “refugees’. Are they going to be told that they have to vote? What other nation does this ? I mean besides the third world cesspools, is this where we are heading? Where is the GOP on this? Where is the outrage? We all had better wake the phuck up man or we are going to have our country stolen by the liberal scum elite.

  • rowleya says:

    Time to TEXIT
    ABORT FedGov Tyranny

    1. CharlieSeattle says:

      …ABORT FedGov TyraTranny

  • 3ronald1 says:

    You need a photo ID to get a library card, to cash a check, to buy a plane ticket. Why shouldn’t you need one to exercise one of your most important rights – to vote?

    1. 7papa7 says:

      You absolutely should but then the elections would be a little more honest and the left can never accept honest elections. To the libs, cheating to win is more acceptable than being honorable and lose.

    2. CharlieSeattle says:


  • Patriot1955 says:

    I wonder what the Dems would do if a bunch of ill eagles voted republican? I bet the party of hypocrites would cry like babies!

    1. Rocket Doc says:


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