Dartmouth Sorority cancels Kentucky Derby party over ‘racial connotations’

by Kellan Howell
April 10, 2016

Every year Dartmouth College’s Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE) sorority hosts a Kentucky Derby-themed party in the spring, but this year, the sorority cancelled those plans after students claimed the soiree was racist.

The sorority traditionally held the invite-only party the same weekend as the famous Kentucky Derby horse race.

In 2015, a group of campus Black Lives Matter protestors rallied outside the party, calling the event racist and elitist, and accusing the sorority of “recreating an Antebellum South atmosphere on the Ivy league campus,” The College Fix reported.

Protesters held signs declaring “black rage” and repeated chants of “What is Derby? It’s the face of genocide,” and “What is Derby? It’s the face of police brutality.”

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  • SueJer says:

    Damn the country! Let the black cry babies have their way again. The country is being divided by these outlandish, criminals that call themselves the saviors of black citizens. Since obama, we have had nothing but problems pertaining to blacks. Division from the get go was obama’s goal and with the help of illiterate, stupid, easy to influence, young people, he has succeeded!
    Worst mark on US presidency since the time of Hitler!

  • yellowjacket2 says:

    Blacks have become the most racist segment of our society. And Black Lives Mater ranks down at the bottom with the KKK. Can an all out race war be far?

  • CBUJAN says:

    The sorority girls have no guts, don’t let some idiots stop you from having your fun.

  • Vietvet1968 says:

    Black Lives Matter, BDS, Anti-Semitism, it is all the same bullshit. These people have no idea how lucky they are to live in America with the freedoms they trample! These idiots should try living in a Muslim country and see what happens if they open their stupid mouths and say idiotic things!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    The BLM has got to go! This is the product of the black house, nothing but thugs!

  • Lily Haley says:

    Well, the Kentucky Derby is actually a race. lol. A race between horses.

  • Pam says:

    Just more proof of what happens when you don’t teach/study REAL history.
    Kentucky was/is NORTH of the Mason-Dixon Line and never seceded from the Union. Louisville is at the northern boundary of Kentucky. Kentuckians fought on both sides and the Commonwealth was OFFICIALLY NEUTRAL.The first Kentucky Derby horse race was held in 1875, 10 years after the Civil War ended! THAT MEANS THAT NO “SLAVE” WAS EVER INVOLVED IN IT!
    Hardly anyone remembers it now, but when I was growing up and before that, Maryland was always considered more a “southern” state than a “northern” one. Maryland had plantations and slave holders and was also OFFICIALLY NEUTRAL. The Preakness Stakes is held outside of Baltimore, but somehow, no one seems to have a problem with that race.
    The Belmont Stakes is held on LONG ISLAND, New York’s “last bastion” of the “elite”, but somehow no one seems to have a problem with that race.
    And by the way, I would not want my daughter attending a “Woodstock” themed party. To me, Woodstock represents heavy drug use and public indecency. A lot of young girls had “sexual relations” at Woodstock, IN SOME CASES, WHETHER THEY WANTED TO OR NOT!

  • Sandy white says:

    I am so sick of blacks making EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET about race…guess what morons it isn’t. Why don’t u stop the lazy ass “I’m entitled ” BS and do something constructive like READ if u know how. Say, oh maybe something worthwhile like books and articles by Jesse Lee Peterson. HES BLACK and thinks u people are just pawns being used to further a much more complex issue. All u have accomplished is make white people dislike u not support u but again I guess u r too stupid to see u r being led like sheep. I for one am not politically correct and don’t care who doesn’t like it. I’m fed up with trying to appease everyone and their crap so I won’t and u still have the right to not like it so be grateful for that because if u keep up this ridiculous absurd behavior things will definitely change but not necessarily for the good. Oh and if u don’t like the “N” word then stop calling us. WHITEY. Name calling is the same no matter the name.

    1. judge45colt says:

      why sugar coat it, if their kind don’t like being niggers, get up off your dumb black ass and do something to change

      1. Sandy white says:

        Quite frankly I totally agree but I thought “big brother ” wouldn’t let me use nigger. I’m offended by the word WHITEY but evidently I’m I’m in the minority since every time I look around or watch tv there’s always mixed racial couples or families etc. And let’s not forget the thousands of bleeding hearts who turn against their own race!

    2. USNavyPatriot says:

      The dumb ass niggers are only 13% of USA population. Why do you even pay attention to those low life monkeys? You’re letting the elites, who promote chaos to divide and control people, to get to you. We all know “you can’t please everyone”, so why even give niggers an audience? Just ignore them.

  • Climax says:

    If you want the truth about anything, take a good look at it. This Black Lives Matter is run by racists and criminals themselves. They use a racist theme to demand they get their way and destroy anything else that anybody has that they cannot control. They and other groups should be arrested for disturbing the peace, heavily fined or be sentenced to a jail term it takes to teach them “all lives matter”, and end it at that.
    Even educated and professional black people are ashamed of these groups of worthless people who are the Black Lives Matter crowd and their actions.

    1. Pam says:

      And funded by George Soros who is in the business of destabilizing governments for fun and profit!

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        Yah, and England being his last victim, and America is his biggest prize!

    2. michael says:

      Haven’t you noticed how black lives matter is very similar to Isis? The only difference is they haven’t gotten to the point of beheading but they use every means possible to get what they want, and their way is the only way, when in reality blacks are killing blacks! However they want to blame White people or other races for their problems! I’m sorry but all lives matter!

      1. Pam says:

        Never be sorry!

    3. Sickofit says:

      If we keep giving into these racists bullshit, it will never stop!!
      They should do as they usually do. Do not let the BLM intimate them.

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    Black Lives Matter is the face of pure ignorance.
    Why do you run around like a group thugs and ignorant pimps, when the people who kill blacks for sport are other blacks, like you! You are just calling to everyone’s attention how uncivilized and jungle-like your culture is.
    Blacks are like savages Muslims. Of the many blacks killed every year, over 95% are blacks killing other blacks.
    The college kids are lost and paying big bucks to become fags, who are offended and afraid of everything. Enough to embarrass every parent and a nation.
    The stuff coming out of college these days is nuts. Get a life and grow a set and stop being wimpy losers who are so uninformed. These colleges are feeding you leftist crap and you idiots are allowing them to dumb you down. You have become the new bitches.

    1. Ricky says:

      I totally agree with you. Why is this being allowed? They are so racist. They are out to destroy everything for whites. Just like southern history unless its about what blacks have done..

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Get OUT of the COLLEGES!

  • Sharpshooter says:

    Obviously their “College Education” didn’t take. In today’s educational atmosphere, the longer you’re there, the dumber you get. “Kum baya”

    1. Ricky says:

      They only teach them how to be racist toward whites.They are out to destroy the white race. And whites are allowing them to do this.Obama has stacked everyone in the gov. that wull be against everything whites want..

    2. michael says:

      The majority of the blacklivesmatter people didn’t go to college so they’re trying to ruin it for those that are going now!

  • Roy Thomas says:

    And so the sorority gives in to these radicals and America loses a little bit more of it’s common sense. They should have stood up to this low life getto trash and refused to give in. WHITE LIVES AND COMMON SENSE MATTER.

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