Dem Congressional Candidate Asks Why Military Service Makes Someone Qualified to Run for Office [VIDEO]

Randy Perkins, a Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 18th district, berated his Republican opponent, Brian Mast, on Monday for claiming that his military service qualifies him to serve in Congress.

“So tell me why the sacrifices and the services that you have provided for this country make you capable of solving issues?” Perkins asked Mast, a double-amputee veteran of the war in Afghanistan, at a recent candidate forum. Perkins then listed off numerous issues and asked Mast how he would fix them.

“Well, it’s what’s involved in that service that makes me very capable of solving any number of those issues,” Mast responded.

Before Mast could explain how he would address various issues, Perkins interjected and told him to pick two specifically.

Mast named the ongoing problems with the Department of Veteran Affairs and recent changes to the rules of engagement for combat as issues for which he could offer solutions if elected to Congress. Perkins again interrupted Mast before he could offer his solutions.

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  • Discusted says:


  • Momma Beth says:

    I don’t mind him questioning Mast’s qualifications. That is part of the debate/discussion process of elections. It helps voters learn about a candidate. What I do mind is the @sshole-ish way he kept interrupting Mast and not letting him answer.

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  • justinwachin says:

    Perkins is right to a degree. Just because someone has served in the military doesn’t make them qualified to hold elective office. Vets are like the rest of us. You can find some on just about any side of an issue. The question should be is this vet qualified to hold office.

    My problem with Perkins is that he comes across as a total jerk in the video. If you ask a question you let the person answer. Perkins asked a long and rambling question and started interrupting the other candidate as he began to answer. If this is an accurate sample of how Mr. Perkins conducts himself I would suggest he isn’t qualified to hold any office.

    1. Tiger says:

      And since vets who served had intensive training not only on the enemy, what drives him, how he fights etc the rules of engagement, warfare and the way the enemy thinks, including weeks of intensive terrorist training like I did and millions of others, it makes us highly qualified in understanding what needs to be done downrange and what should be done related to this enemy. Regardless of rank, we are well trained.

      My question would be to that piece of excrement who challenged me. as a vet if I were the candidate, would be and what kind of training have you had or what kind of experience up close and personal with the enemy downrange have you had being as it appears that Terrorism and Security number one on everyone’s minds now. Tell me what makes you think you are qualified to deal with Terrorism. And what makes you think anything you have done in your civilian life makes you more qualified?

      Damn straight I would surely like to be on this Vets team of advisers. He was way to humble and his sacrifice way to great not to fight this pompous ass. I would fight this dirty Demonrat into a hole in the ground that he couldn’t dig out of.

      1. justinwachin says:

        I’ve got a good idea why you use the name Tiger. Seeing you go after this Democrat candidate would be fun to watch.

        Since I live near Fort Campbell I have had the chance to meet many veterans of our Middle East wars. They have made sacrifices greater than most of us civilians have ever had to make. Most of these men and women display a greater amount of self-control than you will find among many civilians. I don’t know how good of a congressman the vet will be, but his Democrat challenger is a complete jerk and will do more harm than good.

        1. Tiger says:

          Well sir thank you and yes we were seriously prepared for Shield/Storm the maneuvers were grueling and in heat that would choke a lizard. I lost 20 pounds. We were introduced to the Qur’an by Arabic men who were translators. We in the medical field watched all the video of decapitations, massive killings and executions, impaling, hanging, mangling it hardened us. We knew this was an enemy like no other.

          Yes this vet will be an asset to all. Ignorance is killing Americans literally.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    There’s the proof, Perkins refused to hear the truth from Mast by interrupting him, that’s how the Dems work! They can’t handle the truth!!

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