Dem: Put Rubio under 24-hour surveillance

by David McCabe | The Hill
January 27, 2015

A Democratic member of the House is calling for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) to be monitored 24 hours a day after Rubio defended government surveillance programs in a recent op-ed.

“If Senator Rubio believes that millions of innocent Americans should be subject to intrusive and unconstitutional government surveillance, surely he would have no objections to the government monitoring his own actions and conversations,” Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) said in a statement.

“Senator Rubio is asking for American technology companies to ‘cooperate with authorities,’ so I believe he will have no objection to authorities being given access to his electronic correspondence and metadata.”

“Maybe after his 2016 strategy documents are accidentally caught up in a government data grab, he’ll rethink the use of mass surveillance,” Polis continued, a reference to Rubio’s potential presidential bid.

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  • wilma says:

    I forgot to say that my daughter adopted five hispanic children.

  • wilma says:

    I happen to have a black niece and a philippino daughter in law and four step great, great grandkids. So racist I am not and yes I do know people in my family that have divorced. You are just a blowhard.

  • wilma says:

    Your are darn right, I am a republican. How can anyone vote wrong when it is a matter of opinion, preference and what the nominee stands for. I dont even know a Democrat. Everyone in my family and group goes Republican. The only reason O won is because all the illegal latinos voted illegally for him because of the promises he stupidly made to them. Too bad the voting system is so crooked. We in MT show id when we vote and everyone else should do the same.

    1. I Seigel says:

      You probably don’t know any black people either. Or Jews or gays or Latinos. Know anyone that’s been divorced, or are all your acquaintances pure-as-the-driven-snow-white?

      Which is all fine, Wilma. But you should have stopped there. Once you start going on about your crazy conspiracy theories, you reveal yourself to be a loon. You just can’t accept the fact that the system worked not in your favor once or twice. It’s just so un-American to not believe in majority rule, the basis of a democratic society. Oh well, make sure you have plenty of ammo before they start coming for your guns. And keep a sharp lookout overhead for spy drones – they’re gonna start watching your every move, now that the NSA has seen your posts here.

      You may be 80 with a lot of “common” sense – and I won’t apologize to you for anything else I’ve said.

  • wilma says:

    Now that you have insulted me, I would like to see what you remember from school when you are 80. You may have more political savvy but I probably have more common sense than you, sonny boy. I do quite well with my voting and I have good friends and relatives that help me out.

    1. I Seigel says:

      Of course you should vote – it was wrong of me to suggest otherwise. I apologize for that part of my comment – even tho I’m SURE you vote wrong! 🙂 But a steel trap of a memory isn’t required. I’ve “reacquainted” myself with the laws by researching whether Cruz, Rubio, et al are eligible for higher office. Maybe you should, too.

      (As for “common sense” – I’m not so sure. You’re a Republican, after all :-))

  • wilma says:

    I understood that Rubio cannot be president because of his parents not being U.S. citizens at one time or another. Does anyone out there know the story?

    1. I Seigel says:

      It’s too bad you have so little knowledge of how America works. Never took a Civics class in high school? Living in your echo chamber of ideological ignorance? Why not take the same classes that immigrants need to pass before they can become citizens? You might become a “real” American. Until then, you shouldn’t be allowed a ballot.

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