Displaced American Workers Sue Federal Government Over Amnesty Policies

by The Daily Caller
April 24, 2015

American workers who lost their jobs to foreign replacements are suing the federal government over a new rule that will allow more foreign workers into the job market.

In a stated effort to encourage guest workers to stick around permanently, the Department of Homeland Security will now grant their spouses work permits in addition to visas. DHS estimates more than 100,000 spouses will be eligible to apply when it begins accepting applications May 26.

The complaint, filed by the Immigration Reform Law Institute on behalf of the displaced workers, alleges DHS does not have the authority to make the rule, and that the rule violates federal labor protection law. IRLI is asking the judge to halt implementation of the rule until the case is heard.

“The larger implication is that Obama is arguing he has the executive authority to allow anyone to work in the United States,” John Miano, the attorney for the displaced workers, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “[He] started with the children, then the parents, and now the spouses of H-1B workers.”

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  • Rita says:

    Apparently the candidates who ran as Republican were liers. Voting in Lynch was a terrible choice. I thought they would impeach Obama. Americans need jobs.

  • Pam says:

    First, let me say that I am a true Capitalist. I believe in the American Dream of hard work and getting ahead by your own efforts. I am IN NO WAY one of these nut job 99%ers. Having said that, here is my interpretation of the referenced article and individual accounts that I have read over the last few years.
    This is not really talking about the Illegal Aliens that are taking over the service and trade industries. This is talking about the “Silicone Valley”, highly skilled tech, medical type fields. AND SOME REPUBLICANS ARE JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME. Guest worker H-1 type visas are ONLY supposed to be allowed limited use where skilled US workers CANNOT be found in sufficient numbers to fill openings. And then, only if it will NOT result in depression of wages in these fields. Yet, over the last 10 years or so, more and more highly skilled workers who merit salaries that would put them in upper middle class status are being replaced by (mostly Asian) workers. This is because the corporations have decided why should I pay a citizen 100K+ benefits when I can get a guest worker for two years at a time and only have to pay them 20K. They go back home being the richest man in town and my company is 160K in the black.
    Watch the candidates very closely. Do NOT give your support to ANYONE who is promoting ANY type of foreign worker programs or immigration “reform”. We need to stop all forms of immigration for the next few years to allow our own citizens the chance to be gainfully employed and support their families. That would pay for itself because these people would no longer be forced to be dependent on the government for help.

  • Donald Mccormick says:

    Obama IS ACTING like he was the “KING” of America because te people voted him into office and NOT the President of America. A “KING” can rule by just SAYING he wants this or that done and that is then LAW. In America a President says he wants something done then congress must tell him either it is O.K. OR that it is against the constitution and can NOT be done OR another case that it is too expensive to do and can NOT be done at this time, BUT NOT just done because HE SAYS to do it HIS WAY.

  • Aleks says:

    It has been going on for years, Dinos,Rinos, Cinos in Congress and Pinos in the White House, we are in real trouble, losing our Country.

  • dnnswnthld4@hotmail.com says:

    If the foreign workers are illegal they are not permitted to legally work in the USA. If they are legal residents then they have every right to work here like anyone else. If we have jobs that Americans are not trained for then companies can hire foreign workers on a work visa. What we need is Americans to have a good education and get these jobs.

  • empty pockets says:

    We’re under the “rule of ‘activist’ courts, not the “rule of law”. This is the result of Barry’s executive overreach usurping the authority and power of the legislative branch.

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