DoJ to Sheriff Joe: Speak Spanish in jails

The Justice Department announced a deal Friday requiring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to provide services in Spanish to his jail inmates, settling part of a two-year-old discrimination complaint the Obama administration filed against the man known as “America’s Sheriff.”

Federal authorities will also become permanent overseers for all worksite raids, with the power to demand information about any raids that deputies perform. The Justice Department says it will scrutinize them to make sure they’re following the Constitution.

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  • LaRae Bailey says:

    Joe has done nothing wrong here but the corruption of the DOJ is palpable and have no business requiring him to report his every move to them..his raids are none of their business and is directly going to lead to the illeghals being alerted to all raids so none are arrested..another illegal obama order to protect his beloved illegals…corruption at it’s very finest

  • VirgoVince says:

    The INjustice dept needs to learn the meaning of Justice, in English, otherwise just GFYs and STFU!!
    Sheriff Joe WAS elected to office, you weren’t, so FO!!

  • billie says:

    English is the language of this country. Learn it !!!!!

  • cool breeze says:

    we speak english in america. Plain and simple. They break our laws and wind up in jail, too bad. They can rot in that shit hole for all i care

  • Cetansapa says:

    Yet another example of Dept. of INjustice over reach and usurpation of authority. If any of the people in that department ever knew anything about our Constitution they have forgotten it or are purposely ignoring it. It is also a good bet that anyone in that jail that cannot speak English is in this country illegally but the DoJ doesn’t give a hoot about that either, they are too busy interfering with people who actually try to enforce our laws by imposing this and other stupid political cowardice (PC) restrictions.

  • Les Landers says:

    Si, now get the fu++ back across the boarder!

  • Catherine McCoy says:

    For anyone who hasnt seen it yet, here is a map of Sanctuary Cities:

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    So, okay for the Feds to ignore the Constitution, but not Sheriff Joe?

  • cab says:

    They come over w/o learning our language so they get what they deserve. They dont get to understand, its their fault. We shouldn’t have to pay for translaters

  • hbcark says:

    Speak English or go home.

    Sheriff Joe is all blow and no go. Get a life.

    1. Cheryl Johnson says:

      You’re only half correct…people coming to America must learn English or go back where they came from, but you are wrong on Sheriff Joe. What crawled up your pant leg and bit you on the butt this morning?

      1. hbcark says:

        Obama is still in office.

        1. Wolfman says:

          HB….If it was Yo-Mama crawling up your pant leg there would have been more than a bite in your butt!!!!

      2. Wolfman says:

        Cheryl!!!!…You got just a ‘teech’ of a$$kicker in you!!! I would never have guessed that from your other posts… I picture you as the kindly ( but conservative) teacher type.

  • Nana Monster says:

    I was in a store one day and there were some hispanic people there blabbering in their tongue and the owner said “This is America..speak
    English or get out of my store”….they switched to English…

    1. ed says:

      Nana. I speak Mexican as a second language. Growing up in southern Arizona it happens. I have a problem with people coming to this country expecting us to cater to them by providing a translator. Anybody here try going to Europe and expect they to speak English. You might be surprised how rude you can be treated.

      1. Nana Monster says:

        Ed, I went to Canada years ago and everyone spoke French.
        got along pretty good though as I don’t speak a lick of it.
        My granddaughter took one class in Spanish and now thinks
        she’s bi-lingual. I really see the humor in that.

      2. Cheryl Johnson says:

        Excuse me, speak “Spanish” as a second language. But most likely not the Castilian Spanish spoken in Spain. Just thought you’d like to know because some folks from Mexico don’t care to be thought of as speaking Mexican. Okay? 🙂

  • curtmavi38 says:

    Oh really since when did the federal government follow the constitution not since Obama was elected he has circumvented the constitution at will. So we are hearing from the new DOJ I was wondering when she would show her true colors. I have never heard that our sherrif must speak Spanish. While they are in prison would be a good time to teach them to speak English. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of being asked if I want English or Spanish spoken This is the USA and here we speak English and if you don’t know English you had better learn it if you want to stay. meh We speak English not Spanish.!!!!!

    1. Mike N says:

      If you want to speak Spanish immigrate where they speak Spanish. Also since when do those in jail have rights. It is not a country club!!!

      1. Terry Rushing says:

        Kinda reminds me of a sign I saw posted in a county jail many years ago. It said, ” This is not MacDonald’s and you cannot do things your way; This is the County Jail and you WILL do things OUR way.”

  • jdbixii says:

    Why should the American taxpayer pay for translation services for inmates? Why not better spend the money transporting them to Mexican authorities to deal with? Mexico can do exactly what the U.S. and state governments do.
    It is a choice to avoid the cost. Quite simple. No moral or ethical dilemma.
    No politics. Just law.

  • Wolfman says:

    Why not teach the Hispanics how to speak English??? Why do we have to capitulate to a non-English speaking lawbreaker, instead of the lawbreaker capitulating to the Country that he obviously thinks is good enough for him to ‘violate and pillage’?? Also, if the Justice Dept. is so concerned about making sure the Constitution is followed, why don’t they clean-up their own house first??

    1. Cheryl Johnson says:

      Wolfman…you are exactly right. English should be the official language of the United States, and foreigners from any non-English speaking country should learn English before gaining citizenship. There are classes available for those wishing to learn English, so there’s no excuse. Those people who end up in jail, do so because they have no idea of our laws, culture, and can’t hold a job if they don’t speak English. Teach them in the jails, and if they break the law again, deport them. This goes for any illegal immigrant from whatever country they came from. As for those who are here legally, they, too, should learn English in order to become an American citizen. If I were to move to a German/French/Spanish speaking country, I’d certainly want to learn the language. As it is now, I do have a small knowledge of both German and Spanish because of relatives and friends, but we speak English together. I don’t care at all what they speak at home.

      1. Wolfman says:

        Thank you Cheryl, and you are correct with all you say. I am a 3rd generation citizen. While I respect the Polish/Irish heritage I have…..I meld this with the American Traditions and culture that is part of the greatest Country the World has ever seen. I was fortunate enough to be born here …….and I am going to do everything in my power to get this ship sailing in the correct direction again……which means God must be part of the equation…. and every able bodied conservative… of sound mind….needs to do some serious soul searching…. AND NEVER ABSTAIN FROM VOTING …..BECAUSE YOU DON”T AGREE 100% WITH SOMEONE !!!!! I personally admire Donald Trump…because he talks straight ( and his actions follow his words)…….BUT if push comes to shove I may have to re-consider writing his name in… if the Reprobates have an honest candidate ( with whom I don’t necessarily agree with). Honesty is a virtue this country has not had in politics in a loooong time….I’ll start there if I have to!!!

  • Dudley DoRight. says:

    Speak English, or go home.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      The majority of those things DO speak English, acting like they don’t. Watch them on a show like COPS. They’ll run, get caught, police ask, ‘Habla espanhol?’, the illegals usually slip up and answer in English, “yes- si”. Just a waste of money, effort, and time… If they don’t follow the laws, what makes anybody think that anything they do is legal?

  • scott says:

    get all the traitorous anti american govt and spanish scum out of our country along with the muzscums and dot heads

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