Donald Trump Heads to Louisiana – While Obama Vacations, Hillary Rests

Donald Trump is traveling to Louisiana on Friday.

Louisiana is suffering through the worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy. More than 20,000 people were displaced in the flooding.

Vice Presidential candidate Governor Mike Pence will be traveling with Trump to Baton Rouge.

FOX News reported:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and running mate Mike Pence will visit flood-damaged areas of Baton Rouge, La. Friday.

Record flooding across Louisiana has killed at least 13 people. Over 85,000 people have registered for federal disaster assistance, more than 30,000 have been rescued, and an estimated 40,000 homes have been damaged.

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  • Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Just goes to show you how concerned O’Bama is about his fellow citizens, it would interfere with his “vacation golf games”. I also noticed Hilary hasn’t mentioned anything about the flooding in Baton Rouge either, and the Democrats are for the working people. (That’s a laugh at the victims expense.)

  • uhptony says:

    Donald Trump acts presidential while dumbo golfs and hitlery recouperates.

  • Luke says:

    obuma doesn’t know how to be a real president of all the people, he’s just the ruler of people he favors like the muslims and other minorities..

  • justinwachin says:

    Barack Obama missed two great opportunities to appear presidential. He should have traveled to the flood stricken areas in Louisiana. This would have given him a perfect opportunity to show he cares about the plight of regular Americans.

    The president should also have attended the Olympics. Over the past two weeks a number of American athletes have excelled in their particular sport. Some have set world records. By all accounts our olympians are the best of the best. This president squandered a great opportunity by boycotting the games. Although Chicago losing in its bid to host this Olympics was one of the early failures for the president, his absence has shown what a lazy leader this guy really is. I will give Barack Obama the gold for narcissism and incompetence.

    Donald Trump is going to have a great opportunity to show Americans that he can be a true leader of the people. The man who wants to make America great again is hopefully going to show us just what a true world class president looks like. Good move, Donald.

    1. BOC says:

      I was in attendance at his rally in Charlotte yesterday evening. The first words out of his mouth after thank you was to speak of the devastation in Louisiana, requesting that we pray and help the good people of that state however possible. I’m not surprised however as he is a good man who has always dug deep to help others in times of crisis.
      The speech was by far his best and it was if he was channeling the greatest president of our time, Ronald Reagan. It was that positive and inspiring, Also, in the crowd of about 4000 were many millennials wearing Trump gear and loudly supporting him. Hillary should be concerned, regardless of what these polls may say.

      1. justinwachin says:

        I’m glad to hear that. Most people already know how corrupt Hillary Clinton is. Every time people are able to see Donald Trump acting presidential they are going to find it easier to support him and harder to consider supporting Hillary.

        A big part of making America great again is to have a president that is able to lead. Hopefully Donald Trump will let us see him as an inspiring, competent leader repeatedly between now and election day. If so, he still has the ability to win big on election day.

    2. Roy Fredrichsen says:

      But that would interfere with his golf games. O’Bama doesn’t care about others misfortunes because it might interfere with his other activities.

      1. justinwachin says:

        Sadly, you are correct. America has dealt with an amateur for the last eight years. It’s time for us to elect a leader that can help our nation become great again. Hillary doesn’t have the competence or integrity to be a great leader. Our only hope is that Donald Trump can fill that role.

  • annie.o75 says:

    Obama won.t go to the flood areas..cause there are NO. Muslims there….trump goes and killery rests.?.NOW you see who cares about YOU and who does. N O T. !!!

  • annie.o75 says:

    Gee killery…that tumor killing you???? Resting?? You mean rehab ?? People wake up she is dying…useless !!

  • Charles Reed says:

    I wonder if the media will report it like they used to on Bush (and I was not a Bush fan) or just pretend all is ok. But really if Obama went he just get in the way of the people working.

    1. annie.o75 says:

      That’s his job to go to these areas….and offer help…sitting and golfing !? And we are paying for him to do that?? Sick !!

      1. Johnaeblanchard3 says:

        <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il70r:….,…….

  • TexRancher says:

    Chasing his balls through the woods is more important to Obama than doing his job! Gotta get as many more vacations as he can before he’s on his own instead of the taxpayer’s bill!

    1. helm20558 says:

      He will always feed at that teet.

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Chasing balls and polishing putters, what a guy, and they say he’s as bad at golf as he is at being President! He must suc$

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