Duquesne Students Claim Chick-Fil-A on Campus Will Put ‘Safe Place at Risk’

by Tom Ciccotta | breitbart
April 13, 2017

Student activists at Duquesne University are fearful over plans to install a Chick-Fil-A in the school’s dining hall, claiming it will put their “safe place at risk.”

Students at Duquesne University are concerned over plans to bring Chick-Fil-A to their campus, citing concerns that the fast food chain’s upper management have publicly campaigned against gay marriage rights in the United States.

“Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” Duquesne Student Senator Niko Martini remarked in a statement to The Duquesne Duke. “I think it’s imperative [that] the university chooses to do business with organizations that coincide with the [university’s] mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion.”

Rachel Coury, the president of Duquesne’s Gay-Straight Alliance organization, claims that Chick-Fil-A’s presence on campus will make some students feel unsafe.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    WTF is Going on on Campuses?? ONCE upon a time Collerges helped ‘WUSSIES” grow up and face the Hard Cruel World to achieve SUCCESS ………Now they CREATE WUSSIES to Grow up to be FAILED PU$$IES ….and for this IDIOTS BORROW $400,000 to get a $ 16,000 a Year JOB????????????????

  • Olaf Thunderfoot says:

    Who the fuck told these snowflake cunts that a university is a “safe space?” A univerisity is somewhere you go to learn not to be coddled like a fragile fucking egg shell!!!

    Furthermore in response to the dumb fuck named Niko Martini; The mission of the university should be to educate you rotten pieces of shit, not “choosing to do business with organizations that coincide with the [university’s] mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion.”

    If you are offended by Chick Fil-A don’t fucking eat there you stupid wanker!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      I wonder if NIKO borrowed Tuition money say about 90,000 to get a job that will pay him Minimum wage ………..seems to be the trend among these IDIOTS

      1. Olaf Thunderfoot says:

        How awesomely ironic would it be if Chik Fil-A was the only company to hire him after he graduates?

        1. The Redhawk says:

          DIVINE JUSTICE!!!

  • Bob says:

    Change the narrative: What if a Conservative group demanded that a group they disagree with be denied access to the campus because they would not feel safe. How quickly would these same protestors be screaming a violation of free speech right of those businesses? How quickly would every person on this string supporting this protest speak out against the Conservative students as intolerant and out of touch? Freedom of speech, freedom of choice MUST be the same for all or it is not free. That the ownership of CFA does not believe in the political agenda of this group is immaterial. The fact that they can support a belief that does not meet the PC Norms and still be widely successful just annoys the devil out of this community and they believe they just HAVE to prevent them from doing business. How so very sad for them to be just this intolerant.

  • Luke says:

    The young women in Israel train for military duty while our liberal red bloodied young men need a safe space to cry about an election and play with their dolls and puppies..It seems our liberal boys are more feminine than Israeli women..Grow up you pathetic excuses for human

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    This is just about the stupidist thing I’ve ever heard. You watch. These students won’t be able to stay away from Chick-Fil-A once they know they lost the fight. It is totally ignorant of them to assume they know the beliefs of all business people that run Chick-Fil-A. Do they really think a chicken business gives a crap about the fact your gay, transgender, lesbian or anything else? All they care about is your money. I haven’t heard any complaints that Chick-Fil-A has rejected anyone from spending their money there. If you need your safe space then don’t go there, but just remember that when you get out into the real world nobody is going to put up with your BS, and if you persist down that path your job will undoubtedly be flipping burgers or working at the local car wash.

    1. bobnstuff says:

      A chicken business that has given millions to fight against gay marriage does in fact give a crap about gay rights. My doing business with the company university is in fact providing money for the fight against gay rights. You really need to take a look at the company before speaking about their value system.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        I’m not disputing what Chick-Fil-A believes. If students don’t like what this business stands for, or what they don’t stand for, they don’t have to go eat there period. Do you really think that when these kids go out into the real world anyone is really going to care what their insecurities are? Nobody can tell me that they won’t eat at this business even if they do protest it being there. I’ve experienced this first hand. I have had gay friends that went to Chick-Fil-A all the time to eat knowing what the business stood for.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          These students are paying a lot of money to the University to go there, over $30,000 per year. If the Chick-fil-a is given space in the dining hall that is an endorsement by the University of the company and all it stands for. This is a Private University. Chick-Fil-A has taken a stand that is in direct opposition to those of the University. Chick-Fil-A can open across the street from the campus but not in the dining hall.

      2. Bob says:

        So the university should also with not do business with any company who has a political stance or donates money to any organization that offends any student, family member of a student, supporter of the university, or tax payer who’s taxes would support this university through grants or scholarships. No Starbucks, since they support “rights” for non-citizen Illegal Immigrants. No dealing with Ben and Jerry’s as they have made comments against the Military members in the past. After all, doing business with these companies would put money in the fight against my values and should be disallowed.

        1. bobnstuff says:

          They don’t do business with companies that have policies that conflict with the values of the University. They took the money out of South Africa among other things. Starbucks in fact share the values of the University in there respect for all people. The only tax payer money they get it not in fact given to them but give to the student to do with what they choice. I guess you don’t understand how private Universities do things. I don’t know if they still do it but I know they at one time require all students to take classes in religion. I have know a number of people from Duquesne over the years, everyone from Professors to the maintenance people. A number of my friends went there and I have spent time on there campus. It’s a good school and they live their values.Pittsburgh has a number of very good colleges and universities, three that are Catholic. .

          1. Bob says:

            So a company that is for traditional marriage has values different from those of a Catholic University? Rumors and character attacks on CFA not withstanding, you are saying that the Catholic Church is now against traditional marriage? Amazing. You may think the Starbucks “respects” others, but when they offend Police Officers who are getting their coffee there by what they write on their cups and they support Illegal Immigration, their values are the antithesis of mine. So, by the standards applied to CFA by the left, they are evil and should be banned, free speech be damned. (as you are applying your standards to CFA here)

          2. bobnstuff says:

            Chick-Fil-A isn’t coming out in support of anything, they spend a lot of money against gay rights. Big difference. The Catholic Church doesn’t support attacks on any groups. Starbucks does not have a corporate policy against police and They are planning to hire refugees, not illegals.

          3. Bob says:

            The owners of Starbucks give money to groups like CASA and LA Rasa, both groups which support breaking/ignoring immigration laws at will. While they may not have a corporate policy against Police, if an employee put a remark on the cup of an Officer they don’t like or, more commonly, write “BLM’ on the cup, the Officer is told it is free expression if they complain. However, don’t put a description like “black guy in red shirt” on the cup or you have to immediately go to “sensitivity training” or be fired. There are numerous incidents of this happening nationwide.

    2. Mike Thomas says:

      What would happen to these little snow flakes if a real war happens and the draft is re-instated and they have to go fight? Can you imagine what the Drill instructors will say & do when they cry and need a safe zone to go to? L.O.L.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        OMGosh, right! The kicker is that these kids that need their safe spaces will only run there after they run over to Chick-Fil-A to get their food. This is like dangling candy in front of a child and expecting it not to be gone when you leave them alone with it, and then you hear “I didn’t do it”. Chick-Fil-A knows that. They are much smarter than the snowflakes.

  • bobnstuff says:

    There are a few facts missing from this article that I think are important. Duquesne University is a private Catholic University in downtown Pittsburgh, not your hot bed of radicals and in fact one of the more conservative universities in Pittsburgh. Chick-fl-a made some choices that have placed them on the hot seat and even the students can see that the ideas of respect for all isn’t part of their corporate belief system. When a corporation takes a stand on a human rights issue they open them selves up for people ask questions about doing business with them. They get backlash. Maybe the University campus isn’t the best place for them to set up shop.

  • James Wherry says:

    What a bunch of nuts.

    I’m a happily married gay conservative Republican. Once again, I am confronted by the reasons why I can never join the Looney Liberal Left.
    The seeming inability to understand – let alone tolerate – people who do not share your views or values was once the sole property of the Social Right. It has now become the exclusive venue of the Far Left.

    The seeming inability to understand – let alone tolerate – people who do not share your views or values was once the sole property of the Social Right. It has now become the exclusive venue of the Far Left. Just ask my husband.

    1. Shelly Shannon says:

      I don’t doubt that at all. I used to be a democrat about 35 years ago. The greatest lesson I learned from the left was their ability to corrupt and outwardly spin facts. Votes are the only thing they ever cared about. Look at what they do now. These kids in college and everyday libs out there that support the dem party don’t even realize they are being used. Obviously if these kids need safe spaces and are protesting something as stupis as a Chick-Fil-A they have been brainwashed to the point of no return.

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