End of an era: Confederate flag removed from South Carolina Statehouse

July 11, 2015

The Confederate flag has been removed from a flagpole on the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse, where it has had a presence since the Civil Rights movement.

The rebel banner was taken down Friday morning by a Highway Patrol honor guard in a ceremony attended by thousands who cheered at the removal, many yelling “USA, USA” and “Hey, hey, hey, goodbye!”

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  • Vic Wooten says:

    Can’t get the flag off my mind. Charleston has a multimilion dollar a year
    tourism industry, most of of which is based on civil war and slavery relics, and
    all of which are offensive and objectionable. Haley “must” raze the slave
    market, push all the civil war cannons into the ocean, destroy what’s left of
    fort Sumter, put the Hunley back where they found it, and rename Patriot’s
    Point. After she’s finished burying Southern history, she needs to start
    thinking about what she’s going to be doing after the next election!

  • elda says:

    Cowards! How can they let a few hate filled people take their heritage away from them? What happened to that southern spirit and pride? It is no longer about slavery, it is about independence and honor.

  • Wolfman says:

    So let’s see , the Southerners who said that they consider the Confederate Battle Flag (CBF) as a symbol of southern pride, were shouted down as being ‘Bigots’ and the flag tagged as a symbol of hate due to its use as a Confederate States of America ( CSA )flag. Those who were referring to anyone who disagreed with them cite pictures of the accused murderer of 9 people, holding a CBF ( ie the flag is held off to the side , with a dispassionate look on his face, and he is wearing a Gold’s Gym shirt, a Nascar shirt, or a jacket /holding a gun) as conclusive evidence that the CBF still stands for hate and is pro-slavery.
    First: the pictures show a dispassionate person, casually holding a CBF in various non-threatening poses ( even the one holding a pistol shows the pistol facing the ground). He also purportedly wrote a 2500 word manifesto which his friends say sounds like his rants , but as yet it cannot be proven that he wrote it,in which he ( allegedly) specifically blames the Trayvon Martin case for his prevailing attitude towards Blacks.
    The pictures are not captioned so one can only make assumptions about their significance, Incidentally , he also has the same dispassionate look on his face in the pictures where he is burning an American Flag. These also have no captions, so it is obvious he is burning the American Flag , but it is not obvious what his reason could be.
    We also have a purported manuscript, which has not yet been proven to be a document that he wrote , in which the author of the document states that the Trayvon Martin case is what set him off.
    So as far as cause and effect we have pictures of him holding a CBF that indicate nothing and a quote from a document , which he may not even have written ( yet it is referred to as a manifesto…why??. because rambling rant doesn’t sound ominous enough ??) saying the the Trayvon Martin case is what set him off.
    With all that being said …..and taking the leap of faith that the government is investigating the case without bias ( boy I never realized the Grand Canyon was sooo!! wide) and he actually wrote the uh!! Manifesto…. we are left with possible prima facie evidence that the Trayvon Martin case is what set ‘ Mr. cold stare into the camera’ into his present train of thought.
    Now , when I go back in time with fellow post writer ‘TardisofGallifrey’…. I notice that a certain individual in the White House made sure that the flames of injustice, prejudice, bigotry and hate toward whites ( well really a Hispanic and a black were involved, but who wants to quibble when the sycophant press parrots every word as if Yo-Mama was writing a fiction novel instead of commenting on the news) during and after the entire proceeding.
    So back to the present, an incident that was fomented by the President himself is the only thing that has been brought to light as the match that lit Roof’s fuse…. and this translates to the CFB being his symbol for hatred…even though he never showed any emotion in his ptctures.
    Second… There was one picture of him standing on the steps of the Confederate Museum ,without his hand held CBF, but he was in the midst of several versions of the Actual Confederate National Flag. The picture says nothing more than what it shows, and it conspicuously shows he is not holding a Confederate Battle Flag .
    Third….the word bigot is used repeatedly by those who say that anyone who holds the CBF as a sign of their heritage are haters and slavery lovers, despite the fact that the heritage group denies any love for slavery or hate toward blacks and the anti-bigotry group at best can only cite un-specific anecdotal occurences of bigotry as proof. By definition a “Bigot is a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own opinions or prejudices”. Therefore, the so-called Anti-Bigotry Group is actually bigoted against the Heritage Group, which it is accusing of being bigoted , and as evidence cites the CBF as the symbol of the CSA’s hate and love of slavery, when even the actual instigator of all this hate towards hate, Dylann Roof, at least from a prima facie viewpoint , appears to differentiate that the CBF is not the equivalent of the Confederate States Flags, because he isn’t even holding this symbol of hate at the Museum of hate.
    In closing the whole CBF hate/slavery schtick is a sham . In fact the only hate thing that started Mr. Roof on his twisted quest was Yo-Mama’s warped hate filled views of the Trayvon Martin case being white on black violence. As far as I’m concerned with the Trayvon Martin case , unfortunately it is just another reflection of the deterioration of race relations under this President !! who” Quite frankly my dears doesn’t give a Damn”

  • Fedup says:

    OK, they got what they wanted. Are they any better off today than they were yesterday? What will be the next issue they will be bitching about. No doubt they will find something like banning the sale of watermelon because it’s racist. No matter what they are given or what is changed it will never be enough for the likes of the tax dodging sharpton and his groupe.

  • scott says:

    once you cave to the enemy you,ve given up your soul and your country

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