Georgia police officer sues city after being fired for flying Confederate flag

December 19, 2016

A Georgia police sergeant who was fired for flying the Confederate flag at her home filed a lawsuit claiming her right to freedom of speech was violated.

Roswell police officer Silvia Cotriss was a 20-year veteran of the force before she was fired in July. Cotriss said at the time that she had “no idea” that some of her Woodstock neighbors found the flag offensive and during an appeal of her termination said that she was celebrating her Southern heritage and “part of history involving the civil war.”

“If I knew it offended someone, my friends, my family, I wouldn’t do it,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

WSB-TV reported that the lawsuit says the flag was a “way to honor her Southern heritage and her late husband.”

“A Confederate flag can communicate an array of messages, among them various political and historic points of view,” the lawsuit states.

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  • roboteq says:

    If an American citizen can be persecuted for flying a Confederate flag on the basis that it offends someone, then no flag should ever be flown, no color should ever be painted, no fence should ever be erected and so on and so on down we go down the slippery slope of fascist socialism.

  • Oh we can burn the US flag, fly Mexico’s flag…a really bad idea in Texas, but years ago while driving on Hwy 10 from Texas to Florida to the Daytona 200, I saw Confederate flags all over. I went to a school named Robert E. Lee and would you like to know what they have done to one of the best generals in the modern times? (As a degreed historian, I believe those were Patton, MacArthur, Lee and Rommel).They took his flag down, changed the name of the football team from the Rebels to the Volunteers, changed the name of the pep squad to the Volunteer’s whatever from the Rebel Rouser’s and it serves them right if they have never won state since I graduated in 74! We won state in ’73. Well, we had Tommy Kramer who went on to play for the Minnesota Vikings. But the only reason they keep the name is because it is one of the schools in the best school district in town. Now, there is a street that divides the rich homes where I was raised..right across the street from the school with a pool in the backyard…sweet. But on the other side, the demographics have really changed. More like 88% Hispanic and 20% blacks now. But we were taught that Lincoln’s war cost the United States over 600.000 men, on both sides. Now, as I have a field minor in Historical Research, I did my Clinician’s work for that in the basement of the Alamo in the Archives and Documents section. When you get your hands on real live history, you tend to see the truth from the lies they are feeding our school kids and it is up to every parent to bring it to the attention of the school–with the proof in your hands. But, if we, TEXAS had just come out of a war with a well oiled, deep pocketed and well armed organizer who tried to tear up our Constitution and killed our boys in the Alamo, we sent him packing so far back to Mexico, and unlike the Americans leaving the oil, we took the land too. Mayhaps you have heard of him…his name was SANTA ANA. Anyway, we didn’t have many slave plantations and those were mostly held by the immigrants of German descent of the late 1700’s. So, if 98% of the men and boys who fought for our Confederacy were non slave holders, and there were black Confederate soldiers as I ran across a letter from a black Confederate soldier who had someone write a letter home for him and as it ended up at the Alamo, I assume that it never reached its desired destination. I even felt as if I were the only one to tell his tale, mayhaps I will tell it again. I named it “Amos’ Story’ for he didn’t have a last name, for most blacks at that time didn’t. But just what were 98% of these men fighting for? It sure as Hell wasn’t to promote slavery, but it was the fact that once again the Northerners were bit by bit taking our state’s rights away. I can back that up with Traitor Lincoln’s own words. His first inaugural, he said that just as in his other writings as a solitary attorney, he did not want to stop the Southern Institutions or its slavery. He even said that we could part as good friends, but he would fire if fired upon. So, we see from his first inaugural address to its final inaugural address, his dirty foreign policies and his cowardly blockades cost us 600,000 men on both sides. He was in no wise going to win a 2nd term if he didn’t win that war. To top it all off, the Yankees came in and took what was left of the pickin’s. That flag is a historical symbol of those brave men who wanted their Southern way of life. It is not a flag of hate, for although some Southern Democrats have used it for that, they also used the Bible in their hatred for the blacks. But that flag symbolizes pride in being a Southerner. It has not an inkling to do with hatred for today’s African Americans for they fought with us on the Confederacy side, whereas in Grant’s army, his soldiers had to be threatened with a firing squad just to get his white soldiers to fight hand in hand with their black soldiers. But as Robert E. Lee High School? Give back the man’s due or give him another name, mayhaps Barack Hussein Obama would be a better name. Nah, on second thought, not in Texas it wouldn’t.

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    You can burn an American flag but not fly the flag of my heritage?!?! In the early 90’s some states that incorporated the stars and bars into their state flags were sued and protested and bowed to the detractors by removing it. The whining liberals don’t get the fact that it is heritage, not hate so I say “feelings” be d…. ! My response was to get the flag tattooed on my left shoulder and wear a sleeveless tee shirt for around two years. I’m 6’3″ tall and about 215 lbs. and no gut. No one gave me any grief over it.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Well when we get the black house back White again, maybe this shi$ will stop! I fly one all the time under the main one I took an Oath to defend! I have family that died during the civil war, and no, none of my people owned any slaves, as 90% of the people in the South didn’t! But you have to know GA., most everything is run by blacks in their city council, and over and over again they go to jail for stealing money, sounds real familiar doesn’t it! We have been stripped of our Heritage, and the blacks want to be called African Americans, and you couldn’t pay one to go to Africa, he$$, most don’t even know who they daddy be, even Obama doesn’t really know!

  • APB says:

    She should not have been fired and I hope she sues and wins a lot of big BUCKS.
    The 1st Amendment should be protecting her.
    If it protects these assholes who desecrate our US Flag, Stomp on it Burn it etc, then says she cannot display a flag of Americas heritage of the Civil War then that is BS.
    Let us remember folks the Civil War was not just 100% about the Southern DEMOCRATS who owned slaves it also was the South was tired of being crapped on by the Northern Dems and Republicans.
    I do not believe there are any Negro Slaves left in the USA but come on folks stop all of this PC shite now.
    Blacks et al, when are you all going to grow the hell up and get off your asses and work instead of getting more and more from whitey.
    Remember blacks et al the Democrats have lied to you for over 150+ yrs

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      The civil war wasn’t about slavery at all!!

      1. Mort Leith says:


  • Mort Leith says:

    WTF over !
    This is what I was afraid of,, that the sick liberalism crap has seeped into Georgia because of all the dipshiit Yankees that have moved down here…

    Who is ignorant enough to actually believe that the Battle flag of the Army of northern VA is racist in any way ? ?
    We should be celebrating that is stands for the brave people and Southern States that were strong enough to leave a corrupt and oppressive Northern Federal government !
    NOT being naive enough to believe a bunch of ignorant white DUMBycrat politicians that TELL you it is offensive,, in order to further divide us.

    She should have whoever fired her in the dept’s job,, not to mention a buttload of $$

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      And the blacks are still slaves to the Dem. party and don’t even know it, remember the famous words of LBJ!

  • Tiger says:

    She will win this case. If law and order brought back. I have the right to fly any damn flag I want and when O and his lawless and feckless and friggin lawless backside finally leaves the WH then things will start coming back to normal.

    Abnormal has been the game and stomping on the rights of Christians or anyone who was not a part of this New America and not Muslim, was persecuted because our Constitution not even considered.

    Trump best to get into that WH or something will give.

  • itsfun says:

    Where is it written in the Constitution that neighbors, families, friends, etc. have the right to not be offended? If you don’t like the flag, just don’t look at it. The Officer has every Constitutional right to fly that flag on her property. Just take a look at the BS in California where some actually fly the Mexican flag over the US flag. We are told that is their right and freedom of speech, but let a white American fly a Confederate flag, that is offensive and a reason to terminate the person from their employment. That person is no longer allowed to put her life on the line to save the lives of someone flying the Mexican flag. I hope she wins in court and gets millions.

    1. Tiger says:

      It was written by O and all his minions who realized under him there was NO Constitution and they could run a muck.

      1. itsfun says:

        That is his history. I wonder how much his current 17 days of playing golf if costing us. Seems like a person with only 30 days left on the job doesn’t need a vacation. Last I saw his personal vacations have cost something like 85 million.

        1. Tiger says:

          Millions upon millions upon millions. They have been the most expensive people ever in the WH and they love doing it and taking us for a ride. Hopefully a stray ball will knock him in his head.

          1. itsfun says:

            That would destroy the stray ball. Remember when he was campaigning, he said he would not be taking personal vacations because there was just to much to do as President.

          2. Tiger says:

            O said that? I don’t remember that. I know Trump said that plus he won’t take the salary.

        2. Lorijstewart says:

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  • TexRancher says:

    Since when is flying the Confederate flag on private property a crime? It is a part of our history just as some statues which the socialist left suddenly decide to do away with in their program to rewrite history.

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