Georgia rally attracts supporters of Confederate flag…

by Daniel Funke |
August 2, 2015

Around 100 people had already arrived at Stone Mountain Park for a rally celebrating the Confederate flag by around 9:45 a.m. Saturday, and traffic on nearby I-285 and U.S. 78 was backed up for miles.

Caravans from all over Georgia bore unwavering rebel flags as they streamed into the park’s Yellow Daisy parking lot for the day-long event, which approximately 1,000 people are expected to attend, according to a Facebook event titled “Ga. State Flag Rally.”

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  • Alton Clark says:

    It should be about the right to fly the flag no matter what you think about it . If we let them take that right away then their will be more to go , even some right’s you agree with . Maybe even ban the naacp . Can’t just leave it up to government !

    1. I Seigel says:

      Don’t forget – these were decisions made my STATE governments. The feds have nothing to do with this.

      And don’t regret that you missed the rally. There’ll be more, I’m sure. Funny, though, that you didn’t hear about it ahead of time. I sure did, but I didn’t feel like going.

      1. Alton Clark says:

        It has always been pushed by the feds and the states just carry it out . Guess I need to get out more , only 75 miles away and ride more miles than that for a good hotdog !

        1. I Seigel says:

          The governor of South Carolina is no friend of the Obama administration. This was a “homegrown” decision, not a directive handed down by Washington DC.
          I only have to drive 25 miles for a good hotdog. Too bad for you.

          1. Alton Clark says:

            The naacp has been fighting that flag for years , have called for boycotts that never worked but only got it removed from the State House but now Haley had it removed with no input from voters as they did the same with our state flag in Ga. Another 50 miles may get you a better hotdog !

  • I Seigel says:

    About 150 people attended the rally in Winston-Salem. That’s about as many people as would be sitting on the visitor’s side at a high school football game. Yippee!

    In Georgia, the rally drew several hundred. If it was even the 1000 that they had predicted, that seems pretty lame. I guess people had better things to do on a summer Saturday.

    1. Alton Clark says:

      Most of us knew nothing about it or their would have been 1000’s more their !

    2. Dr. Dave Manning says:

      The rally attendees were only a tiny fraction of those who honor and respect the Confederate Flag and Southron Heritage that has increased membership and patronage since the minority blacks & liberals started their whining.

      1. I Seigel says:

        I’m sure you’re correct. And yet, that tiny fraction were the only ones that showed up. The vast majority couldn’t have been bothered, or it wasn’t that important to them. Kind of like “Republicans In Name Only”.

        And, just so we’re clear, the “whining” from the minority blacks and liberals didn’t cause the conservative governor of South Carolina, the conservative leaders of WalMart, and many other conservative politicians and business leaders, to call for the lowering of the flag. They made their decisions based, most likely, on the negative image and impact the flag was bringing to their states and their businesses.

        1. Dr. Dave Manning says:

          We’ll see. Corporate pressure moves politicians but not voters. I think you’re in for a big surprise.

          1. I Seigel says:

            I assume you’re a doctor because you some advanced knowledge in a particular field? I’m surprised at your naiveté. Big donor money moves politicians. Voters (we) are just pawns in their game, putting a stamp of legitimacy on their power grab. The people who are in for a big surprise are those that think they somehow have a say in the outcome, or who think the politicians are defending THEIR rights and agendas, rather than those of the monied elite. Which I assume you are, if you are, indeed a PhD or MD.

          2. Dr. Dave Manning says:

            I’m surprised at all your ‘assumptions’. You have your opinions, good luck.

          3. I Seigel says:

            Am I assuming incorrectly that you are, in fact a “Dr”, as you state in your name? I apologize. My mistake. I’ll change my name here to “Astronaut I Seigel”, then.

  • Thomas Goss says:

    I live in upstate New York and my Confederate flag is flying proudly in respect for all those Confederates who died defending their land.

  • This is the greatest spectacle since Donkey Basketball! Democrats decimating their base, just before a Presidential Election. So far they have managed to allienate the entire Southern Democrat strongholds, NASCAR, Hunters, Outdoorsman, Country Music and now the very symbol they themselves created! Leave a Progressive in any party for very long and they just can’t keep their Anti-American, Anti-Christ worldview, from exploding on even thier own! Hope Barry got enough Illegals into the Country and enough Fraudulent Voting Machines placed, or Hillary may only end up with a couple thousand votes! 4yrs ago they managed to kick GOD out of thier Party, now they’ve sunk to kicking Democrats out of the Party! But just in case you may think I’m Bias to Republicans, wrong, as they are also Infested with Progressive NWO Socialists, doing thier best to destroy the Republican TEA Party base! We really need a second political party, as the DNC and RNC are now one Party of Progressive Elites, hell bent on destroying our Republic! But guessing that won’t happen until New York and Los Angelos are Destroyed by Barry’s Islamic Friends!

    1. Jim says:

      Well said friend, I am sure obama is laughing at the way he has already destroyed America and patting his back saying well done. That was his goal while being in this high office. Yes I agree he is already in progress setting up false voting polls for hillary, if not any one running and was scandeled like she is being done would have already backed out but no not her and I wonder why and what sceme she and obama has worked up to get her in.

      1. Thanks Jim! Actually both Hitlery and Odumber are just the Puppets, of the Fabien Socialist NWO! Thus why Odumber has spent more time on the Golf Course and Vacation than any President in History, also why he has missed 75% of his security briefings! Also Hillary showed us her power, when she had her press conference on her Email scandal. She used the UN General Assembly, with 2hrs notice for the venue and had a short list of Reporters already pre-screened in advance! In doing this she was putting all her apponents on notice, “I’m no longer able to be threatened by the Congress of the United States, as the UN has my back”, this quote was caught off mike at one of her Elite meet the People events!
        Our Constitution and Way of life hang now by a thread and the NWO minions are almost set, to push to the end of their 100yr plan, SSI, Food Stamps, Unemployment, Welfare corporate and private and unnaccountable Public Sector Unions! Cloward, Piven and Saul Alinski are burning in Hell right now, but rejoicing that their strategies worked so well to bring Hell to Earth! Thanks again and Have a Blessed Day!

  • J_R_K says:

    The sentiment towards the Confederate flag is a changing, evolving thing, driven by the left… but it’s not moving in the direction the left demands that it move. Maybe in the offices of some politicians it is, but not in the minds of Americans who are fed up with the political crap of the “politically correct” crowd.

    Some think the Confederate flag is racist, some think it’s their heritage… for myself… I think that for whatever individual reasons people may have for being at rallies in support of the Confederate flag, the foremost new and growing reason is that they’re just damned tired of being told what to think, what not to think, who they have to be, who they can’t be, what they can’t believe, what they have to believe or get punished for not believing, who they can’t admire and whose pride and cries they have to celebrate, what history can be taught, what lies are being taught and what truths it is illegal to teach and rallying behind the Confederate flag is just a good way to tell the pontificating, politically correct wannabe statist tyrants of every stripe on the left and their enablers in congress to just kiss our all-American ***es.

    Hey! ….. Those are all the same reasons Donald Trump is doing so well. How about that.

    1. paulb212 says:

      I couldn’t have said it any better.

    2. Amen!! We were Soldiers once and proud to be American Biggots, staring down our noses at Tyrants, Despots and Terrorists, only to come home from the Thirdworld hellholes, to find our countries Political class bending our fellow citizens over, without even the courtesy of Lube! The Academic Elites have been allowed to change common deffinitions, history and now even science, to fit their warped Fascist views. Tolerance, Diversity, Celebration, Gender Confusion, Good, Evil, Hate, Normal, Biggotry all these terms used to have subjective deffinitions, but now are open to Relativistic interpretation based on elite emotional terpitude and often can change meaning in the same speech, or news report! The Confederate flag, Don’t Tread on Me flag and TEA party flags are now the most popular and I’m in agreement with you, Americans are finally pissed off and are refusing to take anymore of this BS! Thank you sir and Have a Blessed Day!

      1. J_R_K says:

        I was a soldier once, and I was proud, to be a soldier and an American … but I do not equate honest understanding patriotism with being an “American Bigot”.

        Other than that, AMEN to every thing you said, and thank you, too, for your comment, and for your service.

    3. donemyhomework says:

      In order to keep your freedom, you have to make a stand.

  • DPMP says:

    Good for them and God Bless.

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