Health Club Bans Woman Who Complained About A Man In The Women’s Locker Room

March 7, 2015

Planet Fitness has canceled a Michigan woman’s gym membership after she expressed concerns about a transgender woman using the women’s locker room at one of its fitness centers.

Yvette Cormier of Midland County said this week that corporate officials told her she was no longer welcome after she made repeated statements last month about a “man” at the Planet Fitness location in Midland.

“I was stunned and shocked. He looked like a man. … He did not look like a woman,” Cormier told WNEM-TV in Saginaw, Michigan.

According to, she also said, “It freaked me out because, why is a man in here?”

After an employee told her Feb. 28 that the individual in question identified as a woman, Cormier took her complaint to Planet Fitness’ corporate offices. There she was told the individual, who was not identified, would be allowed in the women’s locker room under the club’s “no judgement zone” policy, MLive reports.

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  • James A. Legel says:

    Counting the “YWCA” there are at least 4 other “GOOD” Fitness Centers in Midland County, Michigan. “Bye Bye Planet Fitness.” and take the HE-SHES
    with you…

  • otoman says:

    In the eyes of Planet Fitness their “No Judgment Zone” means “No Common Sense Zone”. And I was considering reinstating my membership! NOT!

  • Pilgrim says:

    Instead of banning normal members, perhaps they should recommend therapy to the ‘gender puzzled’ members.

  • William Walizer says:

    Just another liberal company I will NOT support!

  • Keen Kirk KuntMan says:

    I’m a Libertarian on many things, so I do believe this company has the right to do this, no matter how insane & dark I think it is….People don’t like to hear this, but in a TRULY FREE society, anyone who owns private property or a private business, should be able to serve who they want to, hire whom they want, & rent to whom they want, etc.. & not have to explain why!!!…If people don’t like it , they can protest & take their business elsewhere…..So, Now to flip the coin, if a Christian owns a gym & does not even want a Transgender sicko to be a member, they should have that right as well…But, you know the states & feds with their BS Human Rights Commissions will come after them…..The playing field is not level!!!

    But, This is what happens when govt. sanctions, promotes & taxpayer funds all manner of sexual perversions….see links below….IT BECOMES A CIVIL RIGHT!!!

  • Ray Martucci says:

    She is better off going to a good gym. Only ones now a days that have more freedom of speech are, Muslims, illegals, and gays. Everyone else the rights and free speech is gone. This country is turned into a garbage 3rd world country.

  • Luke says:

    Why are people so fascinated and afraid of these transgender freaks? These freaks should be the ones rejected, they’re the ones who are intolerable and selfish..

    1. Retta says:

      yeah but, if the wh rumors are true…

  • David in MA says:

    Time for the straight members to leave this place to the freaks and go to another fitness club.

    1. Sam W says:

      Cannot believe planet fitness would allow these freaks to control policies. Guess this WILL NOT be a place I go for exercise…

  • gpicha says:

    If it quaks like a duck, walks like a duck & looks like a duck. It not a trout! “It” better have a womens breasts & no penis, or it’s a male. If “it” has all the women parts, granted “it” may be an ugly woman, but then “it” passes the litmus test.

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