Hillary Clinton Issues Threat

by Washington Examiner
April 3, 2015

Recently, a representative from the Hillary Clinton camp delivered a message to Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor preparing to challenge Clinton for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

I have some good news and some bad news, the messenger said.

What’s the good news? asked O’Malley.

The good news is we’re taking you seriously, the messenger answered. And the bad news is… we’re taking you seriously.

The undertone of threat was unmistakable, but anyone who takes on Clintonworld has to expect that. And indeed, pro-O’Malley Democrats — there are some — are not at all surprised by the tone. “They are the most petty, vengeful people out there,” says one Democrat of the Clinton organization. “They hold a grudge for decades. I don’t think he [O’Malley] expected them to welcome him with a fruit basket.”

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  • Justino Izquierdo says:

    The woman is obviously not well, the photo doesn’t unveil all that this woman is capable of, living under her presidency (Lord forbid) would be in my opinion, compatible to boarding at Bates Motel. My comments about HRC may be piercing, but I just do not trust this woman, I didn’t trust her as first lady then, and I don’t trust her now, she has never been trust worthy, and in light of the Benghazi cover up, the email cover up, and her refusal to render her server, I trust that my personal suspicions are on target. HRC is not to be trusted.

  • Daniel LeVar says:


  • David in MA says:

    There is a saying that more people die in the spring and the fall.
    This is spring O’Malley, May I suggest you don’t drive, don’t walk alone, don’t take any food or drink offerings.
    I don’t give a chit about DEMONcRATS, but don’t wish for you to have an accident either.

    1. Raymond Ambrozaitis says:

      Why yes of course I accept as Gospel anything some incapable fool from the Washington Examiner creates in his own mind as a story. Tea Potty Christian Conservative Republicans are trained to do just that.

      1. Confuscious says:

        Raymond you show your complete and utter ignorance. You prove yourself to be a intolerant bigot and would do well NOT to under estimate the power of the Tea Party, Christians and Conservatives.You do so at your own peril as a progressive socialist Democrat.But hey I know you can’t fix stupid so what am I saying…..!

  • Gerry says:

    Just take a look at the picture in this article –IS THAT SOMEONE YOU WANT REPRESENTING OUR COUNTRY ???????? She looks and acts like more of a lunatic than our present fraud in the WH. What is even worse is 2004done is exactly right — people will still defend her and vote for her which is really pathetic. Maybe if Congress grows a pair before 2016 she won’t even be in the picture. Perfect example — i was watching the news this morning and low& behold there was robert deniro( who I never thought much of anyway) saying clinton deserves to be president. She has put in her time and has earned it — we owe it to her to vote for her. Another hollyfreak who lives in a fantasy world that has gone off the deep end. What a stupid statement even for california.

    1. David in MA says:

      Gerry, all liberals are insane,
      ever notice Obama’s body language and facial expressions,
      all signs of a lunatic
      and the hag has them also……..

  • Retta says:

    If the repubs would get a grip, that woman would be in prison by now, along with a few other dumpcraps. Guess George Soros does’t want it, and George gets what he wants.

    1. 2004done says:

      Yes, but….
      Without hillary taking up so much attention, WE might be able to focus on Federal government growing too large, economy in the dumpster for years, your rights being discarded in the name of Franklin’s classic ‘temporary safety,’ Executive Branch theft of legislative powers and overreach and under-performance of duties, etc… Even with soros behind both her and the pResident, it takes the majority of Congress NOT doing anything to continue it. This is malfeasance extraordinaire, across party (D-R) and economic (capitalist, communist – socialist) lines! What saddens me is she will continue to be defended, and I simply cannot understand why.

      But I DO like that picture of my former senator.

      1. bob says:

        And theirs another reason I left NY

    2. Sheileagh says:

      Almost impossible for Republicans… or any other party affiliates to do much of anything, until Obama is gone. The wealthy, meg-lo-monolithic Democratic organization has BOUGHT all opposition they can & will destroy (or worse, kill?) any that remains. It’s NO JOKE! All the crap about the ‘wealthy Republicans’ is just crafty diversion, to direct attention away from the actual percentage of the extremely rich, top tier of people in the US, who are Democrats… Bill Clinton had been their uncontested ‘top dog’ for a long time…,the Clinton’s were all set for another fabulous 8 years of living off the backs of ordinary working people, but it was flummoxed by an unforeseen ‘event’…in the image of a Black man named Barrack Husein Obama!

      Bill was temporarily stymied by the unexpected setback, in Hillary’s defeat by Obama… This ‘upset’ was made possible by the influx of money into key black communities, accompanied by intensely extreme, ‘racially’ based propaganda, delivered surreptitiously at first & more brazenly as the the proceedings heated up. Formerly ‘latent’ & not too well publicized, or commonly know, ‘shadowy’ associations such as the Black Panthers, the NAACP & Obama’s own (now infamous) ‘ACORN’ community organization, now began to all slide together.

      They were immediately pounced upon & taken under the wings of nefarious supervision & subtle misdirection, from such people as Al Sharpton (a race- baiting, radical leftist), Jessie Jackson (a disgruntled African American religious leader) & others who had long awaited this opportunity to turn the tables on the White America they had long harbored grudges & ill wills against. These groups of disillusioned people were rapidly facilitated by the radical left & encouraged to rise up against the establishment. Their activities were quickly enhanced & personified by such people as Harry Reid (Senate Majority leader), his cohort in the House, Nanci Pelosi & a host of other ‘dissenters’ of our long established American Constitution. Their efforts served to create the massive, liberal, left wing, Democratic support system for Obama, that we live under today.

      Obama himself, had not set out to even try a run at the Presidency, but a well written & delivered ‘speech’ he gave in a Democratic event immediately aroused interest. Despite the urging, his initial reaction had been to reject the thought of such a thing, but under heavy persuasion, Obama caved & agreed to attempt a run for the office of CIC. Now, this hitherto unknown, very Junior Senator from the State of Illinois, with little to no experience in anything besides being that of a trial lawyer for ACORN, was immediately propelled into the political arena.

      As the first ever person with any Black heritage to have ever, even attempted to ‘climb’ to such a lofty position in America, Obama immediately became a massive magnet for all the latent hopes & aspirations, as well as the seething discontent of unresolved ‘issues’, of the African American communities all over America. He became their ‘Savior’… & as such, every ounce of power, money & influence, legal & illegal, above board & nefarious… became channeled into having this man Obama elected, as the FIRST black man to become POTUS.. the man who now promised “HOPE & CHANGE”, not only for America, but for the entire WORLD! (WOW… SERIOUSLY???)

      This took not only the Clinton’s, but also our entire, lackadaisical, laid back, “don’t worry, be happy” country by complete surprise. But Bill Clinton did not succumb so easily. He quickly overcame the chagrin & disappointment from having ‘lost control’ of HIS Democratic party to this ‘outsider’. His ‘foot-in-the- door moment arrived, when Hillary was offered a consolation ‘gift’ of becoming Secretary of State in the new Obama administration. That was the loophole Bill needed & soon after Hillary accepted her ‘peace offering’ position, Bill was able to reenter & reinstate his ‘authority’ with the Democrats.

      So now, the Clinton’s mega millions have also been channeled to reinforce the gigantic barricade that has arisen, protecting the ‘chosen’ Democrats against ‘outsiders’. Those ‘chosen’ ones, definitely have Obama at the top of their pile… & he will be protected till’ the bitter end, come hell or high water.

      Thus it is that the influence, ability, or ‘effects’ of any of other political party’s peoples, is presently ‘neutered’. Obama will not be removed, leave alone being impeached, or even held to account for anything… The SCOTUS’s ongoing ‘reviews’ & possible ‘judgements’ against Obama’s shenanigans, or the ongoing Congressional outcry & feeble attempts to blockade this CIC’s ‘pen-in hand’ & ‘phone-to-ear’ mandates not withstanding, Barack Hussein Obama will continue to rule as he sees fit & thoroughly enjoy his miscreant reign as ‘pseudo king’, until the end of his term in 2016… if we are very lucky…???

      Yes, there has been ‘loose talk’ of ‘extending’ the period of currently allowed Presidential terms. There are those who would really like to keep Obama in for another 4 years!!! … Is it possible that is the reason why Mrs. C ~ despite her ‘public appearances’ ~ has not come out & openly declared her candidacy?

      There is little doubt that Hillary remains an epitome of obfuscation regarding any & all ‘charges’ against her. From the Benghazi ‘horror-mare’, to her foreign funding fairy tales & the outrageous private phone/government accounts slight of hand ‘juggle-o-drama’, there are continually erupting ‘revelations’ of debacles she was &/or is involved &/or associated with. That however, does not mean that she will be brought to task for anything at all! She may be an ineffective, bumbling member of the Democratic elite, who just can’t seem to get anything right (even her book was a flop), but regardless, she will remain ‘protected’ by the ‘loyal’ Democratic establishment ~ including such people as the the likes of falsely claiming “I’m-of-American-Indian-Heritage” Elizabeth Warren… + + + …& yes, George Soros too…, among a host of other ‘stinkin rich’ Democrats! For now they WILL ensure that they get, what they ALL want = total & unabridged Democrat control, of everything n our lives!

    3. sorry to upset you but Hillary and Obama and perry are true americans, the republicans have destroyed America bush allowed 22 isis training camps plus thousands of illegals to enter America our Nazi thinking republicans have done nothing to protect our borders. Obama has tried they have ignored. boner has abused us and the elected pres. needs to be tried for treason. already 100,000 signed up on a petition to do so bring it on bush gave us 9/11 plus other bombings is now being tried for his criminal actions, boner taking money from the german raised Koch bros you know the guys that are buying up our public schools and taking God out, (ck out nuns on the bus,com, they have been working hard to make people understand we are being sold out) the same guys that poisioned our waters and paid millions in fines the ones boner dropped his duties in congress and ran to get his 888,000 bribe money this is why he is not helping America, remember he said putin was a good president and McCain said he just loves ths isis. we need Hillary she worked hard to give us peace none of the people are perfect but at least she is not selling America out. you need to research the facts not listen to the lying republicans. boner stops anything good the pres does by the way no republican in history has ever lowered the debt. kennedy, Clinton, Obama has all democrats we have the lowest unemployment in years, doubled stock market, and a man who keeps on working for us in spite of the Nazi thinking republicans who brought America down the fact they are now attacking Hillary should be the one you work for unless you want putin for president, he has ships outside cuba and san fran just waiting for the bitg takeover. oh yes bush also increased the martial law soldiers so he could invade your home and take everything you have when the big invasion comes. lots of problems but it is not Hillary or bill they have worked hard for us and still working

      1. dave says:

        People like you are what is wrong with this country

      2. Anita M says:

        Wow, Noreen! Ever heard of punctuation and capitalization? Plus “your points” are not exactly factual either. Pretty standard party line rhetoric.

      3. ChuckL says:

        Did you obtain your history lessons from Obama’s personal historian?
        Or, are you trying to obtain that position?

      4. ChuckL says:

        Obama was born a citizen of Great Britain because his father was a citizen of the British Protectorate of Kenya, and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was not yet 19 years old and therefore not able to pass on her citizenship. As his step-father adopted him in Indonesia and changed his citizenship to Indonesian so that he could attend the “good” schools in Indonesia. He is currently an Indonesian citizen.
        Republicans have had over 400 bills which they passed in the House of Representatives denied presentation in the Senate by Senator Harry Reid. Some of these included immigration.
        The Arabs attempted to hand the planner of the 9/11 declaration of war over to Bill Clinton, but he refused the offer.
        Every bill presented to any legislature, state or federal by a Republican is immediately attacked by Democrats and other anti-Americans. It is the Muslim Obama who is trying to eliminate the Christian God from all American life, including schools.
        Hillary gave us peace, the latest time, by getting our Ambassador and 3 others killed in Bengazi.
        The reason that we have the smallest rate of unemployment I history is that the current Democrat administration has simply reduced the number of person considered in the work force. This is a false method of calculation, the correct way is to divide the largest number of employed ever by the current number employed. The only justification for reducing the number of historically employed is to have suffered massive emigration, i.e. persons leaving the country permanently. Any other reason must be considered a need to falsify the unemployment report by making it appear less than reality.

      5. George Rogozinski says:

        Well Noreen, first of all you do not know what Nazi was and what agenda they had. Let me then explain you: It is an abbreviation for Nazional Sozialismus. And its agenda was to control every person in a country and punish those that think or speak differently. So if you compare to what is going on in our country, we are on a way to socializm. The difference is that Hitler wanted to build strong Germany and economically successful and a muslim, Barak Hussein Obama with the help of socialists wants to weaken and then destroy USA completely. So do some research before you use unknown to you terms. Obama got elected, yes, but what we know about him? Where is his full birth certificate and all infos about his past, that includes his study under different name. Why these documents were never submitted before election. He is an imposter. You never considered this?

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