Impeach The Traitor ‘King Hussein Obama’

by WND
April 19, 2015

This well-known attorney is calling on Congress to oust “King Hussein” from office.

“This week we were forced to witness the true colors of our ultra-socialist and pro-terrorist President Barack Hussein Obama again. Fresh off of his capitulation to his Muslim brothers in Tehran with regard to the sham nuclear negotiations that threaten the annihilation of not just Israel but also our own country, he seized the opportunity at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City, Panama, to advance his dastardly plan to open full diplomatic relations with the Communist island of Cuba.

“Shaking the hands of brutal and blood-thirsty dictator Raul Castro, the younger brother of Fidel Castro, a man who has waged his own version of the Holocaust against his people since the early 1960s when he seized power, Obama later in the week removed Cuba from the list of terrorist nations.

“Fidel and Raul Castro, the terrorist-supporting dictators, even installed Soviet nuclear weapons on the island only to be forced to remove them later under President Kennedy’ naval blockade and the threat of a full-fledged nuclear strike by the United States. But, what makes matters worse is that Obama received nothing in return from his Communist friends.

“This is typical of Obama. He is a communist and a Muslim (who gives preferential treatment to Muslims over Judeo-Christian values)…”

16 Comments - what are your thoughts?

  • John Green says:

    People need to look for god to get proper direction to fire this devil in the white house! I still can’t believe his wife should be paid! This family needs to stop wasting our money on so many stupid trips! P!ease go back to Chicago forever! The way this country is going Chicago doesn’t want Obama back!

  • Sheileagh says:

    Florida’s Rep. Ted Yoho, has just launched proceedings, to impeach this POTUS. Now who of all the other Congress people we elected will have the temerity to stand up & join him?

    No, we are NOT witnessing “the last presidential election” folks, not by a long shot! “We the people” have arisen, time & again to retain common sense control of our country… now we can & will do it again! Let’s not go off the deep end of submission to defeat. America does not do defeat! We do success!

    So, whatever it takes… hopefully via our judicial system ~ which has already ‘slumbered’ long enough & needs to wake up immediately to do the jobs they were assigned to ~ & per the mandates of our Constitution, we will absolutely not succumb in any pathetic cowardly disenfranchised manner to the illicitly elected usurper. His play time has ended & he is on the brink of extinction, along with the wretched miserable malfeasant obsequious sycophants, who have catered to his nefarious buffoonery for too long already.

  • Pam says:

    November 7th of 2012 I walked into my work and said, “Well, that was the last presidential election we will ever have. Mark my words, he will find a way to declare Marshall Law and suspend the 2016 election, indefinitely. He will declare himself ‘President for Life’.”
    I only have a high school education. If I can see what is going on, why can all these lawyers, doctors, MBAs, college educated journalists, etc. NOT SEE?
    I have been emailing my senators and representative, repeatedly asking why he is still in office. Maybe we should all just start doing that every single day, in all 50 states. I love my country and miss it terribly.

    1. Bob2002 says:

      Pam, I hope you are not correct with your prediction of 2012 being the last presidential election because that would mean Obama has indeed become Dictator of the USA or as you said “President For Life.” I keep waiting for the RINOs to do something about Obama, but suspect they all agree with what he is doing to our country and in exchange for their support, they are being given the “big bucks” from our treasury.

      1. ]ann says:

        I do not think they agree, they are scared and something is being held over their heads and/or are cowards and only thinking about what is in it for themselves.

  • swann2001 says:

    Our military is being decimated by Obama and little by little any who oppose him are being forced out. Any Christian soldiers also are being targeted by the military and either are being forced out by harassment or not being allowed to even join the military. Obamacare gives him the right to declare Martial Law and even take away any food you may have stored. Once he declares Martial Law he could declare any citizen who does not turn in their weapons could be called Terrorists and arrested or shot. He called for building a private army equal to the military and who knows how far along that has progressed. Whatever he is going to do, will be very soon as time is running out on his term. He claims he wants go leave office with a nice “Glow” whatever that means, but it won’t be good. I think our cities in flames would make him happiest, or maybe the Glow of a nuclear weapon detonating over Israel. The world is not a better place since his taking office, nor are we safer anywhere in the world. Only our enemies seem to be happy with an Obama Presidency. Nice to know, huh?

  • irene says:

    he is a despicable piece of slime and should have been imprisoned years ago , I guess all of our courageous people are in our armed forces , and I thank God for that , if we could only get one good man in our White House,with the compassion and love for this country , to put all of the commie muslim trash out that would be a great thing.

    1. Philip Mckee says:

      I agree, something MUST be DONE.

  • Gerry says:

    The scumbag should have been impeached years ago. There are just too many blind cowardly demoRATS and rinos that refuse to do their jobs and Don is correct — they are just as guilty as obozo of destroying this country. He has not only broken his oath of office, demolished our Constitution and constantly over extended his authority, he has integrated his corruption into every agency beneath him. He is not only a threat to our country — he is a threat to humanity. He should not only be impeached — he should be exiled.

    1. Philip Mckee says:

      Gerry, I agree B.Hussein Obama should be IMPEACHED and arrested and put in prison for life, with hard labor, immediatly if not sooner.

      He is nothing but a Muslim Liar, no truth in him. Everything he says is a lie and you can bet on that and winn.

    2. Jackpack9 says:

      Phil, this black rat should be executed by either hanging or firing squad for what he has done to our beloved country. He shouldn’t be allowed to live on God”s earth any longer. I want him dead for his crimes against the people and the United States of America!

  • Don says:

    If only half of what I read and see on TV is true of the Muslim Communist Obama why hasn’t he been impeached? How much more damage must he do to this country before the Congress and Senate say enough is enough and start thinking of the our country and its CITIZENS ? Are they afraid of being called a racist, is their reputation and chances of being
    reelected more important than this country? If whose are the reasons, they need to go also. Allowing Obama to continue destroying this country makes them as guilty as he is.

    1. Jackpack9 says:

      This black muslim will never be impeached for any of the crimes he has committed because congress is nothing but a bunch of scared wussies. They have no guts in doing what has to be done to this Cancer we call Pres. and Cmdr. in Chief. Lee Harvey Oswald, where are you now that we need you?

  • icemancold says:

    Nothing will happen because those who have the power to impeach the Traitor DO NOT HAVE THE GONADS TO IMPEACH HIM.!!

    1. punisher says:

      congress is afraid of him. look how many people who had dirt on him died from some accident. he runs this country like the mafia ran there business.only way to get rid of Rodiants is to kill them, or poison them.

  • wiseguy says:

    Brokeback 0bama is building his own Axis of Evil

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