In Texas, some local GOPs call for statewide vote on secession

by Dylan Baddour
April 16, 2016

A handful of Texas Republican district or county conventions in March passed resolutions calling for a vote on secession, paving the way for a potentially awkward debate at the state GOP conference in May.

A Nederland-based pro-independence activist group, the Texas Nationalist Movement, said at least 22 of the hundreds of conventions passed secession items. Texas GOP chairman Tom Mechler said he “would be very surprised” if that many had indeed passed the conventions.

The Houston Chronicle reached out to GOP officials in the counties listed by the Nationalist Movement. Ten responded and all confirmed passage of the resolutions. An official count should be available from the Republican Party of Texas in early May.

A party committee will consider the resolutions for debate on the floor of the state GOP convention in Dallas May 12-14. The volume of independence resolutions — from which party leaders are quick to distance themselves — increases the possibility they could be approved for discussion, though the notion of secession would certainly be shot down swiftly on the convention floor.

Still, the resolutions represent a significant milestone in the growth of a fringe movement in the Texas GOP, which drew attention last year when members of the party’s State Republican Executive Committee pushed for a vote at a December meeting.

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  • Jon Ockunzzi says:

    Remember, Texas was once an independent country but had to apply for statehood because it went belly-up. Will Texas have to rely on their ally, the USA, for defense or will they just let Mexico invade and conquer?

  • J.B. Young says:

    Who wants to be part of the evil country obama has created?!

  • Old lady in Texas says:

    Why should we be a member to the U.S.??? We have everything we need to be self-sufficient. Big cities, farms, ranches, forests, oil, etc. I, personally, really wish we would. I cannot stand this administration in the way he is Transforming America!!!

    1. homegirl says:

      Please do it, and don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you on your way out.

      Looking forward to that Texas State Convention since Texas is an open carry state and the venue does not forbid the presence of weapons on the premises. Shoot em up!

    2. Cleverfun says:

      Exactly… and put a BIG TOLL BOOTH at each end of I-10 & I-20 because TEXAS is the corridor from East to West and Vice-Versa

      Texas citizens don’t have to pay [of course]…

      1. Old lady in Texas says:

        We also need booths at the Mexican border from south to north — I-35, and Hwy 277 goes from the border to Oklahoma…

        1. Cleverfun says:

          Right… and then start deporting ALL of the Illegal Aliens to Saudi Arabia.
          #Mexihabism (-lmfao)

  • Climax says:

    Texas might be on to something here. Think about how well the USA is doing in international relations, domestic relations, international finance, international trace, even with political leadership these days, and of course how badly the NWO and Elect have managed to mess up the USA since the Kennedy’s. What we need is a complete reboot of our government because it is about to crash. Think about all the PC problems, the racial problems, special interest groups (LGBT, Hispanic, Black, White, Green, Red, yellow, Illegal Aliens), cities being taken over by foreigners, terrorism, the value of the dollar plunging, selling off government (that’s our stuff) property, and our depth of international indebtedness and our own national debt. In addition we have political leaders who lie, cheat, steal, make laws and make themselves exempt so they can become more wealthy and powerful. These all should not be problems but they are and something keeps them in elevated places where they cause problems for all. Perhaps Texas is looking at a way to say, that is enough and wants no part of it anymore. Perhaps, we the people, need to become involved again and the majority of us start demanding major changes in the way we act and behave as a nation. Perhaps we need to stop messing with other countries and let them either sink or swim on their own, especially when they don’t like us to begin with, and then again do you blame them for the way our politically elected have behaved for the last 50 years? We need a National change in direction we are headed or we will not survive as a Nation and will not enjoy the little freedom we have even today.

    1. ricktenny says:

      I’m thinking the green people you reference above would be the aclu lawyers, who have made a fine living tearing down the Nation they have to thank for all they have. Probably be a bit green around the gills when they find themselves out of work.

      1. Climax says:

        Way to many worthless lawyers in this country. In fact with over 80% of Congress made up of Lawyers I can see why this nation is so messed up.

  • itsfun says:

    Just think of the great amounts of money Texas would get in foreign aid from the US.

    1. Cleverfun says:

      Yeah, and with ALL the Mexican’s here, we could change our name to “Texaco”…

  • TexRancher says:

    With the way the socialist party (Used to be democrats) and a few RINOs are so willing to sellout our American Rights, secession may be the last chance we have to preserve them! Clearly, ILLEGALS are being treated as having more Rights and Protections than AMERICANS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION!

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