James O’Keefe takes aim at Common Core in new undercover video

by Rebecca Savransky | The Hill
January 13, 2016

Conservative activist James O’Keefe has found a new target: Common Core education standards.

O’Keefe’s conservative Project Veritas on Tuesday released an undercover video where an executive at a publishing company said Common Core is “all about the money.”

“You don’t think that the educational publishing companies are in it for the education, do you?” said Dianne Barrow, a former accounts manager at Houghton Mifflin, in the video. “No, they’re in it for the money.”

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  • I Seigel says:

    Just so we’re clear: Common Core is a set of educational standards that was started by the governors and the superintendents of schools from across the nation – including Republican governors. It has never been a “top down”, federally-dictated program.

    Learn about it, if you care to:


  • reagangs says:

    CC is a bureaucratic web of politicians, so called “public and private educators” and re-think radical liberals that want to change our History and future. Fortunately, some states have their own view of preserving their educational history and books and ignore CC. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

  • bobnstuff says:

    Good old Jim O’Keele making another propaganda film. Hitler would have loved him. So he can twist the fact that a company is in business to make money as a bad thing. Isn’t that what they are suppose to be doing? I would hope that the person selling their product would believe in making money. Also the title of Account Manager sound like a management job but in reality it means you are a sales person, you manage accounts, not the company. The fact that Ms. Barrows is an ex-employee also says something.

    1. Jasmin Chambers says:

      It’s okay to make money. You miss the point that she is saying they are making the money, but not concerned with the crappy and ineffective product they are forcing down the throats of our children. Maybe the fact that she is an ex-employee gives her the protection from retaliation so that she feels free to tell it like it is.

      This is not the first time some moron created a program to experiment on our children like guinea pigs for profit. Meanwhile, our students fall lower and lower in academic world stage, especially in math and sciences.

      The fact that there is such lack of discipline and disruption by members of the the student population in the classrooms in our schools doesn’t help either. The time wasted on these unruly individuals, who deprive the students who are there for academics of their rights to an education, is pathetic. And, there are so many “adults” making excuses for that part of the student population, and that is what enables this situation to continue and get much worse, as others students see there are no real repercussions for bad behavior, so they join in. And, they know you can’t flunk them! They get 60% for writing their name on the paper!

      In the past, if students did not have the best home life, and were not learning social graces at home, at least the schools were another avenue to receive not only academics, but some of these social skills as well. Not today! We dare not offend!

      Sometimes cooperation and conformance to some standards for a group to progress over individual diversity is necessary for any hope of success. And, diversity to the point of unreasonable selfishness is insane in nature as it is for us. Yet today, in almost all settings, it is getting to be the status quo.

      When someone’s moody proclivities are put in front of an entire day’s lesson being lost to the 20 to 30 other students in a classroom, we seriously need to review what the heck we are doing. And, when that individual’s behavior is an almost every day thing that a teacher has to put up with for fear of losing the job, then that is diversity and individualism run amok! So many times a teacher faced with this situation is accused that if only the teacher was better, this child would be a model student. If Einstein himself was teaching this child, that ain’t happenin’!!!

      So, when you top this off with an even more ridiculous program and latest in a line of asinine and inane theories of educating children, and the insane money to be made via texts that are exclusively required to be put in our schools from the yet latest theorist and their cronies, it is no wonder our children come out less proficient than children of generations past, while they make out like financial fat rats.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I’m not a big fan of Common Core but I’m far less a fan of O’Keefe. He is a lying piece of dung. The person O’keefe went to for his mouth piece is not someone who helped create the program, not an educator, just a sales rep. This is like asking the car salesman about how they designed the left rear brake on a car. The idea of a common core is sound and once the reason for they way they are teaching it was explained to me it makes sense. The idea of a national educational standard makes sense. If you are a high school graduate you should have the same skill level no matter where you went to school. The idea of common core is to teach you how to thing and solve problems in more then one way. They are trying to teach thinking not just facts. Once again the idea is sound but the system is not being used as it should, since people learn in different ways there is a need for individual teaching but with 30 kids in a class that can’t happen. I was an education major in college and come from a family of educators so we talk about these things like some families talk sports. The consensus is that no system will work without enough teachers in the class room to teach it. One other thing about common core, it is cheep as teaching systems go which is why it was excepted.


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