Jerry Brown: We’re Coming for Your High-Capacity Magazines

by Awr Hawkins
July 4, 2016

On July 1, California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring residents to surrender or otherwise dispose of all high-capacity gun magazines.

The high-capacity gun magazine ban goes into effect July 1, 2017, and the language of the ban – contained in SB 1446 – leaves no question as to the limited options for owners of such magazines:

A person who, prior to July 1, 2017, legally possesses a large-capacity magazine shall dispose of that magazine by any of the following means:
(1) Remove the large-capacity magazine from the state.
(2) Prior to July 1, 2017, sell the large-capacity magazine to a licensed firearms dealer.
(3) Destroy the large-capacity magazine.
(4) Surrender the large-capacity magazine to a law enforcement agency for destruction.

Brown, a fourth-term Democrat, also signed a bill creating ammunition background checks in the state, which means law-abiding citizens will have to go through a background check for ammunition in the same way they go through a check for firearm purchases.

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  • ADRoberts says:

    How many brown shirted LEOs are going to be willing to die to enforce these illegal, unconstitutional laws. And I don’t care what some corrupt judge rules. They are illegal and unconstitutional.
    God help us.

    1. jnora says:

      AD…I actually need to talk to you about something very important. I have been trying to find you, but it may be off subject for this discussion…it is religion and politics. Where should we talk? It is important. It is also about math and I know you are a math expert.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        I have been off of posting for some time now. Let’s just let this sit as you read the other post I sent you.
        If it becomes necessary for contact, it has to be done very carefully and at a time when the address or phone # is immediately erased.
        I have done this before.
        And by the way, Math is not likely to be an answer. At he basis of ALL relationship with God, is faith. Evidence of a tangible nature only goes so far.

    2. jnora says:

      AD…this looks like this is all your comments and me, so I’ll go ahead and tell you my dilemma. I have been stewing and stewing about politics, so I wrote my nephew who is the #1 labor attorney in the U.S (5 yrs. in a row), but he is also an elder in the church and a very wise 53-year-old man. He put my mind at ease greatly by bringing my attention (you probably know about this already) to a passage that made me feel much better. It is Romans 13:1-7. It did ease my anxiety because I know whatever happens, I will just await my heavenly home (I really felt that way anyway). At the end, though, I don’t believe God was commanding us to honor or respect those whom it is not due and do not earn it. I honestly don’t think they care if we respect and honor them if they get our money! In verse 7, it says in the New English Translation “7 Pay everyone what is owed: taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.” I told him that I would NEVER respect or honor those in power until they earned it and that is how I feel. For crying out loud, Hillary will probably win and she is a crook and has blood on her hands. No way will I honor or respect her and I hope God understands that.

      OK, that is the politics part. Now for my personal need. As the world gets worse and worse for Christians, I am trying desperately to convert my granddaughter to Christianity. I believe that is why God is leaving me here living this awful, emotionally painful life…to lead her to Christ. My son is “punishing” me this year (I had to intervene and tell him to get some psychological help because his mental illness is getting so bad he has ruined his wife…so very sad…better me do it than her try to do it because she lives with him…he LOVES to make her miserable and told her so) by not letting my granddaughter have her yearly visit with me. She will see her step grandmother here in Nashville, but not me. He knew that would hurt me to the core, but he LOVES that. Nothing he likes better than to hurt people. He is so very sick. Anyway, she told me the other night that with her living with him who totally rejects God and her mother being Chinese and agnostic and them living up by DC and her not even knowing any Christians, that FAITH would be her big problem. She wants to believe, but it is hard to ask someone 14 years old to believe in something that is intangible. I have always believed because my parents taught me and it was just a given in my household. My parents were such a good example of Christianity. I don’t ever remember NOT believing in God. Being a convert would be much more difficult I suppose. Then she said something that about made me fall out of my chair. She is extremely smart…entering in the fall the #1 Public School in the U.S….Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA. You have to test to get into it and they are totally race unbiased (imagine that from a public school!). They tested 2800 kids and took 400 and she made it. Turns out it is 70% Asian. They are eating our lunch. She is actually half Asian. Her father has an IQ of 153 and her mother is extremely intelligent, but I think she is going to surpass both of them. You have no idea. In addition, she has more common sense than both of them together (which wouldn’t take a lot because my son has none). She has a beautiful spirit and has good makings to be a Christian. She is the kindest person I have ever known. Wise beyond her years more than you could ever know. Anyway, she said, “you know, Grandma, in our math class the other day, we learned about the Hand of God.” Well, I barely made it through Algebra, so I had no idea, but I went straight to one of our elders at church that teaches Physics at our magnet school here. He looked at me last Sunday and said he was working on something that would help me a lot. If I could find something in math/science that would seem more tangible to her, perhaps she would believe beyond a shadow of a doubt. Might you be able to come up with something that maybe an 18-year-old (she is at that level albeit being only 14) could understand? I know you are a math and physics person, so could you help me? Her conversion is my goal in life right now. The thought of her being lost is more than I can stand. Please tell me you can help! Sorry this is so long. Jnora

      1. jnora says:

        Sorry everyone…I don’t understand Disqus very well and I didn’t know this would end up in a discussion. Just ignore it. Sorry to have interfered with your discussion.

      2. ADRoberts says:

        First, memorize John 14:1-3
        This is to remind yourself that the battle is not ours and that Jesus has promised us this
        Next find a way to get her a “Life Application Bible” in the New International translation.
        And tell her to start reading these books in order.
        John, Romans, Acts, I and II Corinthians, and Hebrews.

        The reason it MUST be a Life Application Bible is that each and every verse has an explanation at the bottom of the page that makes the verse meaningful. And the “opinion” of the writer is generally very good.
        If she gets through this and wants more, get back with me and I will find a way to get my email address to her. For sure, pray that God will send a Christian to her who she respects and who give her direction.
        For sure, NOT someone to take control of her life but someone to offer ideas and suggestions, that God can use in her life.

        1. jnora says:

          That person would be me, A.D. Thanks for your suggestions.

          1. ADRoberts says:

            Maybe. But it would likely be more effective if God would send someone else, whose actions would not be countered by her father and mother.

  • ccannon says:

    Kalifornia has become a Demoncrat dictatorship and everything is going to pot, literally and figuratively! We need to kick out all of the Demoncrats! We have a huge load of corruption and it gets worse with each election!

  • justinwachin says:

    I bet that few magazines will be surrendered to government. Meanwhile, criminals will manage to get their hands on one and nothing will change. Once again California enacts another misguided and ineffective law.

    The stupidity of California politicians never ceases to amaze me.

  • Too big and heavy says:

    Happy 4th Californication retards…!!

  • Too big and heavy says:

    California is a disappointing state….I’ll use a analogy….I was pulled over the other day, but I’ve been drinking. Got a DWI…Not my fault…it’s Jack Daniels fault….when will they regulate or make hard liqour illegal…oh…wait…they tried that..

  • Lady_Lbrty says:

    Absolutely unconstitutional as hell. For that matter all #guncontrol measures are. Gov’t exists to protect your rights. Not regulate them, or tell you what they are they. Their job as Gov’t officials is to protect my 2nd Amendment rights, not mess with them. Ammo background checks? That’s flat insane. Inanimate ojects can’t do harm, ppl drop harm. Removing guns and ammo removes law abiding citizens rights to protect themselves against people who would do harm. Those ppl will just find a different way, maybe a worse way. A bomb, a car, a carbomb, shoe bombs, pressure cookers, knives, machetes, Whatever.

  • disqus_CeZmTpgh9W says:

    Jerry Brown gives new meaning to the term “congenital idiot!
    Does he really think the “Crips and the Bloods” will now turn in all their hi cap magazines?

  • robert sanders says:

    I wouldn’t live in CALIFORNIA if you paid me, unless I can take my 105 howitzer. Don’t need a magazine for it. he he he he.

  • Luke says:

    I’m sure all the criminals and muslim terrorist are lining up to turn in their high capacity magazines, the idiot liberal..

  • Oldawg70 says:

    Don’t know who I despise the most…this liberal/socialist government…or the idiots that created/support it! If WE THE PEOPLE don’t stand and fight while we still have the means… Honestly believe this will NOT end peacefully!

  • Third Option says:

    Does they apply to all law enforcement in the State of California

  • says:

    That will open up the door to mass shootings in California signing the death warrant for unarmed citizens.. Sue the crap out of the criminal haters of the Constitution…Aka . The politicians…

  • teaman says:

    Where are the lawsuits against these stupid politicians like Brown. This Californication screw up is in direct violation of the 2nd Amendment.

    1. susaneskillern says:


    2. Kathryn Taylor says:


      1. teaman says:

        Stop sending me this crap!

  • Owen Grant says:

    Don’t do it! If he is that set on taking them away, it’s a sure sign that you are going to need them! Stock up and keep your powder dry!

    1. Smitch says:

      Amen and pass the ammo! Every time these Shit-Heads pass this crap no matter what State, I invest more money in High Capacity Mags!

  • BlessedtoServe says:

    message to moon beam jerry brown, out of my cold dead hand will be the only way you will get anything like this, next NRA will beat your liberal **s in court, as many others tried passing such laws, and loss. We the American people, have a law already that we can follow it states, The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It say nothing about unless, or, but ,when, if, with, etc….Another thing, guns and the rights of guns wasn’t just for hunting, or home or personal protection….then main definition was to be used to over throw our government when it became necessary…So I have a message for all those who have body guards, let me see you turn your guns, ya didn’t think so….let’s see who does…As a Christian, I say go to haides..moon beam, drug addict Jerry Brown, how you keep getting voted in is beyond me. I did not vote for you nor would I ever. Liberalism…maybe we should start outlawing that,… Jerry Brown go back to Berkley and learn what “shall not be infringed” without relying on you pc intellect what it means… see ya in the courts, jerk.

  • BlessedtoServe says:

    message to moon beam jerry brown, NRA is gonna whup your liberal ***s in court with this as many a state tried passing the same laws and failed, also, out of my cold dead hands, is the only way to get my guns. I think “We the California, American People shall sue you, for “Infringing” our rights: surely you have. This word to liberals has no meaning…

  • TexRancher says:

    All through out history the first thing dictators did was disarm the population.
    Gov. MoonBeam is no different from the rest of the gun hating socialists. (Corrupted former democrats) He even had the mother of a CRIME VICTIM making statements such as “My daughter was killed by a hign capasity magazine”! She is another member of the Brady anti-gun people who don’t even think about what they are saying. That her daughter was killed is a tragedy, but the millions of honest Americans are not responsible for that any more than they are responsible for the killing of Katie Steinle in San Franciso by an ILLEGAL who had been deported and came back! Obama is responsible for this one in that he has continuously violated his oath of office by not enforcing the laws he is sworn to uphold! He also has made equally stupid statements like Glocks that hold “multiple magazines”.

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