John Kasich says Trump can’t win Ohio, still won’t endorse GOP nominee

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Sunday that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump faces an uphill climb in Ohio, a key battleground in the 2016 White House race.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Mr. Kasich — who has refused to endorse Mr. Trump and remains one of the real estate mogul’s toughest Republican critics — said the candidate’s rhetoric remains too divisive and inflammatory for the majority of voters in his state. Ohio is seen as key to Mr. Trump’s chances of beating Democrat Hillary Clinton in November.”

“Can Trump win Ohio? He’s going to win parts of Ohio where people are really hurting … But I still think it’s difficult if you are dividing to be able to win in Ohio. I think it’s really, really difficult,” Mr. Kasich said.

The Republican governor and former presidential candidate also defended his decision last month not to attend the party’s nominating convention in Cleveland, saying he’s taking a principled stand in not supporting Mr. Trump.

“My actions have spoken louder than any words. And think about this: I want to know when anybody had a convention in their state when they were the governor who didn’t go into the convention hall,” Mr. Kasich said.

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  • Robert Early says:

    Hey good people of Ohio ! It’s Trump or Hillary. Which do you want in the White House? It certainly is not going to be traitor and loser John Kasich. Aren’t you sick and tired of his whining yet? How long will you tolerate this crooked RINO?

  • marlio says:

    John Kaish , unfortunately is being a prick, or a sore loser, and is probably a globalist, new world order supporter who doesnt care what is best for America to begin with. These politicians in the gop, alot of them behave like overgrown juveniles~!!!!!

  • Shirley Angelini says:

    We do not want to hear from or see this despicable traitor to his country and the people. Go home you poor loser and keep your mouth shut. Your political career is over. Shame on you. VOTE TRUMP/PENCE ALL THE WAY..

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Hey Kachiitt, you know what happens when some-one tells Trump no, or you can’t do that, or that’s not possible.
    Just keep shooting off your mouth you degenerate groveler, Trump is going to come out on top, and you Kachiitt you are going to the bottom of the scum barrel.

  • ItsJo says:

    As a former Pittsburgh, Pa. resident, I know McKees Rocks people from where Kasich was born. He is like a “spiteful, spoiled and Petty person” and the whole world is Watching. This guy, was one of 17, and HE LOST…..He along with the rest, NEVER thought Trump had a chance, and they ALL wanted him to sign a Pledge to the Republican Party………..AND HE DID. They all said, ‘we will honor whomever is left standing……but the “Traitors to the Republican Voters DID NOT, as WE the PEOPLE voted for Trump.” Well, Kasich, Cruz, Bush, Ryan, McCain, McConnell, ALL showed what they were made of-LIES/No Honesty/NO CLASS!

  • barbarakelly says:

    At one time I respected him———-NOT ANY MORE. I don’t care what his issues are with Trump—– It just shows to me how selfish he is TRUMP IS WHO THE PEOPLE WANT AND IT IS NOW TIME FOR ALL REP. TO SUPPORT TRUMP NOW. i’M guessing that he is going to surprise everone.!!!!!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      So anyone who disagrees with Trump, who doesn’t like him, needs to bow down to him or you have NO respect for them? I see.

  • Lee says:

    He is one of the RINO’s.

  • kathy diamond says:

    Kasich is a sick SOB. America won’t forget this. Trump is the hope for America, this man is still trying to take the Hope of America away from us, ” WE THE PEOPLE” We will no longer be silent

  • shirleypatriot says:

    What a total Dirt Bag Kasich is! I wouldn’t spit on him if he were on fire! Traitor, selfish little boy!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Because he won’t bow to Trump? He’s a traitor…a TRAITOR? lol wow! Well, we should just shoot him and get it over with, huh?

  • Donnie Buchanan says:

    He should have stayed silent. I don’t think FOX will take him back after this term is over. Noone wants him.

  • afanaglenn says:

    Kasich is on a real ego bent parade that is lost in reality. No matter who received the republican nod, he would have been looking at a circus trying to secure the endorsement of Kasich. The man has a mental disorder.

  • Sal Belardo says:

    Kasich is a sore loser and joins the ranks of Scumbag! He might as well be a far left Liberal, crybaby!

    1. Anouk says:


  • theseer says:

    kasich a cry baby whiner sore loser…

  • Mark Terzano says:

    Kaich is a traitor, liberal he is no GOP. What a butt hole.

  • reggie says:

    Kasich accepted $700,000 from a soros group for his campaign. He likes breathing in and out.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      And Trump’s campaign financial manager used to be a Soros fund manager and executive of Goldman-Sachs. What’s your point?

      1. reggie says:

        What’s your point? If you don’t understand the difference between accepting money for a campaign, that kind of money doesn’t come without strings, and hiring the best there is, regardless of which party that person belongs to, nothing I can say will help. When you run a business, you look for the best there is, not for party affiliation.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          ROFL Did you really just try to justify Trump hiring a GS executive and Soros fund manger by using ‘you look for the best there is regarless of party affiliation’ when his job is to help him become PRESIDENT? lol
          But you’ll bash Cruz’s wife because she worked as a lowly loan officer for GS? LOL That’s the most absurd, liberal justification that I’ve heard today! And that’s saying something! LOL
          Oh, my gosh! I can’t stop laughing!
          If it was Hillary who had done that, you’d be all over her…or Cruz. lol

          1. reggie says:

            Yeah, lowly little loan officer. Learn how to read below the headlines.
            Heidi Cruz, 42, works as a managing director at the investment banking firm Goldman Sachs in Houston, according to her LinkedIn profile. (she’s currently on leave)
            Managing director is the firm’s second-highest rank, according to Bloomberg. She works as the regional head of Goldman’s Houston office in the private wealth-management division, which serves accounts with larger than $40 million with the firm. She was promoted to that position in 2013 after working as a vice president for seven years. She’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and was on the North American Community Task Force until it became politically expedient for her to resign. Now, go back and play with the other little ones in the sand box.

          2. GeneP54 says:

            Where’s your synopsis or Trump’s campaign fund mangager? I’ll wait….

          3. reggie says:

            Bye, you need to grow up and stay focused.

          4. GeneP54 says:

            lol Can’t answer it? I’ve very focused. It just ticks you off, huh?

  • Leslie Woodhull says:


  • Leslie Woodhull says:


    1. Anouk says:

      Leslie, I read this morning that most of the Hispanics in Florida won’t vote for Trump. They said if Trump doesn’t win Florida, then he will lose the election.
      The big problem is these Hispanic are low informed and only watch the Spanish news which is 100% liberal.

      1. shirleypatriot says:

        Plus, Obama administration just recently moved 100,000 Hispanics from Puerto Rico (excuse was due to PR being backrupt). But we know it is to get Democrat votes into FL to prevent Trump from winning FL. Such corruptness. So instead of trying to solve the economy problem in PR, he simply moves the people to give me the vantage point!!! Disgusting!

        1. Anouk says:

          We now Obama is a real snake. He will never give up destroying this country.
          He has no moral, no integrity. I wish he get lost for good.

    2. GeneP54 says:

      Like the jobs of his manufacturing companies in Bangladesh and China? Those kinds of ‘real jobs’?

      1. shirleypatriot says:

        Yes, one of his goals are to stop all the regulations and taxes that prevent manufacturing companies from staying in business in US. He will bring jobs from manufacturing back to US!

        1. GeneP54 says:

          Really? I haven’t heard him say a word about bringing his companies back to the US or heard him say that he’ll pay the 25% tariff he wants to put on US companies that import. As a matter of fact, when asked about it, he said that “America can’t compete”.
          It isn’t just about taxes and regulations. It’s also about salaries, labor laws, days off and vacations, benefits, etc. Where a manufacturer can pay a Mexican worker about $36 a month, it would cost almost that much an hour here. (yes, a month) It’s even cheaper in Asia.

  • justinwachin says:

    Kasich’s “principled stand” may cause problems for Ohio in the future when they try to attract the Republican convention.

    We are in the early stages of the general election campaign. Hopefully Mr. Trump has learned from some of his missteps. Hopefully we are going to begin to see a more professional and presidential Donald Trump. I think Gov. Kasich is right when he points out that many people find Donald Trump and his tactics to be repugnant. I hold out hope that things will improve.

    Considering Hillary’s ability to get into scandals, there is always a possibility that a Clinton scandal will surface in mid October that will cost her the election.

    1. reggie says:

      I think her health will get her before that. Have you seen all the head bobbles, the apparent seizure, she’s screwing up big time. According to a neurologist that viewed a tape, she’s having Jacksonian seizures, had something removed from her tongue, and had to be helped up stairs several times.

  • onefour says:

    If Hillary wins I hope he lives to regret what he is doing. And if OHIO follows his lead I hope all that votes for Hillary either by out right voting for her or refusing to vote and she wins I hope they all live to regret it.

    1. reggie says:

      She’ll throw him a bone, and he’ll bark just like she did.

  • Rafael says:

    Just like Cruz, Kasich is…another Dishonorable Zoo creature!!!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      How is Cruz dishonorable?

      1. shirleypatriot says:

        By not supporting our Nominee. He made the pledge and he’s flipping it off just like he is the American people!!

        1. GeneP54 says:

          Oh.. the pledge that Trump said back in March that he wouldn’t honor for anyone but himself? The one that is essentially a contract, so when one person backs out, it’s no longer valid? The one that Cruz DID honor by showing up at the convention and supporting the RNC and Rep. candidate during his speech? THAT pledge?? Cruz was the ONLY one who DID honor the pledge and he’s the one that everyone is demonizing. Where is your outrage at the 15 who didn’t honor the pledge at all??
          How is that ‘flipping off’ the American people?

  • Mys77 says:

    What a dumb, dumb statement…insecure little man…no one cares what you think, and you have no influence on how people choose to vote.

  • twspears6007 says:

    Pure sore loser mentality by John Kasich. His comments are selfish and un-Republican. Hillary Clinton has Kasich’s back and because of his insider and Washington elite bashing Hillary will win and America will lose. John Kasich is the one who needs to study the U.S. Constitution and the history of this nation Hey Khizer Kahn do you have a extra copy for Kasich he really is the one who needs one not Trump. Kasich reminds me of a spoiled brat that lost his piece of candy and blames others for his loss. Grow up Kasich and support the ideals of truth, integrity and the principles of American fairness. The Republican voters decide whom they want for a Republican Presidential nominee not a few disloyal and self centered politicians who’s ideals are no longer mainstream America. Kasich you need to support Trump, or get out of the way Kasich’s way of politics has left the American scene and good riddance to his Democrat leaning support.

    1. reggie says:

      $700,000 of soros campaign money is enough to keep him quiet.

  • grammabz says:

    Mr. Kasich – get over yourself! Grow up. So you didn’t get what you wanted. Apparently the American people didn’t want you, so move on. Time to be a team member. Your arrogance and childish attitude is getting very old and boring.

  • DJTX says:

    And exactly what is the alternative, Mr. Kasich? Hillary is not an option, unless you’re a liberal or have been paid off by the Hillary campaign. What job did she promise you?

    1. reggie says:

      Soros paid him $700,000.

      1. DJTX says:

        I forgot about that – that explains everything. Hard to keep up with who’s been paid off by who. We have crossed over into the banana republic zone….

        1. reggie says:

          We really have. When a candidate is caught on tape barking like a dog, doing a bizarre head swinging thing, can’t walk up steps without being dragged, only allows who she chooses into her campaign rallys…Hmm. Strikes me as a no brainer, but then banana republics don’t have brains, they have eliminators.

          1. shirleypatriot says:

            Clintons do that too!

    2. shirleypatriot says:

      He’s probably going to write in his own name!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Kasich is like Jeb Bush and Cruz, can’t handle the losing to Trump so bad, and the name calling probably didn’t help, and this is how Kasich is paying him back! But if Hellary goes in it will in the end cost Kasich his job like Cruz and Bush!!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Cruz is nothing like Kasich and Bush. Nothing.

      1. shirleypatriot says:

        He’s working with the Bushs right now!

  • CBUJAN says:

    Rino Kaisch is one of the big reasons conservatives are so pissed off. This man is a traitor to his party to America and to the citizens.

  • Dolores Adams says:

    I listened to Kaich speak when he was a candidate and all everything he said was repeated over and over. Who wants him?

    1. shirleypatriot says:

      He kept saying his father was a mailman! Maybe if Trump’s father had been a mailman he’d support him!

  • N.McDaniel says:

    Cowardly Kasich is the same as RINO Ryan and Cruz. Traitors all to the party and betrayal of America’s traditions and Values!!! Will set America back 50 years!!! Shameful!!!

    1. Mys77 says:

      Don’t include Cruz in that group….Cruz out of anyone, has a right to speak out against Trump…Kasich does not have a following.

      1. Leslie Woodhull says:

        CRUZ IS NOT WHO YOU THINK HE IS!! HIS WIFE WORKS FOR GOLDMAN SACHS! HE’S A NEOCON WHICH IS NOT AN AMERICAN IDEAL. GOOGLE IT. I met Cruz personally and he is slime-I got a distinctly clear picture in my mind of who he really is.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          lol She’s a lowly loan officer and took a leave of absence while he was running. Trump, on the other hand, hired an ex GS executive (and Soros fund manager) to run his campaign financial. TRUMP IS NOT WHO YOU THINK HE IS!!
          You didn’t like Cruz because you didn’t recognize a true Constitutional Conservative. You’ve been conditioned to think that they’re all ‘slime’.

          1. shirleypatriot says:

            She was more than a lowly loan office. Yes, she took a temporary leave of absence & is still working for them.!! ..Oh, the GOP establishment has tried to condition us alright! We aint buying it anymore! Reagan said, “a man that agrees with me 70% of the time is NOT my enemy! TRUMP 2016!

          2. GeneP54 says:

            Would you say that about Cruz? Because he wrote the argument for the case before SCOTUS that saved your right to bear arms. He wrote over 80 supreme court arguments and argued over 40, himself. He argued 8 cases before SCOTUS. While he was protecting and defending our Constitution, do you know what Trump was doing? Firing people on a tv reality show.
            Now.. where’s your outrage at Trump hiring an ex GS exec. and manager of Soro’s funds? Compared to him, she’s a loan officer. Oh.. and she’s still on leave.
            While I’m here, let me ask you this (since we’re talking about conflicts of interest).. every president before has sold their companies, their interest in companies, resigned from governing boards of companies, etc. Do you think Trump will do that if he’s elected?

          3. Mys77 says:

            So what? She worked…we all work…the idea that a person is villified because they hold a job is whats wrong with you low life scum who coveted anothers success…idiots.

          4. Leslie Woodhull says:

            I KNOW who Trump is, and CRUZ is NOT a Constitutional Conservative! He’s beholden to BIG BANKS, and he had the CHERTOFF GROUP managing his campaign. You should research exactly who they are, because THEY are the DEFINITION OF neocon!!!

          5. GeneP54 says:

            Cruz didn’t hire the Chertoff Group. He hired one of the founders as his campaign manager. Do you know anything about the Chertoff Group? Are you familiar with their security measures and the people that work with them? I take you don’t know as much about them as you imply. You probably are just restating something that someone in Trump’s camp said (since it’s wrong).
            And how many of Cruz’s old campaign people has Trump hired now??
            Speaking of big banks…and since you now also know that Trump’s campaign finance manger used to be Soro’s fund manager, do you think Trump has ANY ties to banks anywhere? Maybe anywhere else in the world (even GS!)? (since he has companies globally, or so he says). Did you know that Soros made a loan to Trump for $160 Million? Want to talk ties to money??
            How many cases has Trump argued before SCOTUS? How many times has Cruz skirted the question of whether or not the Constitution is over sharia law like Trump did?
            Oh.. It’s evident that you don’t know a fraction of what you think you know about Trump and I KNOW that you don’t know anything about Cruz if you can say that he isn’t a Constitutional Conservative. Only a flaming liberal would make such a brash, ignorant statement.
            Be careful about telling someone else to do research when you haven’t done any yourself.

          6. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Trump is an unknown.And the Chertoff Group are well known for their neocon policies. As far as GS is concerned, all bug money knows all the other big money-no matter which side their on. That doesn’t mean they do business together. Where are you getting your info about the “supposed” loans?? I’ll read it for myself and decide, thank you. Trump is the ONLY viable choice. I refuse to let a congenital pathological liar-who can’t even get up stairs by herself and has to be supported by two big men in order to get in her house(see Reuters photo)-to steal the presidency (like her husband did when Perot split the vote)! CRUZ will have another day, if he’s still around.

          7. GeneP54 says:

            Oh, Cruz will be around for a long time!
            I’ve said repeatedly that I will NEVER vote for hillary, but his conversation isn’t about her. It’s about Trump and Cruz. And I find it entertaining that you won’t answer any of my questions. Funny how when talking about Cruz, big money DOES matter, but when talking about Trump, it doesn’t. If Cruz had hired a Soros fund manager, Trump’s followers heads would explode with glee that it would prove he was something evil. But with Trump, it’s a non-issue. Surely even you can see how messed up that is!
            Yes, Trump is an unknown, so it becomes our responsibility to learn as much as we can, good and bad, to make sure that this unknown doesn’t do more harm than good. The problem is that his followers don’t care and will find a way to justify him at any cost, and that’s a dangerous thing. That’s what happened with obama’s followers and what’s happening with Clinton’s followers.
            Here’s a link to the Chicago Trib.

          8. Mys77 says:

            Exactly…selective outrage Leslie style…hypocrit and foolish.

          9. Leslie Woodhull says:

            And, I’m NO limp brained liberal either! And I do research! Why don’t you check out World Affairs Brief. It’s online, I’m sure even someone as pig headed as you are can find it.

          10. Mys77 says:

            Well, that explains it, its on the internet, must be true…lol and foolish people like yourself can’t think for yourself and need to be told what to think because you can’t figure it out on your own. Lazy mind, weak character, and illogical to boot. You really are a fool.

          11. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Wow. I guess Juilliard to you is a country club, right? I’ve spent more time researching , and performing arts I’ve researched, and taught for almost 50 years. I’ve probably taught longer than you’ve even been alive. I’ve played with some of the greatest artists who’ve ever lived-not that you’d know the difference from that crap you call “music” today. I’ll even name some of them-Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, the Moody Blues, the Los Angeles Philharmonic…yeah, but then I’m really a fool says the idiot who can’t find his way out of a crackerjack box!! You know nothing, & you can’t learn. Your eyes are shut and your ears wouldn’t know absolute pitch if it screamed in your ears. You have no idea what you’re babbling like a baby about. I’ve lived through it once and I’m nit doing again. There will be no HILDEBEAST presidency. Period.

          12. Mys77 says:

            Good to know…you are inches away from being 6 ft. under….you are a senile old fool…forget you, Trump and Hillary are one and the same…your comments against Cruz were a pack of lies…and I could care less what fantasy playground you taught..,50 years too long…including drinking and drugs warped your brain…bet you are nasty, used up old hag with bad breath and poor hygiene.

          13. Mys77 says:

            Leslie you must be after the village idiot award…you win, hands down. What a srupid, stupid comment.

          14. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Nope. I know when I have been in the company of someone who is slimey and disingenuous. That’s Ted Cruz. I really wish it had been otherwise-in fact-since you’re the blockhead I replied to above-I happened to be playing for a reception for him when he was a candidate. That’s how I met him and even shook his hand.

          15. Mys77 says:

            Please stop…you get the idiot award, quit trying so hard, its yours. Lol

          16. Mys77 says:

            Leslie, you nasty old woman….you are one raunchy, gross, witch….I do believe the cemetary is waiting for you.

        2. Mys77 says:

          Oh, honey, Cruz wasn’t intersted in you…he has class and standards….speaking of slime, you are its definition.

          1. Leslie Woodhull says:

            Not. Do you even know what a neocons is? You’d better look it up. And he’s NOT a Constitutional Conservative. You’d better look again.

          2. Mys77 says:

            Do you know what an idiot is, look in the mirror…you are a disgrace to all of us.

          3. Mys77 says:

            Yes he is is, and constitutionally sound, get your head out if your own ….I suppose thats all you look at all day.

      2. shirleypatriot says:

        What right does he have…that Trump brought out the fact that Cruz’s wife works with Goldman Sachs? Cruz lost…let it go!

        1. Mys77 says:

          He has a right, we all have rights to choose…you let it go. The wife worked, past tense, honey…, you let it go…it doesn’t matter. But of course you want to bring up Trumps failures and bankruptcies? Not exactly a success, was it.

  • Bob says:

    It’s asshole establishment republicans like this jackass that are causing all the grief. He is a spoiled child because no one voted for him in the primaries. He and the other establishment pukes are afraid they will get tossed off the gravy train.

  • Anouk says:

    Kasich is a traitor to the Republican party. He is probably a pawn for Goldman Sachs his former employer.

    1. reggie says:

      The $700,000 in campaign funds from soros helped.

      1. Anouk says:

        Soros is another crook who should be hanged. He is a real ugly traitor who hates America.

  • ihatelibs says:


  • Luke says:

    Now the people of Ohio know john kasich supports hillary clinton and barack hussien obama.
    Vote him out and elect a real Republican..

    1. The Redhawk says:

      WHO??? PORTMAN??

      1. shirleypatriot says:


        1. The Redhawk says:

          kasich a REAL Republican?? are you MAD??

          1. shirleypatriot says:

            I think he said Vote Kasich out and elect a real Republican in his place.

          2. The Redhawk says:

            I answered to ELECT A REAL REPUBLICAN not to the RINO Question. Portman ir for REAL

  • rayser711 says:

    Kasich need to get over it ! If he wants to keep sulking, he should go in a corner or something.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      He better stop Whining and GROW UP.. he ran a LOUSY Camapaign and LOST…GET OVER IT JOHN GROW A PAIR!!!

  • carpkiller says:

    I think Kasich is wrong.

  • James in Texas says:

    The “sounds” of sour grapes from a life-long Professional Politician who doesn’t give Damn about the country, only about his “position” in the Established RINO” party! Pay-back will be a “Bad run down an ugly hill”!

  • disqus_BAvz0LV7zw says:

    Kasich is a traitor. Can’t win the primary with few votes. Yet he continues to defy the results of the primary. He should not have joined the primary if he could not accept defeat. He is full of himself, despite that our country is going to suffer if Hillary wins. a continuation of Obama’s policy, will fill up our population with Muslims who are geared to take over, and slice off our head. He still could not understand but only his own ambitions to be the president, or rather it would be Hillary.

    1. reggie says:

      Looking at videos of hitlery, she has some VERY big problems, with any luck, she won’t make the ‘finals’. Her vp is a wuss and will follow 0b0 anywhere.

  • Son Shine says:

    They are all selfish and willing to finish give our country over to the devil. God help us and lead them to you. In Jesus name

  • Genevieve says:

    Gov. Kasich is playing a childish payback game even at the cost of our country going down the tubes, Shame on you Mr Kasich!

    1. reggie says:

      He’s chicken sHit. Took $700,000 from soros in campaign funds.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        and that is a REAL REVELATION if TRUE

        1. reggie says:

          I’ll try, am targeted and am being ‘removed’ a lot
          the pulse 2016 com maggie-gallagher 2016 03 17 why-did-kasich-take-700000-from-soros-and-friends
          Hope it works.

  • annie.o75 says:

    We won.t forget that Kaich…never … are a traitor like Cruz…two snakes. in a barrel…..trump,would never do that to you !!! Now who’s the better man?..TRUMP. I hope he has plans for you to fail at whatever you NOW do…poor loser…shame on you……

    1. The Redhawk says:

      I lost ALL respect for the MORON who seems to WANT kILLERY in the WH!!!

      1. John Yossarian says:

        Of course Kasich wants only Democrats or RNC-pugs in power – He’s a banker!

        1. The Redhawk says:

          Another RINO that SOLD OUT!!! Makes a Regan Repub want to THROW UP!!

          1. Tiffanyjbryan1 says:

            <<x:u. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bz424a:….,…

        2. theseer says:

          he’s also nwo globalist anti america creep…

    2. GeneP54 says:

      How is Cruz a traitor?

    3. Marie Andrews says:

      I thought that in the first debate, ALL the candidates signed a pledge to back whoever won the nomination. That was done because they thought that Trump was the one to back out and not support the winner, Well who’s the fool now. When the party does stupid things like this, just for spite, they are giving the election to the other candidate. Why don’t they all drop out of the party and become Dem’s

  • Ed R says:

    Kasich is one RINO who is full of sour grapes. Can’t take the fact that in the primary, he got lets votes than any of his opponents – which means that most Americans don’t believe what he says and don’t want him in the White House.

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