Judge denies bail for 4 suspects in Chicago torture video

by FoxNews.com
January 7, 2017

A judge denied bail Friday for the four suspects accused of beating a mentally disabled man and streaming it live on Facebook.

The four appeared before Cook County Associate Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil who asked them, “Where was your sense of decency?”

As seen in the horrifying video that appeared online this week, a young, mentally disabled white man was beaten, threatened with a knife and taunted with profanities directed at white people and President-elect Donald Trump. The suspects, who are black, face charges including hate crimes and aggravated battery.

Prosecutors offered new details of the assault, explaining that one of the suspects demanded $300 from the victim’s mother and that the beating started in a van and continued at a house.

The suspects are accused of forcing the victim to drink toilet water and kiss the floor, stuffing a sock into his mouth, taping his mouth shut and binding his hands with a belt.

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  • roboteq says:

    This is the sort of behavior our Progressive attitude toward theological beliefs and respect for society in general has had on our population, especially for our younger citizens.

  • goldie says:

    We are on our way back to reason and order! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • The Redhawk says:

    So still NO WORDS from queen B HUSSEIN O , Loretta Lynch, Holder. FBI. SHAR PIMP TON and Jack a sson?? Who were so VOCAL and LOUD about Ferguson with NO PROOF of CRIME by WHITE COP while HERE IT IS IN LIVING COLOR???
    are these PIGS in Hiding or AFRAID to face the result of their 8 yrs old POLICIES???

  • jandjnesbitt@aol.com says:

    SCUMBAG CHICKEN $HIT is a compliment for these despicable LOW LIFE’S. Justice System…Get your head out of your A$$ES… grow some BALLS… STAND UP TO THIS MADNESS AND DO YOUR JOB!!!…Make an example of these Looser Menace to Society MORON’S… and remove them from Society.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


    1. The Redhawk says:

      May be an OLD FASHIONED HANGING Party at CHICAGO CITY HALL ??? For RAHM and his Fubar Incompetents to LEARN by???

      1. Retired says:

        Rahm should be the first to go .

        1. The Redhawk says:

          YEAH in a SHARK THANK that Nobody FED for a MONTH or Dropped in SO chi naked with a target on his back

          1. Retired says:

            Just pain him red first no target needed , plus about 50 gallons of pig blood .

          2. The Redhawk says:

            or Stick a pork Chop in hes mouth and DROP

      2. Jean Langford M. says:


        1. The Redhawk says:

          LOCK and LOAD

  • Netencho says:


    1. Climax says:

      As much as I want to agree with you, it just won’t happen. The legal system has to be changed. We need to remove these people from civilian society one way or the other and teach them respect and duty. Give them a choice, prison for hate crimes, assault and battery, kidnapping, for a period of not less than 20 years, or volunteer for the Military. If during their term in the military they display any racist or conduct unbecoming a member of the armed forces, they return to serve the remaining 20 years with hardened criminals who will make life very difficult for them in the end, actually both ends.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        I would agree with you that what you are proposing would be a great idea, but our military cannot be used as a prison for criminals. Usually this is why parents send their kids to military school while they are minors. When you are vetted for the military you cannot have a criminal record. Now that they are adults, they can’t be forced in that direction. I propose a mandatory 6-month long scared straight program in the worst prision available. Let them spend time with these people. They won’t think they are so tough then. After that, they go back to court and the jury can decide an aporopriate sentence. If they are lucky they might not have to spend most of their lives in the prison system.

        1. Climax says:

          You indicate that the Military will not let Criminals join the Military, which I agree with. Perhaps IF these kinds of individuals, and I am not advocating these in particular as their crimes at too numerous and racist, that Judicial Judgment be withheld pending their willing participation and success in the military, even if the military has to make up a special company or brigade of misfits to “guide” these individuals in the right direction and make them part of society and come out with respect, a career, education, and contribution to society. These individuals are beyond redemption and should serve hard time for their multiple infractions.

      2. Netencho says:

        Sorry… I do not agree… prison is to good for them… and why should…. WE THE PEOPLE…. support this idiots in jail!! I say get rid of them!!
        Military……maybe for people with less criminal crimes, steeling, and such.
        What this idiots did….. is not excusable, and should not be left to happen again, nor for someone else to do such again. But a lesson should be taught…. once and for all…… and for all to see…. we are human beings….NOT ANIMALS!!
        Animals with Rabies should be put out of their misery!!
        The military is an honorable association, used to protect life and country……. why should we dishonor the good men and women with criminals?
        A veteran with a different Mother (Nam)…. God Bless


        1. Climax says:

          Society will not let us take these individuals out and provide for a public hanging. That stopped back I think it was in 1927 as it became a circus event. I agree they deserve it, but it will not happen and we will be stuck providing for them for the next 70 years.

          1. Netencho says:

            I know… but that would be a good way to let this idiots know, hey buddy…. No 70 virgins for you, not even a couple of sheep, or goats. They want to act like the Islamist, they Just get Mama Rope!!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c4ed355e87a5dbeffa9842f288379d6b6c3d1c3f8bc6463aa2eb619340976cee.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a3fc281cb704b65fb274b5743da3e46fad4a1967a60263eaa1b54e57c1a37bbb.jpg

          2. Climax says:

            And the rope should be lubricated with pig grease!

  • Climax says:

    All four individuals will have Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and more than likely Barrack Obama jump to their aid or they will distance themselves so far and say what hate crime, they were merely protecting their homes from the Omni present white man. Mark my words, these four will get off with a pat on the back of the hand and set free as to young to prosecute or some other lame excuse. This is in the same category as the White idiot that blew up a church and killed a bunch of people, but not quite as bad. The threat of immanent death was still present in the white kids mind though. What do you do with four idiots that represent the mentality of the inner city crime and mentality that want to do such acts?

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      If this had happened a year or more ago then I would agree with you that very little or nothing would happen to these pieces of garbage, but not now.
      The winds of change are upon us, call it the “Trump Effect/Affect” that is not only influencing the U S but other countries too. When these jerks were first arrested the media attempted to down play the whole thing, and then the police held back, or were hesitant in laying the proper charges.
      The media got a head slap, and the police laid the proper charges, and the judge denied bail. The prosecutor[s] are saying very little, these are all signs that those scum bags will not be walking away on this one, the sentences in 2017 will be tough. A defence based on teddy-bears roses, and lollypops is not going to fly.
      The only thing that might save them from life in prison, is their age, their level of stupidity, and how much brain washing they absorbed over the past 8 years perpetrated by left-wit governments, media, schools, and race baiters like Obama, Sharpton, etc…

      1. Climax says:

        Let’s be fair with their stupidity and lawlessness. Give them a choice, hardened criminal jail for hate crimes against society or serving the military and if them come out with an honorable discharge all charges removed from their record, or return to jail if they do not find military life and duty worthy of their personalities. More than the current lot of Democrats would give a similar offending white person during the last 8 years.

        1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

          Perhaps something like that for another set of circumstances.
          These charges maybe to serious to let them off that lightly with military service.
          Hate Crime– this is something on it’s own.
          Kidnapping— at one time that was a death penalty offence.
          Felonious Assault/torture.
          Extortion, a demand for money.

          1. Climax says:

            Yes, these idiots may have crossed to far over the line to ever return to normal, if you want to call it that, society.

          2. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

            True, but, they have gone to far over the line.

        2. earlwatters says:

          we don’t want them in the military why bring the military down because there moms and dads didn’t bring them up right the electric chair no less

          1. Climax says:

            I agree with you to a degree, being a vet myself, BUT the military has an out from a civilian mandatory 20 years sentance. If they don’t willingly choose the military, willingly participate, don’t mouth off or do anything to provoke leadership, and progress in the normal military training and actions, the Military does not bring them up before the UCMJ, they just send them back to Civilian Court system who has already passed sentence on them, and they immediately go to hard jail in the Civilian world for 20 years. Take them form the world they were in and teach them the right way to act, perform, and become an adult.

    2. earlwatters says:

      your a idiot these black life matter morons need to be executed if it were turn around white on black riots like you have never seen and many killings put um the electric chair ill pull the dam switch

      1. Climax says:

        I see you are displaying a First Cav Rotorwing picture. I was a Wolthers, TX product in 1966-68. Both you and I agree that vermin like this should be exterminated but it will not happen today as we have too many nambypambies that will use anything to further their propaganda and lawlessness. So what do we “really” with individuals like this, punish ourselves by giving them a ticket to an all expense paid vacation from society in a prison that has TV, recreation, A/C, Heating, 3 meals a day, all medical paid for, and in some cases even congical visits or do we try to make them worthy of returning to society as an educated, changed, asset to society? I agree with you in that “these” individuals have crossed way too many lines to be brought back to society. Hate Crimes, Kid Napping, A&B, Torture, all on a mentally challenged individual only shows their depravity and they should be tried and sentenced accordingly, maybe for life in prison with hardened criminals. The death sentence would be preferable but it just will not happen in todays societal views. RA16897089 12/66-12/66 ATP:1648630 ASMEL DC3 C500, Com: ASMES Rot-Hel, Glider, Sprt: Gyroplane, CFI: ASMI, CGI:AI, Dspchr, CTO, Drone Plt, FAA Wright Award.

    3. Jose says:

      As a retired Marine, I would not trust any of these to even burn a $h itter let alone service in the USMC.

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    HEINOUS CRIME! I have zero tollerance for people like this. It doesn’t matter to me what your skin color is. When you committ a crime like this one, you should be locked up and the key thrown away. There is no excuse because you are a young adult or your brain isn’t totally developed or you didn’t think about the consequences. Those are all BULLSHIT excuses. These kids had 48 hours to consider their consequences. If that were my kid that did that, they would be on their own to deal with the outcome. I commend this judge for denying bail to these 4 thugs. I hope they get locked up for life because they will be tried as adults.

    1. Retired says:

      The prison population will take care of them real quick, they do not tolerate those type of people.

  • Mys77 says:

    By the way, these were NOT teenagers…these were adults, with close to 48 hours of delibeeate, sustained, hate, cruel, and vicious and wanted the world to see what they were doing…we did, now I hope the punishment is equally dished out. These are not humans, these are low life ni…, rs.

    1. Mkay19 says:

      Why call the victim a man and the suspects teens when they are the same age?

  • Wingedgodd3ss says:

    Good-they don’t need to be on the streets.

  • spokencitizen says:

    This is what happens when ghetto breeds and parents and jailed and grandparents are left to raise wild animals

    1. used_to_be_a_liberal says:

      and they are indoctrinated with left-wit ideology.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        WHAT ELSE WOULD??????????????????

  • It is frightening to see what a part of our population has become. It is a result of this left wing give them something for nothing , poor me , generation.

    1. Novajcallahan says:

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