‘Latinas for Trump’ holds its first event in Miami: ‘We don’t think he’s a racist’

by Francisco Alvarado
June 9, 2016

Shortly after Ted Cruz and John Kasich abandoned the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Denise Galvez found herself in a conundrum. The Cuban-American public relations guru had voted for Sen. Marco Rubio in the March Florida primary that he lost by double digits to the eventual nominee, Donald Trump.

“I have known Rubio for a long time,” Galvez said. “I thought he was the best candidate.”

She could have either sat out the general election, temporarily switch her allegiance to the Democrats, vote for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, or cast her ballot for Trump, a candidate who derided Mexicans crossing the border as “rapists” and recently drew bipartisan criticism over his comments that an American-born judge of Mexican descent is biased against him.

“I’m not gonna sit it out,” Galvez recalled. “At a recent event, I was talking with other women about politics. We were almost ashamed to admit we were all leaning toward Trump. We were talking about establishment politicians taking us for granted and not putting this country first.”

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  • Jeanette Eaton says:

    I have always believed, as this article suggests, that there are a group of people of Latino descent who are backing Trump, but we just aren’t hearing about it. I , personally believe , that anyone who votes for Clinton, even though her or she has every right to be, is just plain stupid or ignorant of what is going on. They are just blind to reality. Not all people of any group fall into this category. There are some very intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated people who can reason things out and who choose to act according to the facts, as they are presented to them. In spite of what many people think, Clinton is not behind the Blacks, Hispanics, and other minority groups. She and liberals like her aren’t and they have records to prove that. To think that she has all of these people groups’ best interests at heart is nothing but an illusion and she is very good at spreading that illusion. The only person who is at the top of her agenda is herself. Intelligent and thought-minded people of all of these different groups are beginning to realize the truth about Clinton and are coming out to voice their opinions ! Some of these people have suffered injustices at the highest level because of verbal and actual physical attacks. They have the right to assemble and voice their opinions without the fear of intimidation. Others who feel differently, also have the right to demonstrate their opinions but NOT by destroying property or human lives ! Those people who act this way are not showing good, common sense, but instead, animalistic behavior. There is nothing right or legal about protesting against pro Trump supporters they way that they have been doing. Common sense can tell you that when a horde of people gang up against one person, it cannot be right, and in the long run, will not enhance their cause like they think it will. I think that there are more people for Trump than what is known, but some are afraid of the retaliation that those animals are so freely giving. Right is right and wrong is wrong and there is nothing right about how they are protesting Trump supporters, and Mrs. Clinton should be the first one to speak against them and denounce their actions. If she doesn’t and silently lets them carry out their dastardly deeds in her name, it should be clearly evident who she is really supporting…..only herself.

  • shirleypatriot says:

    Johnson does drugs and who knows what else! He is a lazzia faire leader which means he does nothing! We already have one of those!!

  • justinwachin says:

    I’m against illegal immigrants regardless of their ethnic background. The truth is there are many avenues available already for people to come to our nation legally. In fact, the Mexicans who come into our country as part of the legal migrant worker programs receive a large number of government protections. Their employers have to pay them the federal minimum wage. There are also a variety of inspections made to make sure their employers treat these workers fairly in regards to work hours, housing, etc.

    If the current laws were followed and Mexicans had to enter our country through legal channels, their quality of life would improve. The mistreatment they are getting out of the current system would end. The farmer which leases our property uses Mexican migrant workers which participate in the legal government programs. They like the program so well that many of their spouses have come to live with them.

    I would suggest to those who want to help Mexicans that they should encourage legal immigration. President Obama’s plan would basically allow the illegals to be exploited by shady employers and the Democrat politicians.

    Over the years the Democrats have claimed to be on the side of a variety of ethnic groups. It’s odd that the people in those groups never seem to have their lives improved. They are always promised a better life in exchange for voting Democrat but the promises never materialize.

  • American Me says:

    If everyone puts aside their petty bs reasons for not liking Trump,we can win this must win election.Trump will be fine and will save America.Have a little faith and spin the wheel.Trump for President..

  • Son Shine says:

    He admits he does drugs.

    1. TeaPartyPatriot says:

      Who does drugs? Son Shine?

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      ???????? WHO U be talking about, not Trump, he does not and never has even drank! If you’re talking about Johnson, YES!

      1. Son Shine says:

        Gary Johnson, but he said he would not get high as president. So ther you go, no worries.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Yeah, I seen that on FOX NEWS where he said that, and we have a LOT more to worry about than that my friend!! 🙂

        2. shirleypatriot says:

          Are you crazy!!??

          1. Son Shine says:

            Go to dailycaller.com
            That’s what Gary Jphnson said. Yes he does do drugs, but would not get high in office. Or just google Gary Johnson and find out for yourself.

      2. Vangie Martinez says:

        Johnson from Albuquerque New Mexico our Local Pot head. Didn’t use to be that way. As you can see from all of our Leaders who take drugs or have been on drugs do not think right, a good example of their lack of Brain Smarts and Common Sense now.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          LOL, WELL PUT my friend!!!

  • bytheway4 says:

    Do not vote for Johnson, he is for open borders, he says that the illagals come here for jobs!!! He said lest them come into America. He is an idiot.

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