Leftists split over universal health care initiative on Colorado ballot

DENVER — A left-on-left battle broke out Wednesday in Colorado as influential progressives turned on ColoradoCare, the sweeping universal health care initiative threatening to drag down Democratic candidates in November.

ProgressNow Colorado Executive Director Ian Silverii, backed by NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and several Democratic state legislators, delivered a potentially lethal blow to Amendment 69 by coming out against the ambitious single-payer proposal.

They cited a host of concerns, such as the measure’s potential to cut off public funding for abortion by moving to a state-run health care system, but political analysts weren’t buying it.

“The major takeaway from this announcement is that this socialized medicine scheme must be getting annihilated in progressives’ internal polling,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of the free-market group Compass Colorado.

Analysts say Democrats are counting on the progressive left to provide cover for candidates as they seek to abandon ship under Republican fire despite voting to add support for Amendment 69 to the state party platform.

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  • nerdchild says:

    The Kalifornication of the west continues. Once rugged individualistic states keep falling like dominoes……..Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado and teetering Idaho, Utah and Arizona. RIP……..

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    “They cited a host of concerns, such as the measure’s potential to cut off public funding for abortion”
    Ooh, poor babies. Oops, I mean, poor baby killers. Imagine having to be held personally responsible for sexual irresponsibility.

    “Progress Now” another social fungus brought to you by George Soros.

  • PatriotForever says:





    (2) LENIN: 1917 Lenin, embodying the Bolshevik ideology, viewed alliance with the capitalist countries of Western Europe and the United States as involuntary servitude of the proletariat, who was forced to fight the imperialists’ war. As seen by Lenin, Russia was reverting to the rule of the Tsar, and it was the job of Marxist revolutionaries, who truly represented socialism and the proletariat, to oppose such counter-socialistic ideas and support socialist revolutions in other countries. Within the military, mutiny and desertion were pervasive among conscripts, though being AWOL (Absent Without Leave) was not uncommon throughout all ranks. The intelligentsia was dissatisfied over the slow pace of social reforms; poverty was worsening, income disparities and inequality were becoming out of control while the Provisional Government grew increasingly autocratic and inefficient. The government appeared to be on the verge of
    succumbing to a military junta. Deserting soldiers returned to the cities and gave their weapons to angry, and extremely hostile, socialist factory workers. The deplorable and inhumane poverty and starvation of major Russian centers produced optimum conditions for revolutionaries.
    During the months between February and October 1917, the power of the
    Provisional Government was consistently questioned by nearly all political parties. A system of ‘dual power’ emerged, in which the Provisional Government held nominal power, though increasingly opposed by the Petrograd Soviet, their chief adversary, controlled by the Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries (both democratic socialist parties politically to the
    right of the Bolsheviks). The Soviet chose not to force further changes in government due to the belief that the February Revolution was Russia’s “crowing” overthrow of the bourgeois.

    (3) STALLIN, Stalin ruled by terror and with a totalitarian grip in order to eliminate anyone who might oppose him. He expanded the powers of the secret police, encouraged citizens to spy on one another and had millions of people killed or sent to the Gulag system of forced labor camps. During the second half of the 1930s, Stalin instituted the Great Purge, a series of Campaigns designed to rid the Communist Party, the military and other parts of Soviet society from those he considered a threat.
    Joseph Stalin (1878-1953) was the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) from 1929 to 1953. Under Stalin, the Soviet Union was transformed from a peasant society into an industrial and military superpower. However, he ruled by terror, and millions of his own citizens died during his brutal reign. Born into poverty, Stalin became involved in revolutionary politics, as well as criminal activities, as a young man. After Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924) died, Stalin outmaneuvered his rivals for control of the Party. Once in power, he collectivized farming and had potential enemies executed or sent to forced labor camps. Stalin aligned with the United States and Britain in World War II (1939-1945) but afterward engaged in an increasingly tense relationship with the West known as the Cold War (1946-1991). After his death, the Soviets initiated a de-Stalinization process.
    After leaving school, Stalin became an underground political agitator, taking part in labor demonstrations and strikes. He adopted the name Koba, after a fictional Georgian outlaw-hero, and joined the more militant wing of the Marxist Social Democratic movement, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin. Stalin also became involved in various criminal activities, including bank heists, the proceeds from which were used to help fund the Bolshevik Party. He was arrested multiple times between 1902 and 1913, and subjected to imprisonment and exile in Siberia.

    (4) MARX:Indeed, Marx quoted Hodgskin as recognizing the alienation of labour that occurred under modern capitalist production. No longer was there any “natural reward of individual labour. Each labourer produces only some part of a whole, and each part having no value or utility of itself, there is Nothing on which the labourer can seize, and say: ‘This is my product, this will I keep to myself.'”In this first volume of Capital, Marx outlined his conception of surplus value and exploitation, which he argued would ultimately lead to a falling rate of profit and the collapse of industrial capitalism.
    Marx’s theory stated that economic and political systems went through an inevitable evolution in form, by which the current capitalist system would be replaced by a socialist state before achieving international cooperation and Peace in a “Workers’ Paradise,” creating a system directed by what Marx called “Pure Communism.” Marx allowed that “normal conditions of Spontaneous development” of the rural commune could exist.
    However, in the same letter to Vera Zasulich, Marx points out that “at the core of the capitalist system … lies the complete separation of the producer from the means of production.”In one of the drafts of this letter, Marx reveals his growing passion for anthropology, motivated by his belief that future communism would be a return on a higher level to the communism of our prehistoric past. He wrote that “the historical trend of our age is the fatal crisis which capitalist production has undergone in the European and American
    countries where it has reached its highest peak, a crisis that will end in its destruction, in the return of modern society to a higher form of the most archaic type—collective production and appropriation”. He added that “the vitality of primitive communities was incomparably greater than that of Semitic, Greek, Roman, etc. societies, and, a fortiori, that of modern capitalist societies”. Before he died, Marx asked Engels to write up these ideas, which were published in 1884 under the title The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State.

  • SD of AZ says:

    A bunch of leftist finally realizing their policies are failing? That is news? Here is a news flash for them. Get a life and grow up. Government can’t manage the VA healthcare, whatever made you think it could manage national healthcare?

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