Mayor Ed Murray’s Cousin: He Sexually Abused Me, Too

by Lewis Kamb and Jim Brunner
September 13, 2017

A younger cousin of Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has become the fifth man to accuse the mayor of sexual abuse, saying Murray repeatedly molested him as a teenager in the 1970s.

Murray announced his resignation Tuesday in the wake of the new allegations.

Joseph Dyer, 54, a dialysis technician and Air Force veteran, says he was 13 when Murray forced him into sex for about a year while the two shared a bedroom in Dyer’s mother’s home in the Long Island town of Medford, New York.

“There would be times when I would fake sleeping because I didn’t want him touching me,” Dyer, a married father who now lives in another state, recalled during an interview with The Seattle Times.

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  • Rock says:

    The media will say “everything is O.K. he is a DEMOCRAT !”

  • maxx says:

    I used to love to vacation in Washington State in the 1990’s. Seattle was a favorite place. Stopped all trips to there when the liberals from Californica migrated north and took over the whole damn state. The mayor of Seattle resigns over accusations of sexual perversion acts with young men. Not a bit surprised. That seems to be a requirement to be a democrat. They keep creating new perversions all the time. And he comes from New York to boot. Another hell hole of the democommies.

  • Tiger says:

    I raised two boys at 13 any man try to touch them they would have screamed it over the rooftops after they castrated the perp.

    1. Bob says:

      I second that. I have always lived by the adage that if you hurt my family, you better be able to run faster scared that I can mad. Now that I am older, I have adjusted it to you better be able to run faster than I can reload. (since most of mine are magazine fed, you better run fast)

      1. Tiger says:

        Love it and oh so right.

  • Allan Scott says:

    Ah ha! Just knowing what was happening in Seattle, I knew this liberal demo was a fag. Wonder how many little boys he “infected” as well as screwing up their lives? Lawsuits pending!

    1. PatriotGal says:

      Allan, you must be wrong. After all, he’s Dem and Dems can do no wrong, they think, especially if of the LGBTQ persuasion. Seattle is now northern CA – the cancerous fruits and nuts are spreading through OR, up to WA.

      1. Bob says:

        You did notice they did not mentions his political slant until 2/3 through the article.

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