Mother of Idaho Girl Raped by Refugees: Authorities Withholding Police Report from Family

by KATIE MCHUGH | Breitbart
July 13, 2016

The mother of the five-year-old girl who endured a vicious sex assault at the hands of Iraqi and Sudanese refugees in June said she feels her family is being treated like “criminals” by local authorities and the media.

One June 2, she was outside with her daughter when she left for two or three minutes to take a quick bathroom break — and that’s all the time it took for the three perpetrators to grab the little girl, before dragging her into a nearby laundry room, stripping her naked, urinating on her clothes and in her mouth, and filming the attack until stopped by an elderly resident.

But no one will allow her to read the police report or her own daughter’s medical records, she said.

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  • The Redhawk says:

    So where is the LIBERALS in CONGRESS, OBlamo, Loretta Lynch on this CASE??? Playing CRICKETS and LYING about Climate Change and GUN control??? or FILIBUSTERING the Military Budget and Giving PASSES to HILDERBEAST?????

  • Dolores Adams says:

    These Iraqi and Sudanese do not belong in this country. That’s their culture and they think it’s ok. Wrong.

  • capa760 says:

    Black Matters in this case–Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama. The Oath of Office
    for Obama was never a serious endeavor. He is not a patriotic American Citizen, #32018 Registration document of Mombasa, British Protectorate of Kenya. He has no Caucasian self-discipline to be the US President. He has ignored his duties of office and has not discharged them, he is a foreign born
    saboteur and enemy of America. His goal is to turn the USA over to the UN
    Agenda 21 Takeover and giant dictatorship where no one owns their property,
    money, because the government owns everyone and everything. Obama could have be a great model for the Black Matters, but he has been an embarrassment. American Ingenuity could have produced a lowered business
    tax for businesses who would sponsor INTERNSHIP WORKING PROGRAMS
    FOR ALL RACES. Black self-discipline has not been taught……if you see the
    TV program of BAIT CAR- count the percentage of Black offenders, Asian,
    Latino, and White. Blacks need a leader of GOOD not evil. There are so many
    wonderful black parents and Grandparents……..but what happened to those
    who need to Stay Out of Trouble. Life is better working for good planning.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Mooslime invaders and I sincerely hope Trump can route em out and deport the basturds. BO should be held accountable for these things. Actually too bad the same cannot befall his family. He deserves to reap what he has sown.

  • gene1357 says:

    …stocking up on ammo…

  • Elaine says:

    Looks like the same thing that is happening in Europe is starting to happen here, and those of us who agree with Trump on the illegal immigration and “refugee” issue already knew that it would. Try to set aside 20 minutes to watch this video. It’s very disturbing.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Unarmed citizens are taking the brunt of this. This is what BO is importing. Keep your guns loaded and ready. I have seen enough.

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    Why do Americans tolerate actions by illegals from south or middle east on us?

  • tarbella says:

    This is insane. A child going through that is horrible. The evil others are doing will be in the hands of God when He is ready and what they will endure is beyond anything mankind has ever seen [ Daniel and Revelations ].

  • justinwachin says:

    The people that participated in this crime needs to be rounded up and prosecuted. If convicted they may find justice in prison.

  • mudguy1 says:

    Just like what didn’t happen to Hillary the fix is in and NOTHING is going to be done to these refugees. Because we have to show them that we LOVE then.

  • 3ronald1 says:

    These people grew up in a culture that seems to CELEBRATE the abuse of females…little girls, teens, grown women and the elderly. They will NEVER assimilate into our culture. PROSECUTE THEM TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW!!! A firing squad comes to mind. Stop covering up for their abusive actions. Obama did this to us. He needs to go – ASAP. This is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

  • Anti-Unamerican says:

    Odumbo said in his book, that he would stand with the muslims when the winds of change blow.
    Why did people vote for this idjut twice ???
    This is beyond insanity. More like something from the Twilight Zone.

  • Anti-Unamerican says:

    These low life scum should be hung by a tree and recorded. Then sent back to the ME. to show others what happens when you are not worth of the air you breathe.
    Must be some of odumbos relatives.
    This poor girl was only 5. muslims are really sick bastardds.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Why did this never make the news, this is not Europe! No wonder Opey wants our guns, this is worth killing for!!! NOT going to put up with this sh$t!!

    1. 3ronald1 says:

      Don’t call him “Opey”. He is nothing like Opie Taylor. OBOZO fits better, or OBUMMER.
      I agree – it’s worth killing for. That poor little girl may never get over that traumatic experience, and certainly her mother will never forget. Why the cover-up? I’m sick of this stuff. Get ’em out of here!! If they can’t assimilate, send them back where they came from.
      Go Trump! If you vote Killary in, we will have many more of the same. She wants to bring thousands more here.

  • Gerry Costa says:

    It’s called the ” Great American obama muslim Cover Up”. As long as we have muslim scum like obozo, lynch,holder,johnson and many others as our so-called leaders — these scumbags will not be held accountable for anything.

    1. Sandra McFarland says:

      <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bw997p:….,…

    2. Bob says:

      Don’t forget Ryan and all the GOP members who want to let more of these scumbags into our country.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        Yeah, you know, I have never understood why that is. Out of everything the republican party stands for you would really think the immigration issue would be very secure boarders and laws. Why in this world would anyone want people to come here and create such kaos. I must be missing something here.

        1. Bob says:

          See if you can get in touch with George Soros and ask him. He has these assholes in his pocket.

      2. Sue says:

        I think Ryan has a large Muslim constituency in WI. He is in an ugly battle to retain his candidacy. He isn’t thinking about what is best for the US. He is thinking about what is best for Ryan.

        1. Latoya Johnson says:

          <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be24p:….,

      3. SDofAZ says:

        Rinos, not the rest of the GOP are behind this fiasco.

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      I agree, but things are not so covered up now! These other countries tried to warn us about these gutter rats, but noooo, Opey feels he has to finish his job on America! He’s been caught at everything he’s done from running guns with Holder to running guns with Hellary, and letting people die to cover their butts! And then we can’t forget that Opey also played a major roll in starting ISIS and is still funding them anyway possibe by starting up fake green jobs!!

      1. SDofAZ says:

        He is importing terrorist and knows it. Worst prez ever and he will be INFAMOUS no famous.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          Yes he is my friend, and because of this POS we will see bloodshed on our streets in the near future!!

  • Shelly Shannon says:

    I would be suing that police dept. I am so sick of these refugees thinking they can break laws and not be held accountable. The police department should be ashamed of themselves. This woman has every right to have access to that report.

    1. Bob says:

      They are using the Hillary defense of I didn’t know any better.

      1. Shelly Shannon says:

        Hi Bob, you are so right. The next time I run a red light and a cop pulls me over maybe I can use that defence. I’ll bet I can get away with it too. NOT!! Obama and Clinton deserve each other. LOSERS!

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          They’d look really great hanging together from a tree limb!

          1. rivahmitch says:

            even better if they were also covered in pig offal. Oh, and their muzzie relatives with them… EIEI&O!!

          2. Rodney Steward says:

            YEP, 🙂 🙂

    2. rivahmitch says:

      The so-called “legal system” has become a joke. Better response is for all the locals to shun and ignore their local constabulary and officials until those officials show them respect. The message “If you support thye HNIC and its pet terrorists you’ll receive NO social acceptance and NO support.

      When the government and its “legal system” fail to support the citizens, it becomes the citizens job to support themselves. Think Lexington in 1775 or Athens in 1946. Semper Fi!!

      1. SDofAZ says:

        Well said.

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