Movement to Primary Speaker Paul Ryan Out of Congress Picks Up Steam

by Jim Hoft
December 21, 2015

We Were Warned – Harry Reid threw his support behind Paul Ryan for Speaker back in October.

In July 2013 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke with a Hispanic audience about his intention to push immigration reform in the House of Representatives.

In October 2013 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) wrote a bill that would grant citizenship to at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

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  • Lanny D Wren says:

    the sooner he is fired the better he violated his oath of office and should be expelled imediately

  • Chuck says:

    Primary him out. What else can we do to get rid of him and all like him. He does not have the honor to resign so he must be removed by acclamation.

  • Chuck says:

    We managed to get Bonehead Boehner out. Now we have his clone. Let us use the same tactics to get rid of Ryan. We need a man in the office, not a Bathhouse Barry suckup.

  • Faithful American says:

    P.S. THANK Mitt Romney for bringing Paul Ryan to everyone’s ATTENTION: Mitt NAMED Paul Ryan as his VICE PRESIDENTIAL RUNNING MATE!

  • Faithful American says:

    The MOMENT they mentioned Paul Ryan’s NAME for this position, I warned EVERYONE, “Ryan is a RHINO!” The RHINOS PUSHED HIM THROUGH to be Speaker of the House!

  • TampaTom says:

    Mr. Holt, you might want to proof-read your articles. If it were me I’d start with your title.

  • harrydweeks says:

    Hey what did you expect ……. after all he was Rino Romney’s running mate?

  • TampaTom says:

    We might well research the voting on his being speaker to see which rino’s voted for him. Anybody who’s watched his actions/positions knows he’s as bad (or worse) than boner. The one’s who voted him in are traitors. Also check out to see which dim’s voted for him.

  • KDC says:

    Hey, big clue! If Harry Reid supports anybody, it should be a red flag. We already know what we have with Paul Ryan. Just another Boehner. Just another lying, RINO who bows to BO’s whims.

  • Penny Fuentes says:

    ryan is a fool

  • bobnstuff says:

    When did the word conservative and stupid get the same meaning? We need immigration reform and sending home 11 million people is not practical.

    1. KDC says:

      Agree, conservative and stupid are oxymorons. More like progressive/communists = stupid! We need to send “every” illegal home packing not just 11 million. Let them abide by the laws and come in the country the correct way and for the correct reasons. Do like Eisenhower.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        KDC I’m sure you know what the definition of communist is and I don’t believe you will fine much in our country that falls into that meaning. Explain to me why Conservatives don’t believe in science and can’t add. The Christian right have forgotten what Christ taught, Conservatives believe in freedom but have no problem sticking their nose into the bedroom. They complain about a war on Christians but wage one against Islam. And if you want to do like Eisenhower lets tax like Eisenhower. I guess you would like Joe McCarthy back to. No I think I’m right the concevratives of today are stupid and proud of it.

        1. 7818TD says:

          Learn to spell, or no one will take you seriously, and really, no one does, anyway. Our Country is a big diversified mess. Importing ignorance, instead of deporting.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sorry my spelling bothers you, I do the best I can, I have to trust spell check and it can’t always be trusted. If we exported the ignorance Fox News would go out of business. Our Ignorance is home grown.

          2. bobnstuff says:

            I’m sorry my spelling bothers you, I do the best I can, I have to trust spell check and it can’t always be trusted. If we exported the ignorance Fox News would go out of business. Our Ignorance is home grown.

          3. SocialistsCommunistsLoveSharia says:

            bobnstuff, are you a paid toll?

          4. bobnstuff says:

            No, just a lover of facts. Your name would suggest you know nothing about Communists since Sharia if religous law and Communists do not believe in religion.

          5. msueh says:

            So, you knowingly trust something (Spellcheck, in this instance) you know is faulty? Reread before hitting “share”. It’s YOUR responsibility what you share (and do or believe), not Spellcheck’s (or your favorite politician).

          6. bobnstuff says:

            The problem is I can’t spell. I was part of an experiment in the teaching of reading, it failed and there are 100 people who can’t spell no matter how hard we try. They gave us all an extra year of special reading class’s to try to fix the problem but it did little good. I made it through college dictating papers and through years of business management with a very good secretary. I’m sorry if my spelling offends you.

        2. KDC says:

          Oh, and liberal/commies have such clean records! It’s amazing that you think your buddies are as clean as the white driven snow. Like I’ve said before, just you saying something doesn’t make it so. You just can’t see the evil in front of your own face. Btw, I don’t condone any devient behavior from Republicans or Conservatives. That’s the difference between you and me. I admit wrongs, you excuse them away by pointing out someone else’s wrongs.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            You have read my posts and know that I will admit wrongs, what I look for first are the facts. In fact if you look I have said over and over that I’m not happy with my choices right now. What I can’t understand how people can believe anything Trump says. I was supporting Kasich until he went nut job on me. I’m so tired of voting for the lesser of to evils. Once again I will call you on your commie line though. It an with out any facts to back it up and you know it.

        3. Artemis says:

          Now I know why the “so-called” Democrats logo has a Donkey on it…..FYI One of the Republican Senators was asked “how many card-carrying members of the Communist Party are there in our “Government”? His reply was “at least 89 that I know of”! All one has to do to define “Communist” is to carefully observe the current behavior of our so-called government! Lies, and more Lies, No principles whatsoever, and a totally atheistic approach to everything….I think that sums it up adequately! Your statement that “we wage war against Islam”..????? Anyone out there tell me of ANY documented fact that ANY of out Military walked into a crowded group of UNARMED CIVILIANS and opened fire on them with automatic weapons? Everyone knows the amount of effort WE take to prevent civilian casualties…….Only cowards target civilians! Muslim Terrorists declared war on the rest of the world we didn’t! Big mistake on their part….the end result won’t be pretty…….

          1. bobnstuff says:

            Should we start with the My Lai massacre. How about the Black Water massacre in Iraq? I can go on. The only reason it doesn’t happen to Muslims in this country often in this country is the size of the Muslim population. In our country we like killing school students and movie goers.Over 300 mass shootings in our country this year. there are 22 million government employees so if there are only 89 communists that’s pretty amazing. Under the first amendment the government is suppose to be religion neutral. It takes more faith to be an atheistic then any other faith. As a Christian if I’m wrong nothing happens but as an atheist if you are wrong you go to hell. Lying has nothing to do with being a communist, if so Trump would be the greatest communist in history. I would think that saying that no Muslims should be let into the country and that the ones here should be watched might be thought of as a war on Islam.

    2. Ameripat says:

      bobnstuff, when you make a comment like this! We need Immigration Enforcement! Yes we can send 50 million Illegal Border-crossing Aliens home! Fine big-time the employers who hire these lawbreakers. No more Anchor babies either! Put our military and unemployed working on deporting these felons. This POS president has done Nothing to enforce our laws. Enforcement is the key. Use E-verify in every state.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        Have you looked at the current law, until you do you will not understand the problem. I’m 100% for legal immigration only, greater control of our borders should be our goal. There are somethings that can’t be done but we should try. That being said we need a law that makes employers stop hiring illegals, it needs some real teeth in it which the present law doesn’t have. When was the last time you heard of a employer spending time in jail for hiring illegals. Even Trump company hires Illegals. The law is broken. ICE has only 20,000 employees to enforce the law as well as handle border security and customs. You have some problems with using the military to deport people, it’s illegal. Most of the unemployed can’t pass a drug test or are to old or to young to do the job. Also the anchor baby’s rights are part of our constitution. Illegal immigration isn’t a felony. Under current law being in the country illegally is the same level of crime as a speeding ticket. If the government can prove you jumped the border you could get up to six months and pay a $250 fine. As far as Obama not enforcing the law he has done a better job then you might think. He has been targeting criminals first to deport, leaving the hard working families and the students alone. He has put the slim resources to do the best use. The borders will never be 100% closed, it can’t be done, we will never stop illegals from getting in but we came make it easier to send them home.

        1. msueh says:

          ICE is a joke; they are not ALLOWED to enforce the law, and are punished when they do.

          1. bobnstuff says:

            They are a bad joke brought to us by Congress. 20,000 employees to do a job the five times that number couldn’t do. They have laws that can not be enforces and no manpower. The conservatives love to blame the President but he did ask for help and was turned down. The senate passed a bill that would have made a difference but the republican house didn’t bother to even debate it. The republicans don’t want the problem fixed they just want to complain about it.

    3. harrydweeks says:

      So tired of hearing” can’t send 11 million people home ” Oh yes we can by simply following our existing laws . Clinton sent back 12 million, Bush sent back 11 million, so why would a President Trump not have the ability of sending another 11 million back. Get real , read some historical facts before you speculate on the practicality of something that has already been done.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I’m sorry but I can’t find a source for you claim, please give a link.

      2. Artemis says:

        You’re right, at the end of the World Wars, they deported illegals, and even some that came to the U.S. legally for the purpose of opening up the Job Market for the thousands of War Veterans that were being discharged. Look into U,S, History and don’t listen to the Communist Lies!

    4. msueh says:

      There’s a BIG difference between “Republican” (party) and Conservative! The republican party of today long ago lost its conservative origins & policies.

      1. bobnstuff says:

        I guess you don’t know the history of the republican party. If you go back to before Goldwater you will see that they were a progressive party that supported Unions, public education and equal rights for women. The true origins are not conservative but progressive.

  • SDofAZ says:

    Glad the conservatives are finally aware that RatRyan is no conservative!

    1. don says:

      what do you mean finally? he has never been a conserative–wake up

  • skipsart says:

    How did we get this clown for Speaker? What happened to Gomert and Gowdy?

    1. Penny Fuentes says:

      Gowdy would have been great. ryan is a rino weasel.

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