New Black Panther Party plans to bring guns to GOP convention, if law allows

July 14, 2016

Members of the controversial “black power” group the New Black Panther Party plan to pack legal heat when they hold rallies in Cleveland in conjunction with next week’s Republican convention if the law allows, the group’s chairman said.

Leaders of the organization, which the Southern Poverty Law Center designates as a hate group, told Reuters that if Ohio’s open-carry gun laws allow, its members will bring guns for self-defense. Cleveland police are preparing for mass demonstrations, and word that the New Black Panthers may be armed could complicate preparations.

“If it is an open state to carry, we will exercise our Second Amendment rights because there are other groups threatening to be there that are threatening to do harm to us,” Hashim Nzinga, chairman of the New Black Panther Party, told Reuters.

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  • Bob says:

    It is their right to carry, just like every other citizen. To block their rights would be similar to what has happened to most Conservatives in the last 8 years. Just so they follow the rules, like every other citizen, and realize they can NOT carry into the venue, per the USSS. (and, of course, they will claim racism for this)

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Why doesn’t Congress simply ban BLM and The Black Panthers as a Democratic Terrorist groups?? They have done it before!

    This Day in History… Republicans Pass Anti-KKK Act – Outlawing Democratic Terrorist Groups

    Jim Hoft Apr 20th, 2014

    thegatewaypundit. com/2014/04/this-day-in-history-republicans-pass-anti-kkk-act-outlawing-democratic-terrorist-groups/

    On September 28, 1868, a mob of Democrats massacred nearly 300 African-American Republicans in Opelousas, Louisiana. The savagery began when racist Democrats attacked a newspaper editor, a white Republican and schoolteacher for ex-slaves. Several African-Americans rushed to the assistance of their friend, and in response, Democrats went on a “Negro hunt,” killing every African-American (all of whom were Republicans) in the area they could find. (Via Grand Old Partisan)

    On April 20, 1871 the Republicans passed the anti-Ku Klux Klan Act outlawing Democratic terrorist groups.

  • Lorraine E says:

    The puppets for this administration, the black panthers, are going to do whatever they can to instigate a shoot our with the police. If that does happen, the appointed president will undoubtedly use the executive order he signed to implement martial law. Divide and conquer is his agenda. Then everyone loses irrespective of their skin color.

  • KayO says:

    Bringing them is one thing. Using them is another. They should know that if they shoot, they will be shot. Since they don’t bother with facts, I’m sure they’re implying that they need them to defend themselves. Why haven’t they figured out yet that nobody is using blacks for target practice? There is true racism in this nation, but when they make false claims, it demolishes their purpose. That’s a real shame.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This is the same thug group that has said, kill all crackers and their babies!

    1. Rick says:

      Their also the one who threatened and harassed white voters at the poles in Philadelphia! And the Black Panther AG Eric Holder refused to even investigate because Obama ordered no touch Blacks! I’m sure Lorretta will get the same order from our Racist President!

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I’m sure Lorretta like Holder would be more than happy not to do one thing at all about anything black!

  • Rodney Steward says:

    This is nothing but a terrorist group, and most are probably not even aloud to have a weapon, and you know as well as I do, they just want trouble and there will be! These are THUGS backed by Soros!

  • ADRoberts says:

    I thought felons were not allowed to have guns. For sure, most if not all NBP are criminals. Just like BLM.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      BINGO, They don’t even have any reason to be at the Republican Convention other than to start trouble! Need snipers on the roof tops, this time the good guys!!

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Ah, but remember the RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. The elite in control DON’T WANT the riots to be stopped.
        Fastest way to stop ANY criminal activity is to become an active shooter. These aggressive, vicious attackers become RABBITS.

        1. Rodney Steward says:

          How would this be viewed if it were the Dem. party having their convention! Any trouble, it would be considered a terrorist attack!

  • justinwachin says:

    The second amendment gives all citizens the right to keep and bear arms. If they get into a gun fight it will look bad on their organization not the Constitution.

    Everyone needs to remember that political conventions always have a way of attracting sideshows. Many groups will flock to the Republican and Democrat conventions hoping to gain media coverage.

    1. Rodney Steward says:

      It might make them look bad, but WE ALL KNOW what will be the blame, those mean guns! This is the perfect set up!

  • texexpatriate says:

    All these Negro groups—New Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter, etc.—are domestic terrorist groups, some of whom are connected with ISIS. America’s chief Negro terrorist? Obama.

  • 7papa7 says:

    The governor needs to activate the guard and have them in the streets protecting the people. They need snipers on rooftops with there weapons at the ready and pointed in the general direction of these murdering thugs. Keep your eyes wide open you may even see obama marching with them, he has in the past.

  • Luke says:

    If they feel like they have to bring weapons to protect themselves then they must not be well liked or wanted, but you know, they’re too stupid to know that..

    1. Dolores Adams says:

      It’s a racist organization.

      1. Rick says:

        Sounds like they would like to start a race war which I’m sure Obama would just love. But they better be careful they just might get one!

        1. The Redhawk says:

          ACORN by anew Name and SEIU is involved…I believe.
          But what is Loretta Lynch gonna do about these ANARCHISTS???? NOTHING

      2. The Redhawk says:

        nAHHH they are those who gave CLASSES on RACE RELATIONS to OBAMA so that he could Speak at his “TOWNHALL MEETING” and make an ASS of itself does Shar-pimp-ton fund them ir is it ACORN under a new Name????

    2. ADRoberts says:

      No. Planning to kill cops if the LEOs try to stop them from the attacks.

    3. The Redhawk says:

      Imagine these IDIOTS having to face Fully armed Law Enforcement Agents, Cops, National Guard Willing, READY to SHOOT FIRST ….Not even the Somalian CHICKEN would run FASTER!!!

  • otoman says:

    It’s their right if they can pass the backround check. But these are the same people fighting against self protection rights! Go figure! No sense but nonsense in the mind of a liberal!

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