North Carolina governor says he wants bathroom law partially changed after backlash

by Mark Berman
April 13, 2016

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) responded to a backlash against the state’s new law banning anti-discrimination protections for gay and transgender people by signing an executive order Tuesday aimed at calming the firestorm, even as he left the most controversial provisions intact.

McCrory said he was expanding protections for state employees, which would prevent these workers from being fired for being gay or transgender. He also said he would seek legislation restoring the right to sue for discrimination.

In his order, McCrory stopped short of altering the bill’s most high-profile provision mandating that transgender people use bathrooms that correspond only with the gender on their birth certificate.

McCrory defended the state law as being needed to respond to what he called the “government overreach” of a Charlotte city ordinance that expanded civil rights protections for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In a videotaped message announcing the order, he said the issue had sparked what he called “selective outrage and hypocrisy.”

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  • ADRoberts says:

    Liberals never cave. These Republicans always cave. Vote this sucker out. He has no backbone.
    And just how many states can these bigots boycott if we ALL refuse to surrender to the perverts?

  • BOC says:

    You know what’s outrageous?!?!?! The fact that a person born with an appendage between their legs for urinating would feel they’re entitiled to use the ladies room based on their perceived sexuality. This is just another attack by the vast minority on the left to further destroy the moral core of this country. Personally, I could care less about someone’s sexuality, but opening another can “of the unintended consequences of the progressive agenda”, by endangering women and children exposed to actual perverts voyuers who get off on watching women and children in vulnerable situations, the end does not justify the means. An incident just occured in Washington where a pervert was watching women and children in the restroom and because the law allowing men to use the facilities based on the sex they identify with, nothing could be done to stop him. I have some idea, but I’ll wait until the day comes and I’m confronted with this situation. Regarding being fired for your sexuality, I could not agree more that a person should have the right to live the manner with which they choose just so it’s not affecting those around them.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    He is going to get a bigger backlash right after he makes those changes.

  • nodo says:

    Part of my beef is with companies such as PayPal who want to use their pressure to give transgenders rights over the rest of us. PayPal is a very convenient way to pay and I will miss the convenience, but as of today, my account with them is closed. By the way, they think Cuban communism is really okay but protection for our women and children in NC is not!!!

  • Nina says:

    I will accept these changes Governor, this sounds fair…………but……….DO NOT give one more inch on this bill please

    1. Nina says:

      I have voted for you and will vote for you again in November. The hypocrisy of many of these businesses is overwhelming!! The ones who are holier than thou I am speaking of. They can not come to Charlotte bc of the bathroom laws there while most of them do not offer the same services to their employees!! Also 200 large cities in the U. S. do not have bathrooms for women with male parts so what’s the big damn deal!!

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    If the NC governor isn’t careful in reversing his position, he’ll kill NC tourism. Being wishy-washy won’t help him. He should firmly back the law.

    1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

      Why would a reasonable out of state person/family reject coming to North Carolina(or any other state that has a similar law to HB2)to enjoy our beaches, mountains, golf courses, etc., because of one law passed by a handful of legislators? Reminds me of the old adage “biting off one’s nose to spite one’s face” A lot of this moral outrage by people, corporations, rock stars(Bruce Springsteen), convention planners, etc., is misplaced and just down right silly.

      1. Warren says:

        Because the Wife’s & Daughter’s are not safe in your State unless the Husband stands Guard at the Rest Room door & if he did would be Arrested

        1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

          Where did you get the idea that husbands “standing guard at the rest room door” of the women’s facility would be arrested. That’s silly. A better solution is if the women and their little daughters would immediately report a deviant man in their restroom to security in the building who could try to detain the offender before he leaves the building. Then the security person could call the police to come over and arrest the offender, handcuff him, and take him to the nearest precinct(or whatever) and book him and throw him in the clink

          1. Warren says:

            I am sure the Husband would prevent any Man from entering & would be arrested for Obstruction “Silly”?
            Call & wait for Police not me Pal

  • JohnnyHiott says:

    Those who identify themselves as transgender have the same rights as any other citizen. When it comes to govt. passing laws to give them additional protections which others do not have as the mis-guided city of charlotte did it is wrong. For many years now govt., congress and state legislatures have delved into laws that protect specific groups from this or that discrimination. All of those laws are illegal and wrong. When it comes to North Carolina’s passing a state law protecting women and children from the misguided it simply shows how far down the immoral ladder the nation has traveled that it is necessary. It’s time transgenders, homosexuals accept that just because they choose a lifestyle of death and destruction does not mean everyone else has to accept it. The fact is this rift was caused by the likes of harry reid and his ilk passing national laws protecting the immoral while taking rights away from the general populace. Lord help us all because government seldom does.

    1. Mys77 says:

      They have a right to be respectful of their body parts, biology, and respond accoringly. You have a penis, you are a boy, you don’t, you are a girl…it is not my responsiblity to give up my rights because transgender, fags, rapist, pedophiles are mentally deranged, sick individuals. I will say it, they have no rights because they are criminals, and are freaks of nature!

    2. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

      Good comments Johnny. I happen to live in Charlotte and have been keeping up with this mess since last year when the Charlotte City Council tried to pass an ADO “without” the bathroom provision; it was defeated 6-5 because a lesbian CC member voted no due to the fact that the bathroom provision wasn’t in there.

  • Sonya Czech says:

    Don’t back down. If you want confirmation of what you are doing is the RIGHT thing to do, have you people vote on it in the next election. I’m sure they’ll agree with you. KEEP THE MEN OUT OF THE BATHROOMS FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

    1. a_farmer_now says:

      So what bathroom is that? for “women & children”.. never saw one in New York.. must be a southern thing

      1. Wurth says:

        They don’t have womens bathrooms in New York City? I guess that explains the smell.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Been to Mexico? The restrooms are nasty and NYC is likely there with the influx of refugees and illegals. Disgusting and disgusting that men want access whether transgender or not to a woman’s facility. This is getting utterly ridiculous!

          1. BOC says:

            With DeBlasio that cop hating, Marxist pant load in charge New York has gone back to the bad old days of mayors Koch and Dinkens. It’s a dirty crap hole again. I’m just wating for the peep shows to reopen in Times Square and then we’ll know the Apocalypse is upon us. Oi Vey!

      2. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

        In Sonya’s defense, I think she meant to say women and girls
        and perhaps little boys who are taken into the ladies restrooms because there is no male figure, e.g., father, uncle, grandfather, or older brother, to take the boy into the men’s (rest)room. And what is this about “a southern thing”? Don’t you Yankees have men’s and women’s restrooms or is everything up there family or gender neutral, one toilet situations.?

        1. Sonya Czech says:

          Women have ALWAYS taken young boys in the Women’s (not going to call it Ladies because there are fewer and fewer “Ladies” around these days) Room. What Mom in her right mind would send a 6 – 8 year old boy into the men’s room alone for SO many reasons. Now they want to allow perverts in the Ladies Room. I have noticed a few stores now have “Family” bathrooms. Not so sure I’m okay with that except it does allow a Dad to take his little girls to the bathroom without taking them into the Men’s Room. Maybe they should have an individual restroom for safety and convenience.

  • SERVANT says:

    Why do we for such a small percentage of people do we change our laws and our way of Life .Sin runneth rapport.

    1. Harvey Thomas Creech says:

      Don’t want to be a “grammar policeman”, but don’t you mean to say rampant in your 2nd sentence?

    2. ADRoberts says:

      Somehow. Someway. The perverts have placed a full nelson on a great many corporate leaders. Time to pray. God can remove everyone of them. Use II Chronicles 7:14.

  • Joellen Wortham says:

    Your sick if you want anybody that’s not female in the bathrooms with our little girls or wives

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