‘Real Men Provide, Real Women Appreciate It’ billboard in N.C. sparks interest, protests

An anonymous seven-word slogan on a billboard in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, has piqued the curiosity and ire of passersby with its simple but cryptic message: “Real men provide, Real women appreciate it,” reads the black text on a plain white background.

The Greensboro News & Record reported Wednesday that the advertising company that owns the sign says the client who paid for it wishes to remain anonymous, for now, although some kind of “announcement” is coming soon, according to company President Bill Whiteheart.

Whatever the organization is, it had at least $2,000 to drop on the ad. That’s the cost keeping the sign in place for the agreed-upon 30 days, Mr. Whiteheart told the News & Record.

While the seven-word message could be taken in a number of ways, a group of protesters gearing up for a demonstration Sunday see the sign as sexist.

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  • Tiger says:

    There was a time this was not even a question and you didn’t need a billboard to make it known. My mother was a housewife, she kept the books, paid the bills, took great care of my father and he took great care of us, she kept the home spit spot, she helped with my education along with my father, and we would watch the evening news together, mother would bring up books she had read, we would read poetry and go over the world news. It was a smooth moving machine filled with love, laughter, respect, Summer vacations and included Summer visits with my grandfather and with my step cousins. What a life.

    women today need an education. They have to be prepared for a bad marriage. There has been a breakdown in the moral fiber of men and women today. True that there are still millions of families who appreciate what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman, God is still their foundation and marriage is sacred, maybe more than anyone realized but the schools today, where children spend more time with radical feminist teachers than with parents, the broken homes, the communities filled with drugs, crime and gangs and the millions of immigrants who have come here who don’t share our Culture etc. has certainly given this country a black eye.

    Even Black communities have changed, I worked with CNA for years, mostly black and older women, they had the same values but that has changed for them also, rap music, gangster rap and drugs, gangs and prostitution has hit them hard also.

    Sigh…………………..Feminists ruined Sweden and they have made a terrible dent on all of us in America. When women carry signs saying I am raising my sons as feminists we got a problem, when everybody gets a prize we got a problem, when people question their identity and can’t accept what is in their underwear that shows their gender we got a problem.

  • Webb says:

    We Continue to Live in “The Land Of The Offended”…

    1. Retired says:

      They can all leave anytime and make the US a better place.

  • Luke says:

    How can you protest the truth, only a liberal can do that..

  • justinwachin says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised that people are going to protest this sign. It seems we have a segment of the population that is going to protest anything that might make sense.

    If a person doesn’t like the billboard they should just look the other way. Thanks to the protestors whoever placed the billboard managed to get national coverage for the message. That’s not too bad for a $2,000 investment.

    1. Nina says:

      If you don’t like the sign pay up your $2,000 write your own sign and shutty!!!!

  • Janis Love says:

    If you don’t agree, fine. If you agree, fine. Now go back to your business.

    1. chocopot says:

      Don’t these morons who protest this nonsense have anything better to do? Why don’t they use the time they waste on this to do something productive, like volunteer at a hospital or an animal shelter or whatever?

      1. Dee says:

        Most of these people don’t work , don’t want to work , and are just angry at life . They’re already so messed up in the head I don’t think there’s much hope for them at this point .

        1. chocopot says:

          I think you are probably right.

      2. Retired says:

        How about they clean up their own act and join the Human society and get out of the animal kingdom.

        1. chocopot says:

          I was trying to keep it simple. You are looking for miracles. LOL.

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