Russian spy ship spotted closer to US, near Navy submarine base

by Luca Tomlinson |
February 16, 2017

The Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov on Wednesday morning was spotted 40 miles closer to the U.S. — and not far from a Navy submarine base in Connecticut, a U.S. official told Fox News.

The ship was spotted 30 miles south of Groton, Conn., but it remained in international waters. The U.S. territorial boundary extends 12 miles from the coast.

A pair of Russian Su-24 jets pass within close proximity of the guided-missile destroyer USS Porter in an aggressive action taken by Russia on Friday. (U.S. Navy)
The Russian spy ship was currently “loitering” in the water, the U.S. official said.

“We are aware of the vessel’s presence,” said Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson, a Defense Department spokeswoman. “It has not entered U.S. territorial waters. We respect freedom of navigation exercised by all nations beyond the territorial sea of a coastal State consistent with international law.”

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  • Warren says:

    I bet they are going to try stealing one of our Atomic Subs. I hope we locked them up & hid the Keys ! Journalism at it’s finest.

  • Climax says:

    Just park a sub under them.

  • dmttbt says:

    In reply to the person who said that Biden is going to get his water wings and swim out to the ship, Biden always took the train because he was afraid of flying. What would he do as president take a slow boat to China?

  • ONTIME says:

    Be fun to send a couple F-22’s out to test lok-on capability of their RADAR….Be fun to see how the russkies would ty to break the target lock…

  • dmttbt says:

    Is there anyone who doesn’t realize that we are doing the same things wherever and whenever possible and even more because one of our spy underwater drones was just captured by the Chinese not long ago. If we were not spying how would that happen. WAKE up our government runs these stories to make everyone else the bad guy. We are just as bad as they are.

  • Jose says:

    Who is to say we are not doing the same but it is being kept under wraps, oh wait, know why – because this would be a “positive” for President Trump but no media wants to make any “positive news” known. Only negative news about President Trump allowed.

  • Tiger says:

    Hooey and fooey my X retired Navy Lt. Commander. Was a TACCO on P3 Orion during the Cold War, nothing they are doing is any different from what they have always done.

    What is new is FAKE news, gone rabid trying to make a Russian/Trump connection. Anytime a Russian seen walking near the WH the news picks it up.

    1. dmttbt says:

      see my reply. We are birds of a feather.

      1. Tiger says:

        Flocking together and I saw it and thought the same thing.

      2. Angiemcarter says:

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  • Howie Subnick says:


    1. The Redhawk says:

      As have US SUBS!! FOR a long time!! But Now the PRESSTITUTES and the (D) Nazi Party want to CREATE nEWS out of OLD STORIES!!

  • The Redhawk says:

    I’d BUZZ this Skow 24/7 with Super Hornets withing 50 Ft loud enough to rattle their teeth!

    1. dmttbt says:

      I didn’t catch if the sub is in international waters or in ours. If they are not in our space we have absolutely no right to buzz them or any of the other BS mentioned. Speaking of BS I think this story is Bs. Have former VP Biden fire a shotgun through the door and then look and see if it was only the kids coming home from school. Spreading these stories is just part of us against us.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        The Sub is NOT a sub but a Spy Surface ship cruising between Groton Sub Base to Norfolk Navy base 40 Miles OFFSHORE..and Biden is going to get his water wings and a Beretta …Over and Under a Snorkle and Cement Flippers …PROBLEM SOLVED!! .
        Russian ship no different than the US spy Ship in the Black Sea that Russkies BUZZ daily

  • Jim says:

    This kind of action is promoted by the Anti-American Democrats that prefer America to FAIL, rather then succeed (BE GREAT AGAIN).
    There are a lot of very bad leaders out there, and they smell blood from the action promoted by the Democrats!

    It is time for the Democrats to explain to the Citizens, WHY THEY DON’T WANT AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
    Not liking President Trump is not a reason!

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Is this giving the PRESSTITUTES reason to write some PRO National Security pieces for a chnage?? nAHH

  • bobnstuff says:

    They aren’t spy ships, they are Trump political support team. They have come to help their friend. Russia isn’t our enemy anymore.

    1. The_Frog_Prince says:

      But you’re still an idiot.

      1. The Redhawk says:

        and that shall never change!!! STUPID CAN”T BE CURED

    2. The Redhawk says:

      Well sure beats that Red Button doesn’t it??? yes nor Syria . Iran “deals” under Clinton/Karry watchful eyes fast asleep…Btw Russian planes ARE buzzing US Ships inthe Black Seaany comments that Spying in as Ongoing Practice by Both or mnay Nations??

    3. Rodney Steward says:

      Bob, they’re loaded with half breeds of mexicans and Iranian mixed, they’re all 4 ft tall and speak Iraexican, we need help bobby!

  • Climax says:

    This is easy to handle. Just have the navy drop noise makers in the water to eliminate the ability to hear anything like subs moving in and out.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      Good enough but they are spying wi fi areas also..cyber style. Underwater cable is a danger for us…

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