Russians breach Vermont utility

December 31, 2016

Russian hackers tied to recent cyberattacks on U.S. political organizations breached a Vermont utility, the Washington Post reported Friday.

A code associated with the Russian hacking operation aimed at the U.S. presidential election, which the intelligence community has named “Grizzly Steppe,” was detected within the Vermont system.

The Russians did not disrupt electrical operations, officials told the Post.

According to the Burlington Free Press, the city-owned Burlington Electric was the target of the hack.

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  • dmttbt says:

    Why would anyone believe these a holes. We the united states were found to have a underwater drone spying on China or some other country recently. Did that mean that we were not trying to interfere with their elections. The thing is we have to stop believing our news media and our government especially.

  • CCblogging says:

    More BS from the Democrat controlled Corporate Media’s. I don’t think that many American’s are buying what Obama’s propaganda blitz is selling! Obama is poking the Russian bear to cover his trash of a legacy and to punish us American’s for not voting for his evil witch! Barack Obama is a wounded snake. Remember that.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Since this information is coming from Obama’s yes men, and women from the alphabet agencies thrown to left-wit news media, I don’t know that it can be trusted. After the stunt that Comey pulled on behalf of the F B I, and Obama’s guy at the C I A, and all the rest of them, topped of with the desperation of Obama, and the D N C along with the other “stuff” that they have been doing, I think that it is doubtful as to what the reality is.

    1. Evelyndcraft says:

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  • randy jackson says:

    So what’s the point……………..
    Let’s see, it’s ok for one of Ovomit’s many puppet’s (Jeh [what a stupid name] Johnson, DHS Director) to breech Israel’s computer systems to try and upend Bibi, but an unproven hack (supposedly by the Russians) warrants weak sanctions by the Community Organizer-in-Chief.
    What absolute hypocricy.
    The hack in Israel by Odumbo was unsuccessful, as will his “sanctioning” of Russia. Vladimir, yans, scoffs at Odumba$$ and seems as annoyed as a pesky fly, buzzing around in the room.
    Obama better pack his bags and leave town before his legacy of failure is completely exposed as a corrupt fraud. Just like he is: fraud deluxe, so is Mooch and so are the Mooch-lets—-total fraud!

  • mort_f says:

    A ‘breach’ that did nothing, reported by the WaPo, a ‘reliable’ source. If true, and that is a big IF, perhaps it was ‘sleeper’ code to be activated on command, or just a ‘warning shot across the bow’.

    Pardon me If I put little credence in these pronouncements, especially from the WaPo, or unnamed intelligence agencies.

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