SHE MADE IT UP: NYPD Arrests Muslim Girl Who Claimed Attack by Trump Supporters

by William Hicks | Heat Street
December 16, 2016

New York City college student Yasmin Seweid who claimed to be the victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters is under arrest and charged with filing a false report, a police source told The New York Daily News.

The 18-year-old Seweid caused quite the media stir with her sensationalized account of Trump supporters attacking her on the subway. She claimed three men attempted to pull off her hijab while calling her a terrorist and yelling Trump’s name. All this happened, she said, while New Yorkers sat idly by and watched her get assaulted.

The police source told The News that police gave Seweid numerous opportunities to recant her story but she kept sticking to it. Finally, on Wednesday, she admitted she made the whole thing up, citing “family problems.”

Police say there were many inconsistencies in her story initially, but at first they assumed that could be a typical sign of being traumatized. They also claim the investigation into the false hate crime required “a lot” of resources.

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  • snowyriver says:

    She is a true follower of the cult of Islam.. The Qu’ran instructs all followers to lie to infidels.

  • Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Interesting! Why isn’t this woman being charged with a hate crime against a white Christian? Certainly if it were the other way around, the person would be charged with a hate crime against a Muslim.

  • gvette says:

    This will sound hateful, but I don’t care. The Muslim long range plan is to make Islam the worlds religion. In my eyes, the only good Muslim, is a dead Muslim. I care more about our country, then I do them. That’s why I was so upset we ended up with one in the white house, Now, as you see, he’s helping them, every way he can. I still want him, his porch monkey wife, the two rent a kids, and his mother in law, at the end of a rope!

  • Wolfman says:

    This must be “We are hearing about all of these attacks on muslims since Trump was elected” that the MSM has been talking incessantly about. This is actually the only one ( all??) I have heard about…and surprise it turns out to be more fake news!!! I have the benefit of looking at 60+ years of ‘News’ from the perspective of a rear view mirror and I can confidently state that virtually everything I ever read in the newspapers in that time was and is fake news and was always leaning left .

    I believe we owe these Propogandists a major payback and I hope we are all up to the task of making sure they get no support from us financially and that they all go into the bottom of the bird cage of History where they belong!!

  • says:

    Filing of this “False Hate Crime”…should be a Hate Crime… and immediate deportation

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      She might be a citizen and indoctrinated under both Islam and our public school system BUT I agree false reports of hate crimes ARE hate crimes.

  • Jr1776 says:

    Muslims lie to meet their end goals, just ask Obama

    1. Traveller62 says:

      Yep, all a part of izzlam. They are taught to lie from birth to achieve their goals. To a muzzie, lying is nothing new.

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