State rep says keep taxes off guns, ammo

by Mark Fitton and Greg Bishop
December 15, 2015

A state representative has filed legislation that would prohibit local governments from placing their own taxes on guns and ammunition, something more places have been considering.

House Bill 4348 would bar the addition of any new tax, fee or other charge beyond the normal sales tax. It would also invalidate such existing taxes, and it would apply to both home rule and non-home rule units of government.

“At the end of the day, obviously I believe the right to bear arms is a constitutional right,” state Rep. Jerry Costello II said.

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  • Alan says:

    De facto gun control. Make it as difficult and as expensive as possible to own one and soon only the most elite will have them. They’re not fooling anyone with their veiled attacks on the 2nd Amendment. Only those bed-wetter’s who go into hysterics at the very sight of a firearm should be refused ownership. Oh yes, and all the Hollywood hypocrites with their armed bodyguards. They make millions wielding firearms and then turn around and preach to the rest of us that we have no right to our own personal safety. BS.

  • I Seigel says:

    Another move by the conservatives that shows their hypocrisy.

    When Congress moves to pass a law they don’t like, Conservatives claim “States’ Rights!!! Why should the federal government tell us states what to do? Put control back in the hands of the people”

    Now conservatives are shoving laws that prevent local governments from taking control of their own communities. Like this one, which would prevent local governments from providing for their own communities. And like a new effort by Republicans to prevent states from allowing foods to be labeled GMO.

    I thought conservatives were all about LESS regulation, not more. I guess that only works when the regulations go against what your big-money donors want. Hypocrites!!

  • KDC says:

    Just what exactly does it mean preventing “local govt.”. from imposing their own tax? Does this mean only BO can do it? Which he wants to?
    Just wondering.

  • Dave In Arizona says:

    OMG! A Democrat as well! Surely, the End Times are here. To think a Democrat would propose no new taxes is just plain unbelievable in itself, but no new taxes on guns and ammo….

    This guy must be up for reelection and needs all the help he can get. House Bill 4348 will never pass nor will be voted on until AFTER the election.

  • reagangs says:

    I remember reading a sign in a local yard recently: Due to the increase cost of ammo, do not expect a warning shot. Also, another security sign: Insured by S&W, Colt and Remington.

  • Obwon One says:

    finally a good law. If it passes.

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