Teacher, 70, Forced to Retire After Displaying Confederate Flag During Civil War Lesson

A teacher who displayed the Confederate flag to middle schoolers in his history class was forced to retire amid concerns that he was displaying a symbol of hate.

70-year-old Sutter Middle School (Folsom, CA) teacher Woody Hart hanged both a Confederate flag and a Union flag during his lesson on the Civil War.

In a public statement (via the Sacramento Bee), Folsom Cordova Unified School District made suggested that he may have hung up the flag for some reason other than to teach the history lesson.

“We recognize that regardless of context, to many of our students, families, and staff, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol of hate,” the statement reads. “Although this matter is under investigation, it is important to reiterate: Any employee who is found to engage in behavior that creates an unsafe environment for students will face full consequences, including the possibility of initiating termination proceedings.”

“In this case, the flag — which was found across the room from a Civil War Union flag, potentially in preparation of a history activity — was removed from the classroom before school began today,” it continues. “It is our schools’ responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all children.”

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  • texexpatriate says:

    The flag in question is the Confederate Battle Flag, and is but one of several flags that were used as battle flags in the war. The National Confederate Flag is quite different. Now, to the crux of the matter. The U.S. flag, Old Glory as we call it, was the real symbol of hate during that conflict, which was not a civil war (because it was not a war between states of one nation) but a War of Northern Aggression or The War for Southern Independence, depending on your preference. What that school did to the teacher is just a perfect example of how ignorant even the teachers and administrators are of the true history of that war, and the true history of the people of that time. Lincoln launched the war to preserve the 68 percent of the northern economy that came from the south. I doubt any of the teachers know that New England was the home of America’s slave trade and for two hundred years provided the mainstay of the New England economy, or that the Northern states passed many discriminatory laws to get rid of the negroes that they hated and feared, or that right up to the end of that war many northern states held slaves.

  • Mort Leith says:

    Figures,, dipshiit liberals in MEXifornia think it is a symbol of hate because they were TOLD that by ignorant libT ard politicians…

  • tim says:

    does that really surprise anyone wait until the democrats want to get rid of the american flag and replace it with a white one of surrender

  • Jo Ann Kowalski says:

    I do hope california falls away from the United States. Who needs them. Its only illegals n the plastic celebrities. WTF who needs or wants california. Fakes fakes liars make believe actors. I watch all the old movies would not waste my money on these morons.

  • MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

    Correction: He HUNG both flags, not hanged them. The editing is really atrocious everywhere lately. Writers can’t spell or use correct grammar, rely on spell check or let their stupid smart phones auto-correct them usually incorrectly, and the second stage of editing is either not happening or they can’t proof their way out of a paperbag either! Sorry- big pet peeve. occasional errors are expected BUT journalists especially and people generally SHOULD review their work before submitting.

  • Dr. Stoneface says:

    Anyone who truly believes that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol of hate needs a history lesson. This is exactly what is wrong with our education system. They don’t know what they’re teaching or why, only what liberals have instructed them

  • Wilbor Gavin says:

    The first 84 years of the republic the Stars and Stripes flew over slave states, for four years the stars and bars flew over southern slavery, the Stars and Stripes continued to fly over northern slavery and continued until the passage of the 13th and 14th amendment was passed. The next round of PC Alterations will remove the American flag as being racist, please California secede quickly.

    1. Retired says:

      They should drown themselves in the Pacific.

  • Rodney Steward says:

    Been a mexican or a islamic flag, it would have been just fine, don’t come to my house, it flies every day under the one I took an Oath to defend! This is typical of CAL., anything immoral or UnAmerican goes in that God forsaken place!

  • maxx says:

    Sounds like a law suite waiting to be filed with the help of some generous conservative tank or law firm. As far as I know the First Amendment has not been abolished by political correctness as of today. Hate speech dos not exist in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. It exists only in the delusional liberal that lacks a brain at all.

  • texexpatriate says:

    Totally backward! The true history of that war has been written but is never taught in schools. What is taught is a lie—the Yankee Myth, fostered by the people who won the war that, in fact, they started. The war had nothing to do with racism and the flag was never a symbol of hate. Finally, it was not a civil war, for it was not a war between states. It was a war between two different nations of different cultures and economies. For those of you interested in the true history, start first with the (first) well-documented book by the historians James Ronald and Walter Donald Kennedy, The South Was Right.

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District need to retire, and be replaced by education management who respect history, instead of those deteremined to rewrite it in their own sick PC image.

  • justinwachin says:

    The faculty member should have been told to remove both flags before forcing him to retire. This needs to be viewed in context. If the teacher had a variety of Civll War memorabilia from both sides the flag should have been allowed to stay. We are in an odd time in our country. The voices who are loudly calling for tolerance seem to be unwilling to grant it if it conflicts with their own beliefs.

    This would have been a good time to talk about what it means to live in a country where people see things differently. If we get into banning things which offends someone we will soon live in a world with nothing in it. On my family tree I have ancestors from both sides of this conflict. Like many other issues there were good people who took opposite sides in that war. Helping students learn that lesson would help them prepare for life.

  • Mys77 says:

    Are you serious? Raising snowflakes in the classroom? It is history…in every history book, artwork, photos ect…. are we removing ALL hilter symbols, uniforms, salutes, speeches from history classes? You know what is a symbol of hate, the homo rainbow flag, the mexican flag, the california marijuana flag, the middle finger, the rap industry, the porno industry, violent videos and movies, ect… but I am sure those fragile students have never been exposed to any of those, right? Hope the teacher sues and wins BIG TIME!

  • Orvis Pigg says:

    How stupid can school people be? Of course the location, CA, explains part of it. Most of the people in that state have no common sense. The left wants to remove all American history good and bad. I think it is absolutely fine to display the Confederate flag. It is part of our history. Also some of the old negro songs should not be banished. Many blacks today are just stupid by being led by black lives matter people who are working to stir up black/white animosity. I go to church with many black people who I love and appreciate.

  • FIRE1949 says:

    The Confederate Battle Flag evokes hatred only in the ignorant, or ill-informed masses.
    If people do not study true history, they are doomed to repeat it.

    1. Bob says:

      I wonder if they are offended by the Union Jack? How about the Mexican Flag?

      1. carol snyder says:

        This is Mexifornia you’re talking about. They love the Mexican flag

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Amen, and Never trust a Gov. that doesn’t trust it’s citizens with guns!!

    3. Retired says:

      Some want to change history the same way they want to change the Constitution.. Just like the Black Community won’t accept that it was their own in Africa that sold them as slaves.

  • 1Davenportguy says:

    nuts I mean

  • 1Davenportguy says:

    so I see California is still the land of fruits and nus

  • joe s says:

    Idiots, morons ,nitwits you can’t make believe history didn’t happen democraps!

  • Roy Clingenpeel says:

    Almost every state and local flag includes some form of symbolism or some form of hate against their adversaries during the founding or quest for individual political freedom, Flags used by the thirteen colonies displayed the same thought against their European oppressors. Our UNITED STATES Constitution is a document formulated not to suppress freedom of thought but to allow thought and speech to be a learning vehicle for teaching the failings of history and a vehicle to learn the good and the bad of what we have experienced during the forming of this nation. The suppression of the failings of Nazism and communism are currently being suppressed by the leftist socialist and Islamic sympathizers of our government and citizenry to put forth hate against the our native population and Jewish population of this country and the world. Too often, history is suppressed for the benefit of aggressive actions against the founding and forming documents of this country by radicle organizations to advance their own tyrannical subversion of our Federal form of government that has outlasted all other forms of governments.

    1. Bob says:

      To a Liberal, speech is only allowed to be free if they agree with it. Otherwise, it’s considered “hate speech” and needs to be suppressed. I, myself, am offended when the word “Xmas” used in favor of “Christmas”. Yet I must suck it up and move on.

  • roboteq says:

    So, just like in Communist and countries ruled by dictators, history will be determined by politics rather than facts, by emotion rather than truth. Since literally everything can potentially offend someone, we cannot afford to continue down this slippery slope of oppressing truth. This is exactly why we don’t learn from the past.

    1. Ron Long says:

      Democrats cannot tolerate the light of truth. It is a shame that a teacher was fired for doing his job by trying to teach lessons about the Civil War. Democrats are also not fans of the Declaration of Independence or US Constitution. They try to change history to hide their own roots.

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  • Bob says:

    Yet they would probably accept displaying items with “Black Live Matter’. “Black Panthers” or other racially charged items in classrooms. Bigotry and hate have many faces, but only some are acceptable it would seem.

  • itsfun says:

    California will probably take the Civil War out of their history books and claim it never happened.

  • Taking care of business! says:

    It’s nuts out there, folks.

  • Chris Smith says:

    CA where the lunatics run the asylum!
    Build a wall around CA and kick it out of the Union!

    1. itsfun says:

      We need a wall around Chicago also.

      1. Chris Smith says:

        What is needed in Chicago is the National Guard, they should go in hard, take out every criminal, shoot to kill if necessary and clean that horrible place up, take out the Librat mayor and his criminal cohorts! Once cleaned of the filth give the cops FULL POWER to take on and keep that dump clean!

  • David Stewart says:

    C’mon! How about news; not La La Land propaganda? What was an American doing teaching in Commie land anyway?

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      He’s past retirement age so must NEED to work- to pay his taxes so Commieforication can aid illegals.

  • rhuland says:

    Only in Carifornica!

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