Ted Cruz Trails Dem in 2018 Re-Elect Poll

by JOHN BINDER | breitbart
April 20, 2017

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is trailing Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) in a match-up for the 2018 Senate race, a new poll finds.

In a race between the two, Castro leads slightly, with 35 percent, compared to Cruz’s 31 , according to the the Texas Lyceum poll. When Cruz is polled against Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX), the two are tied at 30 percent.

Some 37 percent of Texans said they did not yet know who they would be voting for in 2018.

While O’Rourke has announced his Democratic challenge to unseat Cruz in 2018, Castro has not yet done the same, though Texas Democrats see him as a contender against the conservative senator.

The Texas Lyceum poll was conducted between April 3 to 9, with 1,000 interviews from registered Texas voters. The margin of error is 3.1 percent.

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  • Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    I actually voted for Cruz in the NJ Primary, but his shenanigans in Iowa have made me lose all respect for him. I naively still want elected officials who run to serve their constituency, not their own self interests. Stupid me!

  • DOC says:

    Ted is a loud mouth that was insulted by TRUMP and was first in line to kiss the ring.

  • Ken says says:

    Ted is packing a lot of baggage – primarily his wife the Wall Street Banker and Member of the Council on Foreign Relations (organizers of Globalist One World Government) – Heidi is a power player for the other side. People still remember things Ted said when he was trying to get the Presidential Nomination + the Elite Establishment RINOs getting out to support him when the going got rough.+ tying up with the #1 RINO Girl Carly. I don’t know how he will make all these problems disappear before the Election in 2018. Being a Professional Politician can be a real bummer some times. That’s why I lake term limits.

  • Carol Burkhardt says:

    Ouuuuuuuu this is not good! What’s causing this? Those of us outside of Texas aren’t seeing any ads/discussions pro or against Cruz. Is the problem social issues? Many people can tolerate a fight to defund Planned Parenthood. But I hope Cruz isn’t being stupid by trying to overturn Roe vs Wade. NO ISSUE will bring out female voters like a man trying to control ALL women’s reproduction.

    1. gvette says:

      PP is nothing more then an abortion clinic!

      1. Carol Burkhardt says:

        And a candidate CAN win while calling for an end to taxpayers’ money going to PP.
        But a candidate who stresses that he will be able to OUTLAW ABORTION FOR ALL WOMEN will lose. Please wake up to reality…most people are not Biblical evangelicals or Catholic.

        1. gvette says:

          Unfortunately, you are correct in that assessment!

    2. Ramon1710 . says:

      “control ALL women’s reproduction.”
      Call it what it is – killing for convenience…murder to avoid the consequences of past indiscretions. Putting selfishness before defenseless others…calling the ability to kill a “right”.

  • Webb says:

    Polls…Really, ask Liberal MSM and The DNC campaign for Hillary about polls.
    Texas…Cruz will stand up for conservative principles, so its up to you folks, a Liberal Or a Conservative…
    Being Bias…Support Cruz!!

    1. gvette says:

      Remember, a lot of liberals move out of the areas they have destroyed. They seek another area to destroy!

      1. Retired says:

        Mainly the welfare ran out because they can not hold or get a job.

  • Michael says:

    They have yet to poll me.

  • teaman says:

    John, you must really be hurting for something to write about. This polling means absolutely nothing at the stage. When the fact is, most polling in this country is rigged anyway. How is it rigged? Simple, it’s in the way questions are designed and the group(s) of people who are asked. All polling was wrong during the Trump election and I, for one, will not let you are anyone else get past that. Polling has always been stupid for it is designed for a specific purpose and for the most part biased!
    Get real John and report on all the perverted left stupidity happening in our Nation. There is more corruption created by dummycrats than anybody in the country!!

  • Jose says:

    Just make sure only “legal” US citizens vote since castro is pro-illegal as were his parent(s). Maybe he will be elected based on questionnable votes. This has already been done at a higher office representation.

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