Texas Gov. Greg Abbott calls for Convention of States to take back states’ rights

by Brandi Grissom
January 9, 2016

Gov. Greg Abbott, aiming to spark a national conversation about states’ rights, said Friday that he wants Texas to lead the call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution and wrest power from a federal government “run amok.”

“If we are going to fight for, protect and hand on to the next generation, the freedom that [President] Reagan spoke of … then we have to take the lead to restore the rule of law in America,” Abbott said during a speech at the Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Policy Orientation that drew raucous applause from the conservative audience. He said he will ask lawmakers to pass a bill authorizing Texas to join other states calling for a Convention of States.

Along with the speech, Abbott released a nearly 70-page plan – part American civics lesson, part anti-Obama diatribe – detailing nine proposed constitutional amendments that he said would unravel the federal government’s decades-long power grab and restore authority over economic regulation and other matters to the states.

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  • I Seigel says:

    GO TEXAS! I mean literally – GO! Like, SECEDE ALREADY!!!

  • celina pittman says:

    Please GOD let this take place! I do believe that this could be the solution to the runaway government. I want to see Common Core eliminated forever, first and foremost, the illegals deported immediately, Obamacare repealed, the IRAN-nuclear fiasco completely undone, and all of the conspirators that let him push our country past a debt that we will probably never recover from pay personally out of their pockets for the rest of their natural lives. Those who signed off on all of that debt should have to pay it back, not the American people!!!!

  • ONTIME says:

    Ya know Gov…..this would be easily solved and the solution is you do not need a convention….you need to pull the elected fed paid officials off the gov pay roll and pay for your own Senators and Reps, this way they represent the state who employs them and not the Fed gov who uses them to coerce and undermine the states rights……..We used to do things this way but some wiseass political opportunist scammed us into giving away our freedoms and rights…….again….representation has decreased ever since….just like political ethic..

    There is no place in the US Constitution that states those elected to federal office for representation of the constituency be paid by the Fed gov……because they are the responsibility of the state who sent them and represent the state….and I do not believe you will find this misrepresentation in the Bill of Rights……

  • Faithful American says:


  • Lanny D Wren says:

    like his proposals especially way to override Supremes and Congress

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The Woman the Convention of States Fears: “They are scared of a little 70 year old lady who wears Glasses” ~ by Tim Brown November 27, 2014 ~


    We are hearing more and more calls from conservative talking heads for an Article V convention in order to rein in the federal government. However, one woman stands as a beacon of light to expose what is really going on with the so-called Convention of States. She goes by the name of Publius Huldah (PH) and she is scheduled to debate the Convention of States next week.

    The only problem is that when COS proponents heard she would be the one they were to debate, they stood down.

    1. pamela says:

      Because she’s a loon.

    2. Gina Graham says:

      It’s sort of pathetic to debate a crazy lady. COS people are merely being kind toward her by refusing to debate her.

      1. CharlieSeattle says:

        ya right

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Straight Talk About an Article V Convention [Video] – Posted on 02 Jan 2015

    …A VERY BAD IDEA that will make existing, illegal executive and additional congressional usurpation’s part of a remade Constitution.



    Here what the Art 5 COS corporate oligarchy conspirators want to replace the US Constitution with.
    Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America


    A CONSTITUTION FOR THE NEWSTATES OF AMERICA, from the book, THE EMERGING CONSTITUTION by Rexford G. Tugwell, published 1974 (Harper & Row: $20.00)

    illustrates with chilling clarity the final objective of regional governance conspirators. The goal is a corporate state concentrating economic, political and social powers in the hands of a ruling elite. “A Constitution for the Newstates of America”, is the fortieth version of this revolutionary document prepared by a team of social experimenters at the CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS, Fund for the Republic (Ford Foundation), Post Office Box 4068, Santa Barbara, California 93103.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Mark Levin, the nationally syndicated radio host who served as chief of staff in the Justice Department during the Reagan Administration, argues in his new book—The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic—that state legislatures should use the authority granted them in the Constitution to call a convention to propose amendments to the Constitution.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Setting that introduction aside.

    For 100 years, the federal government has usurped powers not delegated to it in our Constitution.
    What should we do about it? Should we reclaim our existing Constitution and put an end to the usurpations?

    Or should we “modernize” the Constitution by delegating to the federal government the powers it has usurped – so as to legalize what is now unconstitutional?
    Mark Levin begins “The Liberty Amendments” by saying he doesn’t believe the Constitution requires “modernization through amendments”. But he then proposes a series of amendments, six of which modernize our Constitution to delegate to the federal government most of the powers it has usurped during the last 100 years.

    And each of his six amendments does the opposite of what its title promises. I’ll show you. 1
    Levin’s amendment to “limit the federal bureaucracy” [p 99-100 of his book]
    George Washington’s cabinet had four members: Secretary of State, Secretary of War, Secretary of the Treasury, and Attorney General. Those functions are authorized by our Constitution. 2
    But today there are numerous agencies in the Executive Branch of the federal government. Where is the constitutional authority? What Article, Section, and Clause authorizes the Departments of Agriculture, Education, Energy, Labor, Transportation, HHS, HUD, DHS, EPA, SBA, etc., etc., etc.?

    There is no constitutional authority! Accordingly, all these agencies are unconstitutional as outside the scope of the powers delegated in our Constitution.
    Well then, a person who wanted to “limit the federal bureaucracy” would demand that these agencies be closed, and their functions returned to the States and The People, right?
    But Mark Levin doesn’t do this. Section 1 of his amendment legalizes all these agencies. It says:
    “All federal departments and agencies shall expire if said departments and agencies are not individually reauthorized in stand-alone reauthorization bills every three years by a majority vote of the House of Representatives and the Senate.”

    As long as Congress periodically “reauthorizes” the agencies – they remain.
    Levin’s amendment thus changes the constitutional standard for whether an executive agency lawfully exists from whether it carries out an enumerated power [as in Washington’s Cabinet] to whatever the President wants and Congress agrees to. Do you see?
    >>> The rest of Levin’s 6 amendment B S logic is destroyed here…


    Levin’s amendments legalize – make constitutional – the very abuses they purport to correct, nullify the natural rights of the people, and fundamentally change the constitutional design.
    Even though our Constitution is not being enforced, it still declares this federal government lawless! The true rule of law is still on our side, but not for much longer if we foolishly allow our Constitution to be re-written.

    The federal govt. & State govts. have different spheres of operation. The federal govt. is supreme only in those few & enumerated objects delegated exclusively to it. The States and The People retain supremacy in all other matters.

    When the federal govt. usurps powers retained by the States or The People, it becomes unlawful & illegitimate. Nullification of the usurpations and …..impeachment of all involved must be carried out.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    The Article V Convention Of States ………..is a Trojan Horse.

    The SCOTUS does not interpret the Constitution correctly, in Obama’s eye, because it does not recognize the illegal (+1) usurpations being committed.
    2+2 = 4 …currently in the existing Constitution.

    Those that want to change the Constitution will make the illegal usurpations part of the remade Constitution so the SCOTUS can interpret it correctly.
    2 +2+1 newly added usurpation = 5 (A remade Constitution.)

    Never under estimate the desire of the paid sycophants of the corporate oligarchy to enshrine the existing usurpations of power into the Constitution and create more using the Article V Convention Of States.

    Mark Levin wants to open the US Constitution to an Article 5 Convention Of States because the past 6 Congresses and 4 Presidents would not follow it or enforce existing laws.

    That will not work, and he knows these same unlawful men will not follow harsher restraints put on them.

    However, these unlawful men would like to enshrine their existing usurpation’s of power in a remade or new US Constitution! Hence their call for a Article 5 Convention Of States.

    A patriotic constitutional scholar would know that!

  • Wolfman says:

    I love this…if actually successful would end the BS we are going thru now…consequently it will never happen!!!

  • SDofAZ says:

    Go governors, it is about time you all got together and yanked that knot tight on the feds!

  • The Redhawk says:

    GO Gov. Abbott… Take the LEAD.. Somebody has to have the GUTS to put an end to TIRRANY

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