Texas moves to cut Planned Parenthood’s Medicaid funding

Texas officials are moving to strip millions of Medicaid dollars from Planned Parenthood in the wake of allegations that the nation’s largest abortion provider impermissibly traffics in fetal body parts from abortions.

Stuart Bowen, the inspector general for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, sent a final notice to Planned Parenthood on Tuesday informing the group that their Medicaid funding will be cut off in 30 days, more than a year after the governor initiated the process to get Planned Parenthood off of the taxpayer dole.

Citing an undercover video investigation showing top Planned Parenthood officials discussing the trade of fetal tissue and organs, Mr. Bowen said Planned Parenthood is unfit to serve the people of Texas.

“Your misconduct is directly related to whether you are qualified to provide medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal and ethical manner,” the inspector general wrote in the letter. “Your actions violate generally accepted medical standards, as reflected in state and federal law, and are Medicaid program violations that justify termination.”

At stake is approximately $4 million in annual Medicaid funding. The letter said Planned Parenthood can appeal the decision by requesting an administrative hearing within the next 15 days.

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  • justinwachin says:

    The baby slaughter industry should not be getting taxpayer money period. Planned Parenthood has become fabulously wealthy off murdering babies and having government shower them with money for their non-abortion services.

    Planned Parenthood is the closest thing to concentration camps that America has. It’s time to shut this baby-killing business down.

    1. Mike says:

      congrats you win the stupid award

      1. justinwachin says:

        Are you an employee of the baby slaughter industry?

        I’m far from stupid. What’s stupid is that America allows an industry to grow fabulously wealthy murdering babies. Those who support the abortion industry are depraved.
        Planned Parenthood is an evil organization. Much like the concentration camps in Nazi Germany, Planned Parenthood is totally evil. There is no redeeming quality in this evil organization.

        I consider derogatory remarks from the abortion industry and its supporters to be a badge of honor. Baby slaughterers have sold their souls to Satan. It sounds like you are one of that crowd.

        1. Mike says:

          to compare concentration camps to.abortion is just ignorant and frankly how you lose credibility with others. abortion is legal and has been affirmed by the supreme court multiple times.
          what about planned parenthood locations that do not offer abortions? are they also evil? what about the workers at the non abortion providing locations also evil? what have you done to stop this evil? if nothing are you not evil as well?

          1. justinwachin says:

            You may want to read up on history. I’m going to guess the Nazi government considered their concentration camps to be legal. If there were any challenges, I bet the judges ruled they were legal.

            I’m working for a day when Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers will be shut down. Although every location may not provide abortions they likely refer their victims to the ones who do. They may also prescribe the abortifacient drugs which accomplish the same thing as the “surgical” abortions. I work to elect pro-life candidates. Hopefully Donald Trump will name a pro life judge to replace Justice Scalia. During his time in office President Trump will likely have the opportunity to replace two or three other spots on the high court. Hopefully each of those appointments will be pro-life judges.

            The abortion clinics in America are our version of concentration camps. Millions of babies have been slaughtered for profit by murderers calling themselves “doctors.” Planned Parenthood may not have the ovens of the Nazi-era concentration camps but we now know they have run a chop shop operation where they part out the babies like they were junked cars.

  • BlessedtoServe says:

    None of them should get government tax dollars PP just takes the money funnels it to the dem party…another money laundering scam of the dems..evil murdering baby factory…

    1. Mike says:

      there is absolutely no evidence for what you just wrote. they do provide exams, cancer screenings and yes abortions. they are not able to receive any federal funds for abortions

      1. BlessedtoServe says:

        Mike they receive Federal money period, how they use it still benefits those who seek abortion…women get free abortion…how do you suppose that is…medicare pays for it, that is federal money….I do not want my tax dollars to pay for another woman to murder their baby because it is inconvenience them…and there is evidence. Go look it up, Medicaid is federal funding this article stated it. and yet you argue otherwise. Why are they looking to defund them??? defund federal money….Now there are many other women centers that provide the same services through medicare for exams, cancer screenings that don’t provide abortion…. and while you will argue, there mare many more of those centers than PP.

        1. Mike says:

          You are wrong on multiple issues here. First I live in Texas and no there are not a lot of facilities completing women’s health exams for those on Medicaid. There are not enough Medicaid providers, especially in the poorer areas where Planned Parenthood typically locates itself. If you want to eliminate planned Parenthood then fine do so, but then have a replacement ready because no you are incorrect there are not enough clinics for people in poorer neighborhoods. The clinics that do exist may not have the range of options planned parenthood has from cancer screenings, to birth control to yes abortion.
          Second your tax dollars cannot go towards abortion. It is called the Hyde amendment and is included in almost all legislation. Planned Parenthood is audited regularly for this here in Texas and in most other states. There has not been a violation of the Hyde amendment. Please remember that in the wake of those edited videos almost every state with Planned Parenthood completed an investigation and zero evidence was found.
          Third you confuse Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is for those over 65 and they may also use planned parenthood, a large number of their clientele use Medicaid which is for the poor.
          Finally if you are going to eliminate abortion then put your money into it for tax dollars to help poor families more. Increase the minimum wage, don’t cut back Medicaid as has been proposed by the Republicans, etc.

          1. BlessedtoServe says:

            Better re-read the article then I suggest you go and research Goznil….there is a movie that is coming out about this convicted butcher… Medicare is Cali Medicaid, difference in states….I have lived in Texas twice. There are plenty of women’s centers in poor neighbor hoods, that give women all they need in healthcare that accept Medicaid/Medicare….They even now have transportation for those who do not have it to go to these centers….you are poorly informed, or as I have come to conclusions that most select their info cherry picking what they want to know.

          2. Mike says:

            What Dr Gosnell did is reprehensible and he was convicted of murder for his actions. I am not sure how that is at all relevant to the discussion. You may believe there are plenty of women’s centers but the fact is there are not. You have very few facts so I am not sure who is really cherry picking here. I mean you misspelled Dr Gosnell’s name; Medicaid in California is Medi-Cal not Medicare, as Medicare is still the federal program for those over 65. As for how Medicaid dollars are spent some states, but not all states provide transportation to women’s health centers. If you do live in California they may very well provide that, but that is not common practice.
            Lastly abortion is legal in this country. The federal government does not pay for it again please I direct you to the Hyde Amendment for this.

          3. BlessedtoServe says:

            In Cali a woman can get an abortion and it is free through Medicare/Medicaid… I misspelled the greaton for a reason, his name should never be spoken…3 acquaintences that I knew in the past have had them…and they were free…it is legal…In my eyes it is legal murder.

          4. Mike says:

            that is your opinion the constitution says otherwise. i prefer that than your opinion

          5. BlessedtoServe says:

            Texas just ruled defunding of Planned Parenthood, here are two links http://blabber.buzz/politics/conservative/68466-texas-to-eliminate-medicaid-payments-to-planned-parenthood and then the other Dr. this is what is happening all around the country… http://blabber.buzz/politics/conservative/68525-congress-urges-murder-charges-for-abortionist-douglas-karpen-who-kills-babies-born-alive. Also they can when cutting the funding to PP they can then use the funds for transporting to other medical centers…problem solved.

          6. Mike says:

            you are right on the first part, but that will go to court and they will lose as they always do but it will cost millions of my states tax dollars to do it

          7. BlessedtoServe says:

            I did not write the articles, and it does go into effect in 30 days. It has no hope of being over thrown in a lower court, and will not be in the courts any further. It is done. They are defunding them. End of story. This was the higher court…accept it. PP in Texas has been and will be defunded, there will be no other judicial matter from this point on. Accept it.

          8. Mike says:

            you are incorrect as usual. planned parenthood will be filing an injunction which if past experience is a guide the court will give the injunction. it will then be overturned in federAl court as it has in the past.

          9. BlessedtoServe says:

            That was the fed court, having problems comprehending now…. it will not be overturned. please re-read the article, you are making incorrect statements. People will be able to see and read as well.

          10. Mike says:

            can you read? it says the state of Texas. it does not mention the federal court system at all. the state of Texas has chosen to defend planned parenthood. since Medicaid is a federal program planned parenthood can seek an injunction in federAl court.

          11. BlessedtoServe says:

            States receive the money and have sovereignty to send the fed money back…read up on States rights. There is no constitutional right to fund a private enterprise. PP is not a governmental dept. It is a private enterprise…you get your facts straight. The Texas PP was found guilty of breaking Federal and State laws. They are now paying the price. The government subsidizing criminal behavior cannot partake in it and will find itself guilty ….The government must remove it’s self in order to uphold the law….The same thing will happen for sanctuary cities.

          12. Mike says:

            once again your ignorance of facts is astonishing. planned parenthood in texas has not donated fetal tissue since 2010. second Harris county convened a grand jury to investigate the “evidence” against planned parenthood. they cleared planned parenthood but did indict the two people that made and heavily edited those videos. you are correct that a state is not mandated to pay for planned parenthood, but since it is federal dollars for the poor they must have alternatives or they could lose all federal funds.this is what entitles planned parenthood to sue in federAl court. in the past planned parenthood has consistently won these legal battles in texas.

          13. BlessedtoServe says:

            there is alternatives, didn’t say there wasn’t. PP will not get Federal funding. The article is quite clear in the outcome. You are wrong and it will be in the news that the court order stands. They will lose any stay that they try and get. Now before you continue….I am well aware of the attorney’s who are handling this case…and no more about than you.

          14. Mike says:

            no you do not clearly. you have not at anytime shown any knowledge whatsoever. the article does not address the court filings at all. not one bit. again you may be well meaning but you really do not have good reading comprehension. for one there is no court order. this is an order that came from the state of Texas not a court. “the article is quite clear in the outcome” this is the first step by the state of Texas to defund planned parenthood so the outcome has not been decided. please re-read the article and do so slowly because you are not comprehending things well.

          15. Mike says:

            please do some research.

          16. BlessedtoServe says:

            I sent you two links and that disputes all that you say…people can check it out…it was not enough for you…that is your problem. You seem to think there was none done…

          17. Mike says:

            i read them and it changes nothing. fur obe Dr Karen was cleared by a Houston grand jury I’m 2013 because the evidence was not related to him. second planned parenthood can and Will seek an injunction against the state of Texas for stopping medicaid funding.

          18. BlessedtoServe says:

            you stopping medicaid de-funding….nope, they will defund. watch and see. Sorry most argue with me and lose.

          19. Mike says:

            i understand that you may not be able to read well but again your article on Dr karpen is junk as he was cleared. also you have no idea what you are talking about it is possible they will succeed but they have as a,state tried before and planned parenthood has beat them in court each time.

          20. SoundMind says:

            Lawmakers in Indiana, Kansas, North Carolina and Wisconsin have already voted to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider, while pro-life advocates in Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma and Minnesota are pushing for the same legislation.
            From 5 years ago, http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/wisconsin-defunds-planned-parenthood

          21. BlessedtoServe says:

            Merry Christ-mas and Happy Holy-days SM, yes just like they will defund sanctuary cities, God heard our prayers, the battle has begun to swing back towards Him, we have lots of work still before us. Let us continue with the armour of God, and know His will , will be done…Praise Him for our success in the battle against evil.

          22. SoundMind says:

            No one seems to miss this one: http://liveactionnews.org/?p=99483

          23. BlessedtoServe says:

            I can’t remember where I read or have a link, but 27 PP’s closed last year…it’s a start , I love Scott Walker…let them all close, there are plenty of other facilities that provide womens health services… abortion is not health care…it is legalized murder…

          24. BlessedtoServe says:

            Good point, I pray all of them go away, close them down, if someone wants an abortion, they can commit the sin with their own money.

          25. SoundMind says:

            I agree, the best alternative for unwanted babies is adoption by caring parents.

          26. BlessedtoServe says:

            Yes, did you know that the birth rate is down by 33% in the US, this is a dangerous number, for the economy of the US in 20 years if this continues…There are thousands upon thousands of women who are getting inseminated trying to have babies…adoption should be the order of the day…

          27. Harry J Schaubel says:

            Increase the minimum wage…….
            Prices increase accordingly.
            Small business’s forced to close because they are forced to raise all their costs to be able to pay employees. Many business’s shut down because they lose workers who they can’t pay.
            I work on a PT job in WI. I make just over minimum wage by $1.25.
            If my boss had to pay myself and the other employees $15 which is the favorite quoted figure she would have to just about DOUBLE the cost of everything. Plus anything she buys for the business is also going to cost more.
            It’s what is called a Lose-Lose situation.

          28. Mike says:

            i completely agree with you. but you cannot argue against taking away abortion rights and cut medicaid, cut other programs that benefit the poor and have no substitute

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