Texas Stands Up to Feds: No Additional Refugees, All Must be Vetted!

June 19, 2016

Texas is standing up to the federal government saying officials will not agree to a 25 percent increase to the number of refugees placed in the state.

Texas officials responded to a notice from the federal government saying 25 percent more refugees would be placed in Texas than had originally been planned. The number of refugees would be increased to 11,020. Texas leaders also said the state will only accept refugees who have been fully vetted.

Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Charles Smith sent a letter on Friday to the U.S. Department of State concerning refugee resettlement in Texas. His letter sets out in very clear terms for the federal government that Texas will not agree to increase the number of refugees coming into the state. Moreover, guidelines have been written to ensure that Texas only accepts refugees who do not pose a danger to Texans.

The intent of the “2017 State Plan for the Refugee Program” is to ensure that Texas only accepts refugees who are fully vetted and do not present a security threat.

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  • Tiger says:

    Good luck. Governor Scott of Florida told O no more refugees and O sent more and more. Matter of fact, our governor after the Orlando Massacre told the news that O doesn’t tell him who is coming, when they are coming or where he is going to put them, people just wake-up and they have Muslims out the ying yang. He does this in every state and has been doing it since coming into office.

    The victims of Orlando not even cold in their graves and O brought 441 more Syrians into America and put many in Florida and to slap our governor and the people he put many in Orlando.

    He is a Tyrant and could care less what anyone says, including our congress or the Constitution. He is purposely filling up states that go against him, like a hateful, spiteful child who never gets spanked.

  • justinwachin says:

    Where in the Constitution is the federal government granted the right to settle refugees from another country in a state? According to the 10th amendment if the Constitution doesn’t grant a particular power to the federal government, the power rests with the state. Hopefully other states will join Texas in this stand for the Constitution.

  • skipsart says:

    Come on 1776 Coalition…….when will you block these money making scams?
    They are insulting to everyone’s intelligence here. Please start doing your job and remove this junk.

  • Roy Johnson says:

    Texas is starting to look good for our next home! Just saying!

  • J.B. Young says:

    We don’t need any more of these muslims in this country! Their culture and believes do not fit with ours.

    1. Timothy Thompson says:

      Obama should for no other reason proclaim that if they settle into our country leave their bercas home, even France put down they can’t hid their faces in French society. These husbands who insist of wearing full body suits with only the eyes showing is an insult to our culture and our Christian society.

  • Doodlebug says:

    These refugees have no sponsor, no money, no place to live and no job prospects and yet they manage to come from half way around the world to get here?????? Give me a break, our government is flying them in at our expense and putting them up at our expense, feeding them, housing them,give them medical attention and we have no say at all. True we can fax, tweet, email,phone, etc.,etc.,etc. but it would seem all of it goes into a big black hole of non response by our so called leaders. I say each and everyone of our elected officials must first house them in their own homes at their own expense…lets see how many refugees get to come then. I am tired as I believe most people are of the poor pitiful me syndrome. I am sorry that where you live is a hell hole….do something about it there and don’t bring your crap here.

    1. Cawaynus says:

      Doodlebug – An amazing post! I feel exactly the same!

      1. Doodlebug says:

        Thank you sir.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Defending your person, your family, your country from attack and invasion from those forcing a violent, terrorist, genocidal ideology on western civilization …is …not … islamophobia …or racist. …….It is just common sense.

    islam is NOT a race!
    islam is NOT a religion of peace either!

    islam is a sick and twisted terrorist ideology that is completely incompatible with western civilization!

    Deport all muslims from the west at once!
    Ban all muslims from traveling to the west, ….FOREVER!

    The people of the USA, Britain, Canada and Europe must throw down their treasonous leaders forcing this evil upon them.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Thus the reason for the crusades centuries ago and now we have entered into a new age of crusades. This is a centuries old problem, they have just changed their war tactics and we must recognize this new Trojan Horse.

  • CharlieSeattle says:

    Obama’s treasonous illegal alien and muslim RAPEfugee resettlement policies along with race baiting have created an ongoing SECOND 9/11 terrorist attack against all Americans!!

    I will even call it a Soros funded, MoveOn .com instigated, False Flag, US Government sanctioned “PURGE” against its own citizens and the police!

    Congress allowed this to happen with the recent passage of the Omnibu$ $pending Bill.

    …And Obama’s solution is to take away our guns with one hand and attack us with the other hand.

    Obama is a Liar and Traitor. Impeach this P 0 S now you skulking cowards!

    One small problem. …There are more traitors in Congress than patriots!

    ………………….Trump/Carson 2016

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    muslims are useless. We do not need them. What do they add to this country?
    We are getting the worst muslims and the worst mexicans. It is like we are recruiting to turn most of USA into South Chicago.

    1. CharlieSeattle says:


      ☭Traitors have an agenda that transcends patriotism, the rule of law and national security.

    2. Tiger says:

      O is most certainly filling us up with the worst of the worst.

  • matjoe76 says:

    One more way for O Bumma to destroy this Country. Wish I was not locked into Staying in N Y. To many family ties and to old to start all over.

    1. SDofAZ says:

      Just get ready. This is gonna be bumpy but Trump and the silent majority are up in arms and wide awake.

  • Kent2012 says:

    where are the other forty nine states ?(56 if you are from kenya)….oh that is right most of the crippled states have democrapos for governors…the states attorneys should tell kenyan boyo’s doj to shove that where the sun does not shine….but unfortunately we have scum like mcgoogle and mcshame and other rinos that team up with the hos like pe$lutsi and that idiot joe bitmine to support the illegal alien’s efforts at king making…

    1. mudguy1 says:

      Where is the Republican controlled Congress? Oh I forgot they neutered themselves. They are nothing but steers all they do is to say they are trying and do nothing.

      1. Kent2012 says:

        actually it was boner and mcdoogler…..

  • TexRancher says:

    When refugees are planted in a State like ours against our will, there must be an element of responsibility imposed on those individuals involved in that forced action for any and all crimes committed by those so called “refugees”. This goes all the way to the top. If Obama forces us to take them, Obama should be prosecuted as an accomplice for those crimes! The Feds also should bear the cost of any diseases brought in by them as well!

    1. Worried Vet says:

      Your right if that was the law he wouldn’t be forcing them on us. Won’t happen though with the GOP their gutless wonders.

    2. Cled B. Painter says:

      I read yesterday that number one RINO, Paul Ryan said that he would sue Donald Trump over “banning” Muslims, because it would be illegal.
      My question to Paul is first has he read what trump actually said, a temporary ban on some refugees, and second, how many times has he sued OBOZO for violations of laws such as refusing to inforce the removal of illegals and allowing sanctuary cities to exist.

      1. Shofar threading says:

        Ryan has simply taken the seat next to BHO vacated by John Boehner

      2. CharlieSeattle says:

        Vote Ryan out of office this fall!

      3. Tiger says:

        No they haven’t dared to do anything to O. They have sued him on a couple of issues and the verdict still not in. It is not illegal to ban any group of people that are a threat to our country.

        Carter did it and after WWII Communists were expelled. The president of the U.S. has the right to rid us of any people who are an “Alien Threat”. We have Imams preaching Jihad and rape, we have Muslim organizations backing terrorism, we have mosques filled with hate material, we have Muslim training camps and schools that preach hate and we see they are not compatible with our Constitution or our laws.

        Yes he can and yes he will.

    3. Tiger says:

      He will and he will send more because you complained. He did it to Florida when our governor said we didn’t want them. The victims not even in graves yet and O brought in 441 Syrians and planted them in Texas and Florida and went so far as to put them right smack dab in Orlando.

      We have a Rogue and Runaway Tyrant, who nobody has done a thing to spank him, discipline him or put him in his place. He serves the people we don’t serve him. Congress better change the Executive Branch soon when a new president comes in. This one has bypassed all our laws and congress.

  • CCblogging says:

    Obama will sneak them in, that’s his trademark. Deception and Deflection.

    1. Worried Vet says:

      That’s all liberals trademark. Only you left out lies. Lying deception and deflection that’s in their handbook I really believe. It’s like they take courses to learn it. What’s sad is the media seems to have graduated From their courses

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