The state of California hires Eric Holder in an attempt to block Donald Trump’s policies

by Sarah Lee | The Blaze
January 5, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump never won the hearts and minds of the people in California, losing to his opponent Hillary Clinton there by 4.2 million popular votes. So it should come as no surprise Golden State leaders are promising to fight him, and the purported sweeping conservative agenda the GOP has prepared, every step of the way. And they’ve hired former President Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder to help them do it.

The New York Times reports that Democrats in the California state legislature are “girding for four years of potential battles” with Trump and, in a fit of ideological pique, have retained Holder — now a prominent Washington attorney — to help them “safeguard the values of the people of California.” From The Times:

Kevin de León, the Democratic leader of the Senate, said in an interview…he expected California to challenge Washington — and defend itself from policies instituted in Washington — on issues including the environment, immigration and criminal justice. He said California Democrats decided to turn to Mr. Holder as they watched Mr. Trump assemble his cabinet and begin to set the tone for his presidency.

In a state where every statewide elected official is a Democrat, it’s hardly surprising there would be such strident opposition to an administration that has promised to dismantle many of the policies instituted by the progressive president that preceded him. California appears to be banking on the tactic of using a former administration official of the preceding progressive administration — one who knows how Washington works — to help, very frankly, obstruct some of the policies they worry might be implemented by a Republican-controlled federal government.

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  • The Redhawk says:


    1. Jo Ann Kowalski says:

      They should hire meryl streep the make believe actress. I know what she can do with her gold plated oscars

      1. The Redhawk says:

        Oh heck queen Bhobama might hire her to polish his Huge collection of pINOCCHIO in his NOLEGACY ,PHONIES do Stick together

  • texexpatriate says:

    Holder is not that good an attorney. Had he not had Obama to protect him and had he not refused to answer congressional questioning everyone would have seen what a fool he was, instead of just most of us. There are a lot of good people in California, but they are not in the legislature or the statehouse, and the state is flooded with far more illegal aliens who vote than the 4.2 million voters who chose Clinton over Trump. Think for a moment. Californians are interested in commerce. What would happen to California under another Democrat regime headed up by Clinton? The people who chose her over Trump had no clear idea what they wanted for California. If they had somewhat of an idea, it was not commerce.

  • Richard Frick says:

    Maybe Holder can begin by investigating why the Purple line, which serves the Celebrity neighborhoods received a huge Grant from the Feds, in return for their pay to play donations to the liberal party, to transport servants to their homes. I am sure that Sheen and his commie brothers and sisters will not be riding a commuter line. Note, Orange County received squat, and rightfully so. This also speaks to governor moonbeams High Speed Rail between So. Cal and the Bay Area.

  • sox83cubs84 says:

    Trump should build a wall around the Communist state of California…just let my in-laws get out of there first.

  • justinwachin says:

    Eric Holder ran an illegal gun operation when he was attorney general. I never cease to be amazed that the gun control crowd has no problem giving criminals guns when one of their own is running the program.

    Eric Holder would have been better suited for being in prison than serving as AG. California’s government should be embarrassed by turning to someone like Eric Holder to uphold their values.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Those clowns are not going to be able to block or stop anything that has to do with national security, political and economic sovereignty.

    1. Retired says:

      Federal law can supersede State law. What is strange Holder and Obama moving to Ca. , makes one wonder what they and Peelosi are up to in Ca.

    2. The Redhawk says:

      Well CA and Moon beam might have to approve offshore oil drilling after all to pay for their UNLAWFUL policies,,,

  • Rob Waddell says:

    Criminals stick together, the state of California is a perfect example of what not to do! There isn’t a logical mind in the political system from the Governer down to the city clerk! The liberals ridiculous policies have helped that state amass debt that can’t ever be paid back as long as democrats run that fiasco! The leaders of California have proven that bigger government isn’t the answer! Politics and greed along with imbicilic governing has led to higher cost of living, and unsustainable debt!

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