$15 minimum wage passes; Gov. Brown plans to sign

by Melody Gutierrez
April 1, 2016

SACRAMENTO — In votes that drew cheers from low-wage workers inside and outside the state Capitol on Thursday, Democrats swiftly pushed a bill through the Legislature to raise the state minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022.

Almost immediately, Gov. Jerry Brown announced he would sign it at a ceremony Monday in Los Angeles. The bill, SB3 by Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, drew opposition from Republicans — not one of whom voted for it in the Senate or Assembly — and business-group leaders who said it will force job cuts and higher prices for consumers.

“To suggest somehow we are going to hurt the very people we plan to help, I want to remind you where the ‘Fight for 15’ came from. It came from those workers,” said Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego. “I have not found one (person) who says, ‘Please, just keep my wages low; I like to show up at the county offices every month to get a handout from the government.’ That is not what workers want or what they deserve.”

The legislative action coincided with the Cesar Chavez state holiday, and lawmakers paid tribute to the labor leader just before they voted.

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  • Mys77 says:

    The dumb jerk…where the heck does he think the money comes from? He has brains for s….

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    Suspect that the idiots pushing for the minimum wage will be first people fired and not much hiring going on at the higher minimum wage.
    Way to go Jerry! Another economic brain child.
    Jobs will disappear faster than the water. Happy you are not my Gov. Hope what happens in Jerryville, stays in Jerryville.

  • Patrick Driscoll says:

    As long as he pays for it, who cares. If he thinks that will generate more production and higher revenues, than he is smart than all of us. Thought people paid for their value to the firm and not just to show up?
    Can’t wait to see the impact that has on unemployment. His state and he can be as stupid as he wants as long as he pays for it.

  • marlene.langert says:

    Many people, including some in my own family, have already left California because it is so very expensive to live there , esp in the Bay Area, and the taxes are horrendous, Now, with the stupid signing of that bill to raise minimum wages to $15 an hour, many, many businesses will be closing. A huge amount of people will lose their jobs. Most of them will flee the state. Mostly people with incentive to have businesses and employ others will leave. Maybe some illegals will also leave as they will have no work. Is that what Jerry Brown wants? DOes he not have even a lick of sense?

  • Charlie says:

    Never will understand the logic or thought pattern of bowing to stupid people. Raise the minimum wage therefore all other items in our society go up in price and our currency is once again devalued . So yeah raise the minimum wage to appease those that whine loudly as most socialist do .
    Gov. Brown of CA is a prime example of the need for term limits on all political servants at all levels in the USA .

  • teaman says:

    Californication makes another STUPID move!!!

  • Ramon1710 . says:

    Have these clowns filed for their federal bailout yet, or are they waiting until they achieve massive unemployment?

  • mudguy1 says:

    So where is the money coming from? In Seattle Wa. shortly after the raised the minimum wage to 15 dollars several restaurants closed. Maybe California is different. This will be something that can’t be undone. The Democrats always love to spend other peoples money.

    1. dfinch says:

      Companies will cut back their staffs which will mean many will be out of work.

  • Gerry Costa says:

    Little do these morons know that 75% of them will lose their jobs and their libtard/retard demoRAT governor doesn’t give a damn. Do you suppose this idiot assembly woman knows where the money will come from to pay the higher wages — from raising prices and losing business — sooner or later and most likely sooner they will ask the fed morons for a bailout. ” I have not found one person who says keep my wages low ” — well can I give you a big DUH !!!!ANOTHER STUPID STATEMENT FROM A LIBTARD/DEMORAT/ NON THINKING FEMALE and all this time I thought pelosi had the market on stupidity.

  • Kent2012 says:

    the brown clown still “moon beaming” out there in crapafornia….waiting for the personal plea from the legislature to their counterparts in DC for a couple of billion to get the state out of “trouble”….poor leadership is how you go from the 9th or 10th largest economy in the World and end up asking for a bail out..

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