34,000 Churches Break Fellowship with Presbyterian Church Over ‘Gay Marriage’

by Eagle Rising
April 1, 2015

The Presbyterian Church USA recently changed it’s denominations constitution to approve of same-sex marriage. The move didn’t come as a surprise for most observers, but it was still a blow to American Christianity. The denomination’s decision further separates them from American mainstream evangelical Christianity, and it continues a long train of abuses from the PCUSA against orthodox Christian teaching.

For one group the decision was also a final blow to their tenuous relationship.

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI) is a coalition of more than 34,000 African-American churches across 15 denominations with over 15 million congregants, who, upon hearing of the PCUSA’s move to approve gay marriage, decided to end their relationship with the PCUSA.

NBCI President Reverend Anthony Evans had this to say about the decision to part ways with the PCUSA…

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  • van king says:

    About time people spoke up against the smothering tide of homosexual acceptance and their rabid PR machine that will not only kill the message, they annihilate the messenger. Homosexuals are the least tolerant of any group anywhere. They have bought the politicians, the media, and destroyed any line of dissent from decent society. They are much like a cult, they use the scientology method of smearing anyone who speaks out against their chosen lifestyle. They have infiltrated our schools and are currently conditioning young minds into believing their distorted lies about sexual identities. This group is as dangerous as any terrorist group beating their ideologies into the heads of those who oppose the group. Most people do not like the homosexuals and their preferred lifestyle, but have been silenced due to their employers being frightened of the homosexual onslaught if they voice their own opinion. It is pathetic our country has fallen so far, the moral compass has been stomped on, personal opinions are grounds for losing a job, or being FINED by courts. Homosexuals already have MORE rights than any other person in the bad old USA (no longer good.) It is sickening.

    1. Robert Wilson says:

      You can thank the national council of churches for the death of Christianity. The ncc sides against normalcy,and have effectively divided several denominations with their policies. The new edition of the Bible will, no doubt, leave out of it the section where it says” man with man is an abomination to GOD.” Therefore, the TUTTIFRUTI’S of this world will have their own(sic) Bible. They may fool some of the Christians, BUT NEVER GOD. Only another Christian Crusade can save this country, only the brave may apply. RW

      1. DrkSyd says:

        “Only another Christian Crusade can save this country, only the brave may apply.”

        I agree. Check Twitter for #ChapelHillShooting and see that some Americans are already killing Islamic scum who come to USA and bread more Islamists trying to take over our country with Sharia Law! Looks like queers are the other group that needs another Crusade to kill them off too.

        It’s getting down to citizens needing to resort to extreme tactics to preserve the traditional American values that are being destroyed from within. Abraham Lincoln was correct that American will only be destroyed from within by complacent citizens.


  • Dee says:

    What is wrong with these churches now approving gay marriage? It is an abomination and against God’s laws. Guess I won’t go to that church.

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