Air Force wants owners to give up property near secret Area 51

by Associated Press |
September 8, 2015

LAS VEGAS – The U.S. Air Force is giving an ultimatum to owners of a remote Nevada property that over time has been surrounded by a vast bombing range including the super-secret Area 51.

They’re being told to take a $5.2 million “last best offer” for their property by Thursday — or the government will seize it through condemnation.

The owners include descendants of a couple who lost their hardscrabble mining enterprise after the Air Force moved in in the 1940s. Nuclear tests then began in 1951, their mine mill mysteriously exploded in 1954 and they ran out of money to seek reparations from the government in 1959.

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  • tom2 says:

    The Air Force should be able to take the land by eminent domain but it should pay as lavishly as it has for airborne toilets, et al, or at least as much as it’s worth to the Nation.

  • I Seigel says:

    These people’s property is right next to an area where there was nuclear testing. Their mill exploded and they’ve run out of money. Now they’re being “forced” to take $5.2 million and leave?? Are these people radioactive morons? Take the money and get out of there! It’s empty desert, and you’ll NEVER get a better deal.

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Has anyone looked at the area already encompassed by “Area 51”? What is the Air Force doing, trying to carve out the 51st state? It is also interesting to note that the Air Force is wanting more land to enhance a place that the government claims does not exist. (Ya can’t have it both ways guys.) If the all mighty Air Force persists by going to condemnation I think it would be in order that it proves a specific and detailed use for the confiscated property. For all we, the bill toting taxpayers know, Obama is wanting to build a miniature Mecca (with a golf course).

    1. spokencitizen says:

      he already , with 2 years left in his term at the time , ordered a whole new presidential air force 1 fleet….he just loves to spend other peoples money

      1. I Seigel says:

        Nice post. You only tell a small portion of the story however.

        There are currently 2 planes that serve as “Air Force One”. They are both 28 years old, and they’ll reach the end of their 30-year life in 2017. The Air Force has already budgeted for 2 replacement planes, which after being modified with the necessary gear, will come into service during the next presidency. Obama didn’t “order” the planes, and he won’t have any use of them. Stop with the slanted BS of your posts. You can twist the news any way you like, but that doesn’t make it true.

        1. Terry Rushing says:

          I’m weeping crocodile tears over the very highly maintained 28 year old “presidential airplanes”. While you’re slinging snot on behalf of the reckless spender I think you should pause to consider that the Air Force is flying B-52’s which are older than the men who crew them. I could really care less about Ears and Mooschelle having to ride in an old airplane. (They could always charter Delta or American Airelines like those of us who foot the bill for their many vacations do if they like riding in newer aircraft.)

          1. I Seigel says:

            And if it’s Trump or Bush or Kasich or any of the others flying in a plane that’s beyond its intense life? Still singing the same out-of-tune song then? Like I said, the Obamas won’t be benefitting from any new plane, which would be obvious to anyone with half a brain and some ears that could listen.

            And why aren’t the B-52s being upgraded? Maybe some higher taxes would pay for that, but we know the No Tax Pledge that the Republicans were forced into signing makes that highly improbable.

  • Walt says:

    This is an example of what I’ve been talking about. As usual, again this government takes without asking, just like they did with the native Americans. It’s absolutely appalling…

  • elda says:

    That poor family. It is not just them that is being bullied, they represent the people of the country. It is just that most of us do not know we are under attack. It is just up close and personal for them. I think if I were them I would take the money and run for a different country because it is only going to get much worse from now on.

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