by Awr hawkins | Breitbart
July 31, 2015

Florida’s chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is suing Florida Gun Supply owner Andrew Hallinan for banning Muslims from his business in the wake of Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez’s alleged July 16 attack on two separate military centers in Chattanooga.

Those attacks resulted in the deaths of four Marines and one Sailor.

Breitbart News previously reported that Hallinan reacted to the attack by declaring his store a “Muslim-free zone.” Now, Florida’s CAIR chapter is suing Hallinan and his store.

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  • KDC says:

    Islam is an ideology. It goes against everything America is and stands for. These kind shouldn’t have weapons. Hope he stands his ground. We’ll back him.

  • vladilyich says:

    This will be an easy case to try and CAIR will win it, hands down. For over 50 years the anti-discrimination law has read that a person cannot be discriminated against for “Race, CREED, or color”. They have added a few things in the meantime, but CREED is still one of the primary prohibitions. It would be the same if I posted “No Presbyterians” (or Jews, or Mormons…). The shop owner has only two choices in this matter: Allow everybody, or find another business.

  • John Green says:

    The owner doesn’t need to sell guns to any Muslims so he won’t be later sued just in case these Muslims end up killing Americans! Not another possible terrorist attack in the U.S.A. It is common sense guys! Go to another store!

  • amarvin says:

    What happen to businesses posting “we have the right to refuse serve to anyone” ? I still see these signs poste everywhere.

  • Shane says:

    He is in the wrong and will be punished. He should have been smarter and just hung a bunch of pig’s feet in front of his store, or he could have put up a drawing of Old Moe on his front door!

  • Walt says:

    A gun shop owner should have the right to refuse sales to anyone he wishes or sees a threat. Furthermore, what is a Muslim doing in a gun shop anyway? They sell guns not suicide bombs…

    1. Lorene B says:

      Even custodians of public records may use descretion and refuse to allow anyone to have access to records if they believe that person will use the information in such a way that causes harm to someone.

  • Michel says:

    This is how islam works in every single country they’ve “peacefully” infiltrated.

    1. Lorene B says:

      Thank you Michel for posting this video, here. It is excellent, easy to understand.

    2. Karin Isbell says:

      Kudos to Michel! I am most grateful for your clarifying speech. It is interesting to learn what our so-called commander-in chief is all about: Stage 1,

  • Michel says:

    This is CAIR!

  • CAIR needs to be destroyed in the USA, nothing but an Muslim Pig Pen of Insanity! Islam should be banned from the USA. Freedom of Religion should not include those who’s so called “Holy” book, the Koran, calls for the Death or Enslavement of all who refuse to accept their satanic, evil Allah! Muslims have no loyalty to any Flag, Nation, Constitution, Laws (except their barbaric Sharia Law), or Military, so they should be banned from our borders! Sad part is, the Democratic Party of today is just as twisted and deranged as the death cult of Islam, and the GOP RINOs are not far behind!

    1. Lorene B says:

      Muslim religion/government cannot co-exist with other religions and governments because they believe they are the only one. They should be deported from all countries that are not muslim, if not, then there will be no peace.

      1. Joe Are Hintz says:

        They[U.N., Vatican, Islam, and our present form of gov’t] need to be wiped off the face of the earth–and ALL their coonstituents!!!! A dynasty of no-working, low-life inbred slime that couldn’t survive a day’s work, OR the ultimate shit they’re trying to throw this nation into!!!!! It’s MY sin, but I won’t pray for ANY of the bastards anymore. America had the gospel for MANY years, and threw it out, listened to shitballs brainwash them, and now they are the next contestant on “the price is right.” Ignorance, and apathy PAY THEIR dues!!!! And it serves them right!!!

    2. vladilyich says:

      If CAIR goes, then so would the Israeli “Anti-Defamation League” and quite a few others.

      1. Possibly, but no problem. American Jews seem to have nothing in common with Israelis, most have never even been to Israel. Also, the NAACP, Black Caucus, Ebony, BET should also be banned, or else Whites are allowed to have a NAAWP, White Caucus, Off White Mag, and WET. It could really get insane, lol, even more than it is already!.

  • Dana Lind says:

    STUPID, but you can bet a dollar to donuts that the fools who run this will push this as a racist case, which is stupid because it’s not about race its about religion. And if the courts support CAIR it will be against the first amendment.

    1. Gnowark says:

      So far, being being against the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th hasn’t been a problem for the last two A.G.s or congress.

  • ONTIME says:

    If the lgbt has a right to win a case for a same sex couple to stupid to find a consenting baker, then it is entirely possible for the morally inept government to give money to a case to encourage the chances of terrorism and acts of violence by cult islam and those associated with their hatred and intolerance…..since they have defective minds, sell these scum defective goods…..if islam means peace, engrave all their purchases with the sign of the Christian cross….

    1. Gnowark says:

      They aren’t inept, they are intentionally devoid of the morals (like honor, integrity, freedom, work instead of destruction) that once made the U.S. great!

  • 7papa7 says:

    He should make it a private club. Charge about $5 million to join and give only non muzzies “scholarships” so that they don’t have to pay more than they do. Any muzzie that comes up with the money can be put on a range that malfunctions all the time and have only targets of the pedophile moooohamad. They should be charged at least a thousand dollars for a box of ammo and no ability to rent or buy a gun.

    1. Gnowark says:

      , with specially-named stations: “Beslan,”: “Twin Towers,” “MY kind of Peaceful is Taqiyya,” “Barbary Pirates,” & the ever-popular “Sharia made today’s Nigeria.” He would need thousands of stations to name just some of the islamic atrocities.

  • Lorene B says:

    The store owner is obeying his conscience, as he should. If Muslims (peaceful as they are) have any need for a gun, they can get them somewhere else.

    1. I Seigel says:

      How about if it was an apartment building owner, and he was following his conscience by not renting to Muslims? Or to gay couples? Would that be OK, too?

      Or let’s say the landlord was a Vietnam vet, and he didn’t want to rent to a Vietnamese family? How about if the landlord didn’t want to rent to Mexican families? To blacks? To Jews? To Democrats?
      Any of those people can choose another apartment building, right?
      What if any of those families wanted to buy a gun or buy birth control? Should pharmacists and gun store owners not sell to them because of their “conscience”?
      What if any of those families wanted to go see a movie, or ride a bus or have a drink of water at a water fountain or sit at a lunch counter in a Denny’s? Should there be separate water fountains, buses and lunch counters for those families?
      What if this was 2015 instead of 1955? Oh, that’s right – it is!

      1. Wolfman says:

        Once again you are correct…the best way to test if something is logical or even the right thing to do is to take it to it’s extremes and then reanalyze it.
        Unfortunately, what you are seeing posted in these sites is the frustrations of everyday Americans over all the crazy things that are happening …but shouldn’t be happening…such as the ; Trayvon Martin incident becoming a black vs. white issue, when it was actually just two A-holes fighting it out, illegal immigrant invasion, fast and furiuos gun running, Ferguson riots, Baltimore riots, the Confederate battle flag getting blamed for 9 murders, etc….if Obama was trying to get this Nation all pissed off ..he is a very successful loser as a President….if pissing off the Nation was an unintended consequence of his policies then he is an incompetent buffoon of a President….neither is good, but the consequences of his actions are his to own.
        This escalation in rhetoric will not end until there is ‘fairness’ re-established. This is no different than a sports contest where the officials are doing a poor job of keeping fairplay established…the arguing between teams and officials starts…but if fairplay doesn’t get re-established there will be a ‘free for all’ before the game is over…we are quickly approaching the ‘free for all’ stage…the government needs to give up its left wing push and swing to the right for a while…or I’m afraid that there will be the inevitable consequences of disregarding what the past two election cycles were supposed to resolve peacefully…so it can’t be said that the people who are now frustrated didn’t try to do it correctly.
        They are as frustrated as you get when you keep reading the same things on these posts…do you blame them???

        1. I Seigel says:

          Hi. I hope you’re having a good weekend.

          You’ve said some good things here and given me some things to think about.

          I do want to say this, though: I think this “escalation in rhetoric” started long before Obama took office. Don’t overlook the fact that the “free for all” was in full swing from the day Obama took office: McConnell and Boehner both saying their “Job #1” was to make sure he was a one-term president, Rush lambasting him all day every day on his shows – there was no typical “honeymoon”. Do you recall that? Do you recall the pictures of the million plus people crammed into DC to watch O’s inauguration? There was hope there, but it was quickly dashed by McConnell’s words and the constant spewing by Hannity and Beck et al.

          Was there that kind of rage and vile coming so steadily from the left when Bush was declared the winner by the Supreme Court? No. There was bitterness, sure. But not the constant barrage of – let’s just call it what it is – hate directed at Bush like there was at O.

          And yes, there were attempts to undermine or shame Bush during his tenure – the CBS reports of Bush’s military service (how convenient that the news of CBS’s false information only came to light right AFTER they’d released the story, thereby ruining whats-his-name’s career). And a little making fun of his “clearing brush” on his “ranch”, his college drinking, etc. But it all passed. The right, though, was on a campaign to destroy Clinton right from the start – the women, Whitewater, the guy who committed suicide. I’m sure we’ll hear about Whitewater again if Hillary is nominated. And with O, the same thing – the birth certificate, the Muslim thing, whatever. All attempts to delegitimize the President, to make him appear not just incompetent but illegal. This has harmed the OFFICE of the President and America’s image around the world.

          There is no standing shoulder to shoulder with the President now in matters of foreign policy, something that the Dems did with Bush. Now we have a house divided, foreign leaders talking to one part of our government but not another, constant public bickering and undercutting of authority. It didn’t used to be that way.

          You pointed out in an earlier post that MSNBC pre-dates FOX News by a few months. That’s true. But back then, Microsoft wanted a TV presence and they partnered with NBC to form a news network. It was non-partisan, an attempt to compete with CNN and to draw traffic to the Microsoft news website MSN (like Yahoo was doing at the time). The ultra-partisanship started with FOX and O’Reilly and Beck. MSNBC didn’t hire on Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews and the others until much much later, and probably contributed to O’s first very close election victory.

          Your post also alludes to the possibility – likelihood? – that all this “free for all’ will go away once O’s term of office ends. Is that REALLY likely? If Hillary is elected, do you REALLY think that everyone will calm down and start behaving a little more respectfully? If Jeb gets elected – or if Romney had been elected last time – do you think the ultra-partisanship rhetoric will be (or would have been) toned down? Do you think groups of left-wingers will be carrying guns to a Rubio rally, or posting all kinds of vile about Trump or Cruz?

          Play “What If” for a few minutes and compare scenarios. Where is all the hate coming from, the lunatic conspiracy theories and the threats?

          1. KDC says:

            Got news for you, as a president he is incompetent. Oh, wait, he is doing exactly what he said,” transforming America”. Yes, into a third world cesspool with corruption and communism running the show. The usurper-in-chief with all his phony, lying is incompetent in keeping America soverign, flourishing, and peaceful, like one would expect a president to do. Anyone who voted for this skum doesn’t have good judgement. The writing was plain as day if one didn’t have their heads in the ozone, or so taken by his skin color. Who is going to stand shoulder to shoulder with a Muslim sympathizer and communist? I guess you answered that.
            Don’t give us that quackery about a house divided. It wasn’t divided for the last six years. What’s the excuse then? He’s the worst “president” in our nations history. If one is so against people lambasting by commentators, then perhaps they should perform their oath that they took instead of tearing down this great nation.

          2. Wolfman says:

            Sigs, First, I did not think that I implied that there is a likelihood of the ‘free for all’ ending once Obama’s term expires. If that is how it sounded I apologize for the miscommunication
            I think you know me well enough by now that I try not to describe all conservatives or liberals as either good or bad. I also try to learn from the past, live in the present, and apply the accumulated knowledge to see what the near future may bring.
            Just like Bush owns the crappy way the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were fought, going along with Kennedy on ” No Child Left Behind” , knowing that the housing market would boom and then bust because of the new looser sub-prime mortgage rules ( he predicted it would fail) and still signing the legislation,etc. …Obama owns his Healthcare that was built on a lie ( it was transparent to anyone that knows how businesses work that both health costs and insurance costs would increase), the influx of Illrgals,the fast and furious gun running, the loss of Iraq, the overthrow of Libya , the bumbling in Syria ( which actually lead to the Benghazi embassy raid), the increased racial tension, the dividing the nation into segments that are either rewarded for their allegiance to his whims or punished for their resisting his whims ( guess the 14th Amendment only applies when it is PC to do so)…etc…Bill Clinton is pretty much a pathological liar and out for himself. George H W Bush, despite his reputation as a supposed tough guy was a political wimp. I could go on and on…but complaining solves nothing.
            I have said it in the past and I still feel strongly about this…I want honest ,constitutional based, politicians. I don’t want freebies, I don’t want vengeance, I don’t want a white conservative version of Obama. I want the President to follow the powers he has been granted in the constitution…the same goes for the House and Senate…the Supremes need to stop legislating from the bench. The one thing I will give to Obama , in general, to those who are not concerned about the first this or first that as a President, also overlooking the day to day lies he told about Healthcare or other things,…he did not disguise the fact that he was extremely Liberal bordering on a Socialist. He got elected and is doing his thing,most of which I disagree with because it is bad policy .
            The real issue I have is with the Republicans who got elected by running conservative, and once in there you would swear to God that it is still the Obama, Nancy,Harry show. The Republicans are my problem because they lie…the Democrats are so far left they have to buy two pairs of shoes just to walk correctly…but at least they admit it!!! I can accept that, I won’t vote for them, but at least when they get elected they represent those that elected them.
            So in actuality I have little or no hope for the prevention of a “free for all” between the people because the Constitutionalists , Conservatives , and the supposed eternally feckless “Un-Decided Voters”, who eventually vote for Conservatives ( there are no true Constitutionalists ) have been denied representation through the intentional fraudulent behaviour of the Republican Candidates.
            I expect the turmoil to continue if we don’t get honest Republicans to run…I have never heard one Republican that says when he gets elected he’s going to vote in tandem with the Democrats ….incidentally working”with” Democrats ,if done honestly, results in compromise, which when done correctly,results in both parties feeling a little empty…actually it is kind of the way I envision you would be in making Legislation,you would do your best to maintain your principles, with the realization that you will have to ‘meet in the middle’ on many key issues if anything will get done. This is what it should be..not the constant ‘All or Nothing” that has evolved . To be quite honest with you it is the dialogues I have had with you that made me realize that my problem is not with Liberals,Socialists,Communists,or someone like you…my problem is with lying , cowardly, politicians who are using me as a ” useful idiot”.
            In closing,1955 wasn’t too bad ..if you could correct all the obvious prejudices that you described in your earlier post, you would be able to leave your doors unlocked, money in the car and it would still be there until you used it, say what was on your mind ( no PC parsing of words), kids playing freely without worrying about perverts ( the adults acted like a volunteer police and the police walked their beats and were a visible presence) and in general live a fairly good life just trying to make a living without everybody butting into your business, there were no busy bodies calling the Health Dept. to turn in Sally’s parents because she ate some dirt, practically everyone had a gun…but murder in small town USA was so rare …if one occurred everyone remembered the specifics for twenty years. In general it was pretty much live and let live.

          3. Wolfman says:

            Sigs,the long winded version is below( if you wish to read it). I will take your word on the sequence of the dart throwing contest…and to be honest Rush was the first to start talking sh!t ….but up til then the MSM had pretty much a monopoly on the national conversation.
            No, I don’t envision the “free for all” to subside for 20 +years…that is about as long as it will take to see any significant improvements in debt reduction, resurrection of manufacturing, de-propagandizing the education system,re-acclimating Americans to getting off the ‘freebie’train,etc.
            Actually,and this is primarily due to the dialogues I have had with you, I have determined I am totally frustrated and angry because the Republican Candidates have been lying about being constitutional/conservatives for at least 25years. I have been a useful idiot for them . So in fact I have been falsely directing my anger at those I disagree with…when in truth,most recently, we have had at least 6 years of a significant ” Republican Conservative ” presencein the House/Senate that bears a striking similarity to the Nancy/Harry show they replaced.
            This realization on my part primarily came about because of the honest ,thoughtful ,logical arguments that you have presented, which then resulted in an honest analysis and appraisal that my own Party was letting me down.
            So in reality this is the point I was trying to make …if the Republicans refuse to represent those that elect them as conservatives…with an actual conservative ( and constitutional) Agenda.. then the “free for all” will escalate as it is the only viable alternative left to obtain representation. Hopefully the “free for all” end result is not a physical conflict, but rather the creation of a strong ( ie significant voter leverage) Third Party that is based on the Constitution and is large enough to make the Republican Party the irrelevant political apparatus it deserves to be!!

      2. vladilyich says:

        Outstanding response! Two thumbs up!

      3. Lorene B says:

        🙂 Are you down in the far end of the south pasture lost in the tall weeds? Be comforted to know that the gun seller may not be able to determine if any or all of his customers are muslim. Watch the video posted here by Michel and you will understand why conscience is important when it comes to gun sales to muslims.

        1. I Seigel says:

          Conscience is important when you’re in church. When you’re teaching your children right from wrong. When you’re dealing with a person or animal weaker than you. When you’re negotiating a contract or a treaty. Conscience is a matter of interpretation for every individual. The LAW is not. You OBEY the laws of the state and country in which you live. You OBEY the laws that you agreed to when you applied for and got your business license. The LAW takes that difficult matter of interpretation and conscience out of the hands of the general public and puts them in the hands of judges and courts, who are specifically assigned the task of interpretation without regard for conscience. If you want to deal with conscience matters, see your pastor or rabbi or reverend. Or iman

  • Luke says:

    What do muslims need guns for, aren’t they a peaceful religion..?
    The trash called c.a.i.r is a terrorist supporting hate group and should be sent back to the ME garbage dump

    1. Paul Dragotto says:

      C omunist
      A ss
      I ignorant
      R ats

      1. I Seigel says:

        I’ll give you a C+ for cleverness. D- for spelling. Try harder next time.

        1. KDC says:

          Quit the nit picking! My iPad puts in all kinds if garbage I have to try and clean up.

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