California Gov. Brown says looser gun laws in Arizona, Nevada create opening for terrorists

by Valerie Richardson
December 24, 2015

California Gov. Jerry Brown took a swipe Saturday at the gun laws of neighboring states, saying looser restrictions in Arizona and Nevada created a “gigantic back door” for terrorists to enter California.

“California has some of the toughest gun control laws of any state. And Nevada and Arizona are wide open, so that’s a gigantic back door through which any terrorist can walk,” Mr. Brown told the Sacramento Bee.

He made his comments in Le Bourget, France, where he recently arrived for international climate talks, several days after two shooters killed 14 people and injured 21 in San Bernardino in an attack that the FBI is investigating as an “act of terrorism.”

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  • Robert Green says:

    It’s interesting that Jerry Brown worries about terrorists coming from Arizona and Nevada. He opened the door from Mexico to California when Mexico’s president was here a while back. So, how is it that he blames those states for their right of allowing and training individuals on how to properly use weapons. By the way, the two practiced their shooting here in California didn’t they?
    And what about his new law banning guns on school campuses? That includes those with CCW’s and former law enforcement officers. Didn’t he notice that on those campuses where many students and others were killed or wounded by crazed gunmen? The reason many now carry ccw permits and are allowed to carry weapons so they may be able to stop those whose intent is to murder as many as they can. Governor Brown; you have a very distorted view of this picture. Why not study those states where it is legal to carry; where they have shown a remarkable REDUCTION of crime due to that.
    If there are killings on campuses in California due to your and the State’s Congress’s actions, you and they will be held accountable! You, now twice being governor of this state have caused more harm than good to the California citizenry by your actions. For a man who once was a Catholic priest, you show your true colors against the people of California.
    To all Californians; we all need to keep in mind that we need a major overhauling of this State’s government. They have proven that we do not count in their eyes. It truly doesn’t make any difference if one is a Republican or a Democrat, or even an indiependent. Those currently in power will do what they want regardless of the consequences to the people here.
    One thing we seem to forget is that we elect county sheriff’s who are the chief law enforcement officers for each county. WE ELECT THEM! They do not answer to the governor or the State legislature or the federal government. It’s about time we the people have our sheriffs start actiing on our behalf and start deportation of the illegals and the undesirables! But it will take the people to see it is done; or replace them with ones who will! I don’t know about you out there, but it is time to take back OUR STATE from those who wish it destroyed. We are the practice state for the so-called federal government’s intent to take control of the people. Do you want to live as a free person or one who lives at the will of the government?

  • says:

    Airhead brown throwing some commi- rhetoric at the folks…

  • joe says:

    The problem is not the so-called loose gun laws, it is the criminals who do not purchase their guns from dealers or at gun shows.
    Criminals do not pay much attention to laws, Governor Brown, imagine that!

  • Louise Goins says:

    Why do people IGNORE history? WWII era-Germans removed guns from Polish citizens after first having ALL citizens ‘register’ their guns then simply took the lists and went house to house taking their guns (houses very spread out then,also)-this is why when Germany led by hitler took over Poland with extreme ease due to unarmed citizens. Same thing under ‘gun control’ push now…we all know that criminals, terrorists are not law abiding.

  • Chester Eberhard says:

    Hay Jerry why don’t you tell the truth your state has been losing its higher tax paying people to these other States because of your gun laws and the people who want to defend themselves are leaving old cal. So this is where the nuts that want to shoot the unprotected come to for their first targets and a gun free zone sings say that no one there has a gun to defend themselves with. To them the sign says open season. One of the main reasons I left old cal and never to return.

  • motleyalaskan says:

    It’s NOT Nevada and Arizona that “leaves the door open for terrorists” Jer…Your ‘gun free’ State has turned your citizens into sitting ducks!

  • motleyalaskan says:

    It’s NOT Nevada and Arizona that “leaves the door open for terrorists” Jer…Your ‘gun free’ State has turned your citizens into sitting ducks!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Gov. Brown, you are full of bull manure. If I really wanted to, I could go out and pick up any kind of fire-arm I wanted, the gun laws would mean nothing to me. In fact, do you remember the Thomson machine gun, that’s right, the Capone gang’s favorite. Well guess what, they are available, and I don’t even have to go to a gun store to buy one, besides a gun store wouldn’t have any. So keep up with the B S about more gun laws. Those that want will get what they need, with or with-out any laws.

  • reggie says:

    Ah yes, of course the sanctuary cities have no bearing, the open door from meeheeko has no bearing, allowing sheriffs, etc to let criminals out, without notifying immigration has no bearing. Wonderful. Tell every one else to clean up their yard when yours in the filthiest in the neighborhood.

  • Daniel Wright says:

    I live in northern Ca. As a local radio host says about the drought here. Gov. Green is turning the state brown, As for gun control laws. The idiot in Sacramento should tell the truth about San Bernardino. The guns used there were bought legally in-state and given to the killers by a friend. There was no need to go out of state,but socailists like him find the truth about gun laws and terrorism nearly impossible to tell.

  • GQ4U says:

    Jerry Brown never met a restriction on the people he didn’t like.
    Governor Moonbeam is a very liberal piece of fecal mater.

  • billwhit says:

    Twatty Brown is a White Obama, worthless as can be and twice as dumb!

  • ken51136 says:

    Two AR-15 and two auto pistols were not bought in Arizona. they were bought through a 2nd party Illegally In California under the Toughest Gun Laws around. It goes to Prove how far off track the liberals in California are. They also encourage Illegal Immigration and safe zones for Illegals ignoring this country’s laws when it comes to Illegals. This governor has some nerve to preach about laws of any state other than his own.

  • cutterguy says:

    I do not even need to read browns garbage. he is an idiot.

  • vladilyich says:

    California also has vehicle inspection stops at ALL highways in and out of the State for over 70 years that I remember. If he was serious, he’d add firearms to the fruits and vegetables they inspect for. Obviously, he just wants to remove firearms, period.

  • John Higgins says:

    California is a bankrupt anti american,anti constitution state under fool’s like this Brown.

  • pete G says:

    Did i just read where California has some of the strictest gun laws in the Nation? Boy the Gov. must be proud of that, oh by the way wasn’t there 14 people shot to death there just recently? How stupid for him to open his big mouth at this time.

  • Oldawg70 says:

    Gov Brown is an immoral, liberal minded idiot that deserves to have his air shut off! Queer Logic Disease has spread like wildfire through our political arena…just like the White House!

  • Turtler says:

    As a Californian and besieged Conservative, I apologize for this governor and call BULLOCKS.

    As anybody on the PLANET who has crossed Californian borders can tell you, the door is not only not wide open, it’s criss crossed with barbed wire and checked several times.

    We’re the state that makes people surrender or declare certain PLANTS before entering, for fear that if something gets past our interstate border checks without being detected it will contain an apocalyptic disease or pest outbreak that will destroy our agriculture.

    So I’m sorry, I don’t believe that our specially trained Keystone Kops can find malignant growth on flowers but can’t find a gun.

    Oh, and I note that Moonbeam is complaining about Nevada and Arizona but he ISN’T talking about the Southern Border with Mexico. The real back door that terrorists CAN AND HAVE walked across, complete with weapons from the Western Hemisphere’s nastiest black conflict.

    All in all, undignified arse covering.

  • Jons_On says:

    I didn’t see commiefornia’s ridiculously tough gun laws stopping terrorists in San Berdo. This guy is trying to cover his failure by pointing blame somewhere else. So typical of a liberal or a small child.

  • Gene Slates says:

    I quote, “This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.” From Adolf Hitler, 1935, on the weapons act of Nazi Germany.

    Gun laws only help those who have armed guards, and hurt anyone else.

    MoonBeam, F. Off you anti-American, socialist D. Bag.

    1. reggie says:

      Thank you. I didn’t know that quote. Will use it. It’s a true eye-opener. Have read a lot of history, but missed it.

  • Rick Stanley says:

    Go back to California hell Brown.

  • Hillaryoncrack says:

    I lived in San Diego in 2000-2002. What a shithole.

  • hora says:


  • Liberty's Advocate says:

    Governor Moonbeam is a “Luna”tic ! It’s HIS state that has had terrorist attacks – not Arizona. His liberal mindset is so far to the left, he can only think with circular reasoning. He blames the neighbors for his state’s failure to allow the citizens of his state to defend themselves and thinks HIS citizens are safer if their right to keep and bear arms is denied them. On top of that, the courts have held that it IS NOT government’s responsibility to protect individual citizens – only society as a whole – and suddenly HIS argument is ridiculous beyond the pale. What is it about the concept of having an unalienable right to control your own life and destiny that is so hard for liberals to understand?

    1. reggie says:

      They DO understand it. That’s the problem. if you control your life, they can’t.

  • grafra102 says:

    Brown the “CLOWN” mind your business in California and take care of the shit the “DEMOCRAPS” stir up!!!!!! That includes you too!!!!!!!

  • ADRoberts says:

    It would appear that Brown was not getting enough publicity. So he opens his mouth and shows how much of an idiot he really; is.
    The ONLY thing California cares about is getting liberal and illegal votes for those fanatic idiots called Democrats.
    So check out the FACTS. Who is safer? It is those people in Arizona and Nevada who are NOT deprived of their rights by MOONBEAM. What a loser. He is comparable to Charlie Sheen and probably has HIV too.

    1. Hillaryoncrack says:

      A disease he got from an illegal immigrant. Linda Ronstadt.

  • Webb says:

    Another Nut….

  • Dick Ellis says:


    1. Hillaryoncrack says:

      He suffers from gonorrhea, which was given to him by his illegal alien girlfriend, Linda Ronstadt. It eats the brain.

      1. pete G says:

        I have been trying to figure out what Linda was thinking for 40 years. It had to have something to do with pity, look at the man he can pull his bottom lip up over his nose.

  • skrunyan says:

    Progressives and their family’s from either party should be required to live in Saudi Arabia for a year. They would soon realize how onerous Sharia Law is and how Islam needs no reason to engage in jihad against the West except one – they declare we are the infidel. Islam is a Theocracy that masquerades as a religion but is a death cult that is obsessed with abusing women, children and animals.

  • Peter Smith says:

    The liberal left just doesn’t get it! Laws only work when your society is completely filled with law abiding citizens. Criminals, and terrorists, do not conform to the law. For them, the strong survive and the weak perish. A couple of armed citizens could have ended many of these mass shootings before they ever even began. But to liberals, an armed citizenry are every bit as dangerous to their plans as any terrorist organization. I stand proudly on the opposition side against Gov. Brown’s argument and I exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. Merry Christmas to All.

    1. reggie says:

      And a Merry Christmas to you as well.
      In the words of Vladimir Lenin:
      “A man with a gun can control 100 without one.”

  • Thomas Goss says:

    Brown is a total asshole. He allows more ILLLEGAL WETBACKS in his state than in some Mexico cities. He also allows sanctuary cities where these criminals are safe to do whatever they want with no regards to the law or being caught. California is nothing but a waste in my opinion, and should have THE BIG ONE hit and break off and sink into the Pacific never to be seen again.

    1. Mrs. O says:

      Thomas Goss, Oh please don’t wish the big one on us. I’ve lived in CA most of my life but I’m a republican. I did not vote for Moonbeam the first time he ran and I did not vote for him this last time. I even wrote a letter to him when he won this last election and told him how to get CA back in the black and out of the red. I got no reply from him. Everyone I know and most of my family are republicans but we’re outnumbered by the demonrats. We stay in CA because we’re locked into our jobs and I’m retired but I can’t leave my family. We’re STUCK HERE. We’d LOVE to move to another state but we’re STUCK HERE. I’m hoping desperately that enough democrats have realized what a mess CA is in as well as the entire USA that they’ll vote republican this time. Don’t wish the big one on us. There’s just too many good republicans in this state.

      1. grafra102 says:

        @Mrs. O: And my son is one of them.

      2. grafra102 says:

        Mrs. O: I have been Republican since I was 18 and served for IKE in the AIR FORCE, another great President..

        1. Hillaryoncrack says:

          Did Ike toss you out of the USAF because of your gayness?? Or for chanting the Mexican National Anthem. Traitor!!!!

          1. grafra102 says:

            You are an ASSHOLE!!! Keep your “F” nose in California, and up ‘BROWN THE CLOWN’S DICK” I am the reason you are still breathing ASSHOLE!!!!!

          2. Hillaryoncrack says:

            How does your chronic bed wetting help me breath? Does your mommy hang the sheets out the window to embarrass you? Is that why you are so angry? GFY bedwetter. LOL!!

      3. Hillaryoncrack says:

        Sorry. You will become what is known as “collateral damage”. Take one for the team. Unless you want to escape. Come to Georgia. I will help you.

        1. grafra102 says:

          “PLAIN ENGLISH FUCK YOU” Would not live there!!!!!

          1. Hillaryoncrack says:

            GFY you measly little worm illegal immigrant beetch. I’ll be watching you.

          2. grafra102 says:

            By the way Bitch is spelled”BITCH” GO BACK TO SCHOOL, Oh you must be on crack no wonder your damn IQ is so low!!!

          3. Hillaryoncrack says:

            I know how to spell dickweed. ESAD!!

  • Terry Rushing says:

    Moon Beam has made huge inroads into destroying constitutional rights in his own state so now he wants to expand his lunacy. Classic example of a liberal idiot offering advice.

  • John Mackey says:

    Why is it ones like Gov. Brown are quick to blame others for the problems in their state? After all Az or Nevada has yet to be attacked but yet Brown is quick to blame 2 other states. After all the Attackers lived in Ca. for years. What proof does he have that they were even in either Nev or Az? Brown shouldn’t blame others for his states own stupidity. And folks wonder why I left Cal. 30 years ago.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      A sign of being unethical, immoral and a liar is that they refuse to ever accept responsibility.

    2. Hillaryoncrack says:

      It is the liberal way. Blame someone else. They do it time after time. They are sad, pathetic creatures who will no place in our society once this new civil war is settled.

      1. John Mackey says:

        So true after all they’ve learned it’s easier to put the blame on someone else then where it belongs.

        1. mousekiller says:

          If they put blame where it belongs they would be admitting to being wrong. That is not happening.

    3. ken51136 says:

      How many times has Obama and the liberals said it was Bush’s fault, the GOP or Congress’s fault when clearly it’s their own fault. Obama has never passed a bill he did not like; congress has enough Liberals ( Rono’s / democrats ) that usually vote with Obama; the senate won’t let anything pass on to Obama if they and Obama don’t like it; George Soros, Unions / special interest groups, both here and abroad get their way before the American Citizens are considered ( the UN / World Government; Hillary’s, Obama’s, pet project to cut carbon emissions; were $100 Billion will be given to undeveloped countries at our cost as usual ( No Penalty for the worst polluter: China ).We can’t even pay the cost of living increase for our retired or support the VA; just to mention 2 out of the Many tax paid budgets that are being Gutted to cover liberal financed projects that buy the liberals votes at taxpayers expense. (Free (section_8) housing, welfare, $1,000 for each Illegal Refugee entering the US plus the expense to get here, Free schooling and tutor (translator), free health care, ETC, and they don’t even properly Vet these Illegals.
      We can’t even take care of our own citizens; Homeless, retired; who paid their Social Security, Jobs for all ( Graduating and non graduating students here in this country ), The VA for those who were put in harm’s way by this country, The cost of keeping this country safe through; advanced weaponry through our national labs; just to mention a small few. We are 20 Trillion in the hole and All the Liberals in Washington can do is ignore the BUDGET and bering in More Dependent Illegals to suck up what little jobs are on the market; while at the same time taking more out of the national budget than they will ever put back.

      1. John Mackey says:

        I couldn’t have said it better myself and I fully agree with you as well. We need to stop giving out money to all these other countries especially the ones for which hate us. And start taking care of our own here at home. What the hell haven’t we been the welfare nation for the world and what have we gotten in return? We’ve got Senors, homeless vets etch right here in our own country for which we could be using that money for instead of sending it overseas.

        As for the so called Refugees why should we be taking them in when countries like Qatar, Kuwait and sever other Muslim nations won’t take them in. Because they know what the American citizens know and Obama won’t ever admit to and that is the fact that they can’t be Vetted.

        1. Louise Goins says:

          Its not refugees…its an invasion of jihadists

  • Smitch says:

    Governor As_-Hole! We here in Arizona are now taking away the water we send you!

    1. Terry Rushing says:

      Turn the valve off!. Maybe “moon-beam” can use some of that taxpayer green energy to produce fresh water.

      1. Hillaryoncrack says:

        He will save some minnow and kill the people.

    2. grafra102 says:

      Crazy aren’t you?????

      1. Smitch says:

        No! Just Tired of the Liberal BullSh_t!

        1. grafra102 says:

          Me too!!Smitch, You know this idiot that is trying to get me pissed off, I believe she (if it is a she or could be a she/he) has ans IQ of a “RETARD” and that is not much.. I sit here and laugh my ASS off. Mixing too much crack and booze!!!

    3. Hillaryoncrack says:

      Good for ya’ll!! Turn off the Colorado River spigot. Let them die!!

  • Paul Fowler says:

    The only loser is brown

  • michael friend says:

    Clearly the Gov. from Calif. has his head stuck up his ass. That state has some of the most messed up laws, no wonder all of my relatives moved out of that state.

    1. grafra102 says:

      I moved from beautiful Laguna Niguel, because it was getting too expensive. I miss the beaches and friends and family.

      1. CommonSense4America says:

        WHY was it getting too expensive? Leftest government programs and stu-pid laws?

        1. grafra102 says:

          YOU ARE CORRECT!!

          1. Hillaryoncrack says:

            lick my crack

          2. grafra102 says:

            Go lick “BROWN THE CLOWN’S DICK” He may like it!!!!!!

      2. Hillaryoncrack says:

        Even an empty home that a squatter like you can take over?

        1. grafra102 says:

          AGAIN FUCK YOU!!!

          1. Hillaryoncrack says:

            Toss my salad bedwetting baby.

  • Gnowark says:

    I guess moon-beam brown forgot to mention that “toughest-laws” didn’t stop any darn terrorist, but probably prevented Self-Defense (which is why I hope AZ + NV have their (progressive-hated) Constitutional Laws). In NY, we have cuomo’s Constitution-hating un-S.A.F.E. act and coumo blames PA, FL, NC et al. for the huge gun-violence in our most gun-restricted cities, and has tried to make the whole state as unsafe as NYC.

    Typical Liberal, points fingers at those that don’t have as big a problem, as the cause of our self-induced problems.

    1. John Last says:

      “moonbeam” is a perfect example of the “dumb-as-craps” mentall accuity or lack of a grasp of reality.
      Mental deficiency disqualifies one from firearm ownership / possession.
      I believe “dumb-as craps” should fall into that catagory.
      They love to apply labels to everyone, then forbid anyone from using them !

    2. ADRoberts says:

      If we had a real news media instead of a propaganda machine, they would point out the truth and gun control would be gone.

      1. reggie says:

        NDAA, 2013, Mac Thornberry, R TX, Adam Smith, D WA: did away with the ban on domestic propaganda. So our government of the people had another nail in the coffin.

    3. Smitch says:

      Sorry for the B.S. you have to put up with in New York. In Arizona if we had political reps like that, they would be voted out of office! They know better than to mess with our guns!

    4. 7papa7 says:

      Let me make it simple Gov moonbeam, go pound sand. That should even be simple enough for you to comprehend. The problem is you have no concept of how to run a state. You raise taxes and more producers leave the state. It probably won’t be much longer before all the producers are gone and you are left with only the takers aka illegals.

  • Hillaryoncrack says:

    Typical liberal. Find someone to blame. Nevada and Arizona should take some kind of legal action against Brown. Also close all highways and roads connecting the states.

    1. John Last says:

      That wall Trump wants to build : it needs to go across our southern border, then north along the eastern borders of the “left” coast states, clear to Canada !!!

      1. Hillaryoncrack says:

        Yes sir!!

      2. ward says:

        The east & west coast have gone so far down the bo commie, muslim, libtard tubes that really does isolate them from the U.S. Patriotic Citizens Freedom & Constitutional Rights that they let wannabe dictators destroy for themselves … ! Their ignorance of a tyranny attack on Liberty is beyond reality & puts them in the same catagory of treason as leader to doomed demise, bo !

        1. Hillaryoncrack says:

          Not all of the east coast. We hold North and south Carolina, Georgia, Florida and all the gulf coast.

          1. ward says:

            Sorry to insult the east coat patriots but the libtard leaders there are doing their damnedest to dictate all the Citizens that get duped with the cool aide B.S fpr gun control and are too stupid to realize the truth in facts !

      3. ward says:

        Brown is the destruction to CA as bo is to the U.S. ! Both are traitors to Freedom & Constitutional Rights not deserving the Freedom or citizenship & have to be eliminated from the U.S.

        1. grafra102 says:

          ward: Yes they are. I lived in California when Reagan was GOV and it was nice, now this “CLOWN” has distroyed it!!!!!

        2. pete G says:

          Just recently in California they came up with a written test you must take to buy a gun, the kicker you have to pay $25.00 to take it. California doesn’t give a hoot about guns but they sure as hell love money, phony Sob’s.

          1. CommonSense4America says:

            Is the test written in English or Spanish? Do you have to know how to read, or do they have a government employee to help? Since I have retired and no longer have to visit California, I will not return until the people start showing good common sense. I won’t hold my breath.

          2. reggie says:

            Probably spanish, farsi and arabic.

      4. Terry Rushing says:

        Wonderful idea. Then we would have a place to put all of Obozo’s “refugees”. I wonder if we could get Paul Ryan in there too?

    2. grafra102 says:

      No, can not do that, I won’t be able to see my son and friends. That is not the solution!!! I take it you have no relatives there, are you dumb??? What IQ are you??? Not very high I gather..

      1. Hillaryoncrack says:

        Then I suggest you move or do something Jose, because California is going to be excommunicated from the United States. Pick a side. Or better yet, go back to Honduras!!

        1. grafra102 says:

          You are an ass!!! I do not live there and my name ia not Jose’!!!!

          1. Hillaryoncrack says:

            Whatever Jose’. Please, if you insist on staying in our country, the least you could do is learn to spell English. Poor wretched creature.

          2. grafra102 says:

            @Hi@pdojoe:disqus: Yeah, you must be on “CRACK” and my ENGLISH is now plain enough for you “FUCK YOU”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

          3. Hillaryoncrack says:

            Poor, poor wretched homeless creature. Pray tell, what is the “1” for? Did you get too excited masturbating on my picture? Poor wretched man.

          4. grafra102 says:

            NO, I SPIT ON IT!!

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