Colorado rancher plows mile-wide ‘Trump’ sign

February 26, 2017

LIMON – If you fly in or out of Denver soon, you might spot what we’re pretty sure is the state’s largest political sign.

Frustrated at some of the negativity coming from opponents of President Donald Trump, rancher Doug Koehn hopped on his plow and carved the word “TRUMP” in big block letters into his field.

“The letters are 800 feet wide and approximately 800 feet long,” Koehn said. “A mile-long Trump.”

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  • juniemoon says:

    Oh, that’s beautiful.

  • Jose says:

    I still want to live for many, many years and since I am about quite a bit, I dare not place my “I VOTED FOR TRUMP” logo on my vehicles but when my friends and I get together we applaud most of what President Trump has done/is doing. Some of our friends voted otherwise but they are mature enough to accept defeat and we are friends enough not to rub it in.

  • Jim says:

    Nice, When the Liberal LOONS look out the window and see T R U M P ….
    They will get so pissed off, maybe, they’ll open the door and jump on the letters.

  • goldie says:

    Great idea! Applause.

  • Sigrid Egan says:

    How funny, I love it. We have one of those citizens in Scottsdale, AZ, who owns a huge parts of the desert in the Northern part, fighting the city against the indiscriminating building of homes in pristine, natural cacti territory,for ever, the City has tried everything to have him take the signs down, no luck. It is his land.

  • Jean Langford M. says:


  • Rodney Steward says:

    Great job, to bad this art work was tarnished by those ugly wind turbines, but the man’s got it right with Trump!

    1. DJTX says:

      Those ugly wind turbines probably earn him a lot of passive income, or at least reduce his out-go! Not a tree hugger, but when you live on flat land where it’s a little windy, might be worth your while…

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        I thought they were like the power company, if they want to use your land there’s nothing you can do about it!It takes a LOOONG time to pay for those million $$$ out fits!

        1. DJTX says:

          In TX at least, if the power companies want to use wind turbines to generate power, they buy land to put them on. Quite a few people in rural areas of TX have a wind turbine. I’ve heard they cost about $20K, and they’re tied in to your meter. When they generate more than you use, your meter runs negative and you either get a check from the power company or build up a credit for when you need it. The downside is the problem of birds (they fly into them and you can have a pile of them on your land). Not something for in town! Sorry if I’m misinformed, but that’s what I’ve heard and read.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            I know when thy first come out with this solar stuff, our power company quickly made it a rule that their would not be any pay for back for power! And you’re right about the birds, these wind turbines are called killing fields and also heard there was a lot of maintenance to them!

          2. Jim says:

            The power Companies are murdering us with a long slow death! Check out “SMART METERS”

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            WOW, I got started watching them and couldn’t stop, I had NO IDEA of this, so glad you brought this to my attention because they’ve just installed them in our area! THANKS A BUNCH FRIEND!!

          4. Jim says:

            You are very welcome, Now last Month the Gas Company put a “SMART METER” ON MY HOUSE!
            I don’t know if that is the same Killing machine as Edison put on?

          5. Rodney Steward says:

            We use natural gas here, but it has t be brought out by truck, live in rural area!

          6. Jim says:

            Yum! it’s time for a BBQ! Get paid and eat with one machine I LOVE IT!

    2. Jim says:

      Maybe Mr. Koehn can hook up electricity from those turbines on HIS property, and LIGHT UP THE TRUMP SIGN SO THE LOONS CAN SEE IT AT NIGHT TOO! That will give them another sleepless night! 🙂
      GOOD JOB MR. Koehn!

  • retired4ever says:

    Doug Koehn is an American farmer, an integral part of the backbone of America. Thanks Doug!

  • Webb says:

    Speaking of Support…For President Trump!
    Don’t Give In to Progressives…EVER!

  • dennis w says:



    I would also like to thank ( BLAME everybody else ) o’dumbass
    and ‘BIG MIKE ‘……



    1. Rodney Steward says:

      LOL, BIG MIKE, LOL, I forgot his arms that are so much bigger than Opey’s!!

  • randy jackson says:

    Awesome—–what a great idea.

    Any follow up from other farmers/ranchers?
    We know that no farmers/ranchers will support a demonRAT, these people (unlike dumboRATS) actually work for a living!

    Good job Doug Koehn!

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