Columbia professors link ‘cluster of suicides’ to ‘distress’ over Trump

Two Columbia University professors recently sent a letter to the institution’s president that linked a “fog” of political suffering to a “cluster of suicides” by students.

Professors Robert Pollack and Letty Moss-Salentijn, the co-chairs of the Columbia Faculty Affairs Committee, contacted Columbia President Lee Bollinger on Feb. 24 about the need to help “faculty to reach into themselves and find strength to express themselves.” The two mentioned student suicides before requesting venues for quiet conversations and easy access to websites dedicated to preserving freedom.

“We know no one at Columbia who is not upset, chronically and deeply, since the election,” the letter reads. “We know this is true of the Administration, and your letter [on executive orders] certainly embodies this distress. We know it is true of our students, and the cluster of suicides this month can have no other meaning.”

Dr. Pollack contacted the educational watchdog Campus Reform on Wednesday to protest its coverage.

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  • justinwachin says:

    It is stupid to see people getting so upset over the election. The faculty and administrators who helped fuel this hysteria should be ashamed of themselves. Their sleazy politics have scared some of their students to death.

    Everyone’s freedoms are much safer now that Barack Obama is no longer in office. President Obama and his administration worked to undermine the Constitution and to destroy our civil rights.

  • Wilbor Gavin says:

    These poor little snowflakes are that delicate, over a Presidental election. They need to get out of here, before the procreate, putting more little useless snowflakes like themselves in this world to destroy it.

  • Quarks says:

    Columbia University, at one time, was considered a top-notch university. But for the past 2 decades it is now inundated with moronic one-digit-IQ professors like Pollack and Moss-Salentijn.

    A 1990 Columbia University post-graduate in Mathematics and Physics.

  • The Redhawk says:

    Heck these two WHUZZES ust have been in some Sort of DEEP SLEEP ir on Mind altering DRUGS during the Ovomit 8 Years….But if the claim that in just 4 Weeks Trump is causing the TRUMP DERANGED IDIOTS to commit such Immature STUPID ACTS…MAY BE THEY CAN JOYN THEM

  • roboteq says:

    Well, I survived eight years of distress during the Obama regime, so if these people have been so indoctrinated to fear leadership they were not brainwashed into believing is the only way, then I’d have to say that nature is weeding out those who simply are not capable of surviving anyway. Suicide is a choice. At the rate Progressive elites in the U.S. were going, suicide was going to be one of the few choices American citizens would have had.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      TWO more Academics with Exploded Heads full of STRANGE VOICES and Trump Derangment SYNDROME (TDS)

      1. roboteq says:

        LOL! TDS is on my list of social diseases for liberals exposed too long to Progressive fascists.

        1. The Redhawk says:

          “progressive Retards ” aka (D) NAZI PARTY

  • Richard Schwartz says:

    What a bunch of CRAP!!! What about drugs? What about university performance[grades] What about those in therapy? This is a general statement that means nothing.

    1. The Redhawk says:

      TYPICAL Faculty Lounge Lizards that never leave that Atmosphere of DRUGS and experience the REAL WORLD

  • NJ Lady says:

    Typical pseudo intellectual bull poop. “We know of no one at Columbia who is not upset, chronically and deeply, since the election.” Well, as a former college instructor of psychology, all I can say to these suffering students (and their professors) is “Get a life and grow the hell up!”

  • Philomena says:


  • Snowman45 says:

    Is this an effort at natural selection by those who are too psychologically and emotionally weak to adapt to situations and circumstances that they can’t control? Liberalism has an excuse for everything that they support and the responses to those they don’t. We can thank our bastions of liberal indoctrination, er…….education for this in that they preach their ideals of social utopia as the way life must be. Again, it is time to put a stop to political and social indoctrination in our educational systems.

    1. BillB says:

      Amen! I have said similar statements.

    2. Wilbor Gavin says:

      Proof again that liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • John Siemens says:

    Perhaps they are committing suicide because the professors are continuing the lies propagated by the MSM? This whole thing just shows how sick they really are. Do not blame the conservatives for their being sick. Conservatives speak the truth. The truth will set you free!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    These two profs, are very welcome to do themselves in.

  • David Wheelock says:

    let more do it all die and I will buy them a strong rope to help it along

  • teaman says:

    This maybe harsh but it is the truth!! Taking ones life is ‘ones’ own doing…..PERIOD. Don’t you just love how perverted liberals, even ‘so called’ educated professors, love to pass blame of wrong doing even if it isn’t their own wrong doing. So, allow me to play the game, these deaths could be the professors fault for not helping their students more. Maybe overloading them without knowing if they can handle the work.

  • Bob says:

    And who is upsetting these little children? Could it be the twists on the news they are watching? Could it be Professors, and those who claim to be professors, and their constant harangue against the President and his policies based on these twisted stories? Case in point: The Muslim “Ban”. If this were a true “ban”, NO Muslims would be allowed in. The restrictions are a) temporary (90 to 120 days); b) only effecting 7 of 50 Muslim majority countries in the world (or 14% of the countries) that were identified by the Obama Administration as supporting terrorism; and c) allowing us to reset our vetting processes. The media and many professors claim it is a total ban, which is a lie spread by the like of Schumer, Pelosi, Hoyer and the rest, then spread by the compliant media. Same with the Russian crap. Even after the Deputy Director of the FBI stated it was, in his words, “BS”, we still hear it repeated by libbies in their hatred for the President and their distaste of his pulling off the biggest upset since the Red Sox beat the Yankees in the ALCS after being down 3-0.

  • ArcticGrayling says:

    Great. Sounds to me like the gene pool has voluntarily cleansed itself.

    1. Bob says:

      Future “Darwin Award” winners, one and all

      1. ArcticGrayling says:

        Or….to put it another way…..Charles Darwin taking out the trash.

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