Conn. governor says he’ll ban gun sales to people on federal watch lists

by Jerry Markon
December 11, 2015

The governor of Connecticut announced Thursday that he intends to make his state the first in the nation to ban firearms purchases for people on federal watch lists, echoing President Obama’s call for such a measure after the recent spate of terrorist attacks.

Gov. Dan Malloy (D) said he plans to sign an executive order requiring Connecticut State Police to cross-reference the names of anyone seeking a gun permit with databases such as the no-fly list or the terrorism watch list. Anyone on the lists would be denied permission to buy a range of firearms, and those with existing permits would have them revoked.

“Like all Americans, I have been horrified by the recent terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris,” Malloy said in a statement. “. . . I am taking this common sense step with this executive order simply because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the smart thing to do. If you can’t fly without clearing government watch lists, you shouldn’t be able to buy a gun.”

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  • I Seigel says:

    Note that this is a homegrown effort – NOT a gun grab by Obama.

    1. Dave N. says:

      Unfortunately this is a following effort from a governor in direct support to statements made loud and clear by the current administration. In this case both are misled by a faulty thought process and ideology driving a unconstitutional action.

  • fpo says:

    Well I guess you mean well governor, but don’t you think this is kind of dumb. The shooter at the San Bernardino got the ar-15 from his neighbor who purchased them legally I believe at a gun show. I don’t think the neighbor was on the so called federal watch list. Do you see what I’m getting at, kind of ridiculous to start a federal watch list isn’t it.

    1. Dave N. says:

      Its actually worse than that, not long after 9/11 I discovered I was on a no fly list and was subjected to just about everything except a cavity search every trip. At the time I was only home 3 to 10 days a month, the rest of the time I was traveling for work on government orders with flights, hotels, rental cars, etc., all handled by SATO. To make it even worse I wasn’t your regular run of the mill DOD traveler, the agency I was working for had a heavy influence on the list yet I remained on it until a class action suit for which I was not aloud to participate in went to court and the government lost the suit. In the mean time that took well over 2 years to fix.
      So we know there are a large number of names on these lists, many of whom are not valid and only a rare few have been convicted of any crime at all. There’s nothing reliable about these lists, particularly the names that had been used as an alias or those that had come up only as a first or last initial with a name in some kind of data mining operation.
      Frankly this Governor really doesn’t have a leg to stand on and would be violating the constitution, not that he or the current administration gives a hoot.
      If the back ground check is done properly for a gun purchase with the individuals full name and social to include a valid I.D. that’s the end of it, and they are using a CHL in conjunction with valid I.D. its definitely over. There isn’t a single piece of I.D. a run of the mill civilian can carry that’s clearly been back ground checked as well as a CHL, technically it’s better than a pass port as far as investigating goes.
      This smacks of nothing but inventive gun control and/or the precursor to gun confiscation by progressives within the government.

      1. I Seigel says:

        Dave, that really sounds horrible and so frustrating. To be put on that watch list and nothing you can do about it. To be lumped in with anyone and their relative who even MIGHT be related to terrorism, maybe just because they have a name that’s similar to someone else on the list.

        Think of how all those Syrian refugees must feel. To be lumped in with terrorists just because they have Arabic names and brown skin.

        1. Dave N. says:

          No not really, I don’t think about it that way, it was just a pain to go through the airports. And there’s nothing Arabic sounding about my name, some Islamist just used it in an attempt to commit a crime or some form of terrorism. Using rough inaccurate lists of questionable quality to circumvent U.S. citizens constitutional rights is the issue. The potential Syrian refugees are a separate issue from don’t fly lists or terrorists lists. There’s no way currently to clear those people properly at this point. It would have been far better to provide safe zones in their own regional area of the world, particularly with ISIS and others openly trying to use our immigration system to infiltrate Islamic fundamentalists to kill us. Unfortunately they were successful in Paris of doing just that.
          I would also say that the political correctness in current use prevents us from asking tough questions and profiling which has the potential to kill us by not do it. Profiling isn’t just names and skin color, lots of other data points used in that process.

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