Dallas ‘Dreamer’ arrest puts scare in immigration-rights community…

by DIANE SMITH | Star Telegram
February 23, 2017

A 25-year-old “Dreamer” was arrested for traffic warrants Tuesday night in Richardson, sparking fears among the immigration-rights community that he would be placed on an ICE detainer.

Edwin Romero was released shortly after 1:30 p.m. Wednesday from the Richardson Jail after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement declined to put a criminal hold on him, a police spokesman said.

An ICE hold, or detainer, refers to an official request from ICE to a local law enforcement agency that ICE be alerted before a person in custody is released so that ICE can then take over custody, according to the Washington, D.C.-based American Immigration Council. The detainer is a tool used to identify potentially deportable individuals who are housed in jails or prisons nationwide.

Romero’s friends took to social media to spread word of his arrest as lawyers worked to find more information. Attorneys with RAICES, a Texas nonprofit that assists immigration detainees, activated efforts to help Romero, a University of Texas at Dallas student who works for an animal clinic and volunteers in the community.

Richardson police Sgt. Kevin Perlich said Romero was arrested Tuesday at 10:43 p.m. He was stopped for an expired registration, Perlich said, and police were notified that he had regional warrants for non-moving violations.

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  • Robert Nelson says:

    “Dreamers?” Don’t you just love how they create and exploit such a pleasant sounding acronym for themselves; meanwhile, story after story surfaces daily about how such individuals who would fall under this category are arrested for committing heinous crimes on our citizens – oh, but in those news articles, they conveniently aren’t referred to as “Dreamers.” I’m a dreamer too… dreaming that these “kids” hurry up and get deported. They can blame their own parents for their current predicament; they knew better.

  • Jim says:

    Immigrants have nothing to fear at all! WHY? Because Immigrants have permission to be here in our Country. Whereas, ILLEGAL ALIENS DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO BE HERE!

  • abc__jps says:

    Illegal in a Country is a crime. I do not care who you are come in legal, build the country you are not allowed to take benefits from the Country get some family to sponsor you that is the way it use to be done and that is the right way. If you come over the border you are illegal that is a crime. Go home or go to jail.

  • burns says:

    Go fucking Dream in your own Country. You break our laws don’t pay fines and think we ar going to allow you to stay here.

  • justinwachin says:

    So this guy got arrested for traffic violations. Maybe he should have paid the tickets or showed up in court. Based on this story ICE did not hold him. If the illegal immigrant community finds anything in this event to scare them it should be this–pay your fines and show up in court when you are ordered to do so.

  • teaman says:

    All of these legal groups helping ILLEGALS, should be barred from any action where an ILLEGAL IS CONCERNED……PERIOD!! If you are here ILLEGALLY, you have no rights and should be deported. Go back to your respective countries and fight to the death for change and stop coming here trying to change our way of life.

    1. Retired says:

      If they are non profit that status should be removed and no Government grants . that would put a stop to a lot of these groups.

  • chocopot says:

    “Immigration rights?” Sorry, that is not correct. That should be “criminal rights.” Anyone is this nation illegally is a criminal and should be deported. Case closed.

    1. Retired says:

      Time for Texans to get this Judge out of office .

  • elmcqueen3 says:

    “If ya don’t want to do the time…don’t do the crime.”

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