Dane County judge strikes down Wisconsin Right-to-Work law

April 9, 2016

More than a year after Wisconsin became a right-to-work state, a Dane County judge has overturned the law.

The decision released Friday comes out of a lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin AFL-CIO and other unions, which argued the law signed in March of 2015 amounts to an unconstitutional taking of property. Right-to-work laws prohibit companies from making union membership a condition of employment, although unions argue they still have to represent those who choose not to pay dues in negotations. In his decision, Dane County Circuit Judge William Foust agreed with that reasoning.

In a statement, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel said “We are extremely disappointed that the Dane County Circuit Court struck down Wisconsin’s right-to-work law, but we are confident the law will be upheld on appeal.”

In a statement, Governor Scott Walker said “We are confident Wisconsin’s freedom-to-work law is constitutional and will ultimately be upheld.”

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  • Observant_One says:

    Typical union crap to protect their income that is given the democrat party..

  • PC Bob says:

    I can see this being overturned by a higher court! In fact, it may have to go all the way to the Supreme Court! This will happen AFTER Obama is out of the WH, so it should be a no-brainer.

    1. Virginia M Lange says:

      Pray we don’t get teflon Hillary.

  • Richard Hennessy says:

    Another example of an idiot judge. How in the world did he get to that conclusion? Perhaps with the same logic as Chief Justice Roberts Obamacare opinion that a government coercive penalty that the lawmakers said is not a tax is a tax.

    1. Virginia M Lange says:

      AMEN! And you can bet the judge is getting a nice fee from the AFL/CIO as well!

  • used_to_be_a_liberal says:

    Ok, so just fix the law, so that no-one can be forced to join a union, under any circumstances.

  • Luke says:

    Why bother having elected officials and a legislature when all you need is a sick idiot activist judge to rule over the people. liberals will do anything to control the minions including treason IMO

    1. Ken says says:

      That is what lawyers do. When will you understand that 99% of the lawyers make the 1% look bad. The Pretender in Chief in OUR White House is a Professional Politician Lawyer and 2 of the 5 Presidential candidates running – Clinton and Cruz are lawyers. Can this Country survive another Professional Politician Lawyer?

      1. Luke says:

        What do you mean, when will I understand. I believe I hit the nail on the head when I say liberals are the disease that is destroying America.

        1. Ken says says:

          Dig a little deeper – who is running the whole show – don’t bother to research through the MSM – that’s just talking heads reading the script they are handed. Let me know what you find out. You have only scratched the surface and missed the nail.

      2. Virginia M Lange says:


  • dubrennoc says:

    Hope Judge Foust enjoys his new found resources.

    1. Observant_One says:

      Oh, so he gets a cut of that too, it figures.

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