Empire State Building turns green for Eid

by AFP | Times of Israel
July 19, 2015

New York’s Empire State Building was lit in green late Friday to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

The green light will shine until the famous skyscraper closes to the public at 2:00 am (0600 GMT), when the building traditionally turns out its lights.

The skyscraper has carried out the tradition “for several years now — it is an annual lighting,” a building spokeswoman told AFP.

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  • VirgoVince says:

    The Empire State bldg is just lucky there wasn’t a 3rd plane in the area on 9/11/2001!! How soon they forget!
    What a stupid thing to do, WE don’t honor ugly 3rd world mu-slime garbage!!

  • Webb says:

    New York’s Empire State Building was lit in “Green” late Friday to celebrate the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of Ramadan…
    The W/H was Lit up in the “Rainbow Colors” For The LGBT Crowd…
    Four Marines and One Sailor, Killed in Chattanooga, But Neither The W/H or
    The Empire State Building were Lit Up In Red, White And Blue…
    America Has Left The Building…Will She Ever Be Found Again!!

    1. Wolfman says:

      You’ve got a huge point!! There is no more valor,honesty, patriotism, in our leaders. It’s all about ‘How do I speak softly and carry a wet noodle so I don’t offend some loser today’ instead of ‘How can I speak honestly and do the government imperatives that are needed to get America back on its Constitutional course today’.
      When we have politicians that leave Office in the same financial condition they were in … or poorer (…..I mean for real.. not Hellary’s version of being ‘poor’……which means not as rich as she hoped to be…so she was poorer) that is when we will be back on track……..you cannot buy a truly honest/moral person , because they are obligated to follow the lead of a higher authority!!!!

      1. Webb says:

        Great point on going in Poor and Serving…and coming out the same way with ones integrity still intack.

  • Wolfman says:

    I checked the Empire State Bldg. also honors many Christian and Jewish holy days.The timing is bad ( not their fault). Although opportunists could use the Confederate Battle Flag symbol of hate logic that the Trogs use to get rid of everything they want. The difference is we are dealing with an existing ,ongoing Terrorist issue, not a defunct 150year old non-existent American ( although still practiced in many Muslim Countries) issue ( ie Slavery) . I personally would not have done this, only because I think the ‘so called billions’ of Muslims who ‘say’ they hate terrorism need to do the ‘Civil War’ thing to kill the terrorists to actually convince me they aren’t just Chicken S#!ts!!!
    Now, Yo-Mama is another thing….he just does it to poke the average ‘Joe the Plumber’ in the eye….because he just can’t stop hating Christians, Jews,and white people…..his actions always speak louder than his words ( ex. compare his responses to ‘his son’ Trayvon Martin vs. Steinle )!!! Nuff said just look at his actions , keep the sound off!

  • Thomas Goss says:

    SCREW those who allow this. New York is run by a bunch od assholes. SCREW MUSLIMS AND RAMADAN. Just because we have a muslim in our White House doesn’t mean we have to honor those terrorists.

  • KDC says:

    OMGosh, I’ve heard it all now! Is there a color for Christianity?

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