Here Are The 379 Companies That Urged The Supreme Court To Support So-Called “Same-Sex Marriage.”

by ACN
March 15, 2015

If you want to know the names of the 379 companies that signed an amicus brief urging the United States Supreme Court to affirm so-called “same-sex marriage,” keep reading.

And don’t forget to forward this list to everyone you know and refer to this list before you transact any future business, whether it be a trip to the bank or the grocery store.

By the way, if you use Facebook or Twitter to forward this list, know that they ARE ON THE LIST.

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  • johns says:

    37 states voted that marriage is between a man and a woman. even the romans did not condone homosexual marriage. that represents around 50 to 100 million votes. do not teach your children that we live in a democracy. we are ruled by judges that are not answer to the people. we need a revolution or a constitutional convention. this and killing babies has set this country on a path of destruction. we now know that religion is trumped by everything.

  • al dell says:

    robert hykes,
    in my opinion, you are one truly lacking in sound judgement. please, reflect seriously on the issue you are supporting. you certainly seem not disposed to a firm believe in the principles and examples of what Jesus presented by His life and His death for each of us … all of mankind. start to wake up to the truth … a union of two of either gender will never be able to create the viability of a life form. this is, in fact, one of the reasons for your very existence … should you so choose to participate. you have that right to remain a single individual in the usa, however, you will surely learn soon that this, the so-called ‘marriage’ you support, will be banned / outlawed here in the usa … punishable by loss of citizenship (deportation) and mandatory confiscation of all tangible assets. adherence to this specific false belief will create for you a hardship beyond your present comprehension! … plus the loss of your freedom to progress positively and to willingly serve the One responsible for granting the Creation of your life-form that you are seemingly enjoying, at the moment. wake up to the reality of what life is, what is required of you to remain a living organism, and to give full credit to The Author of all life … your refusal will be rewarded accordingly. my peace and blessing to you for due reflection and final acknowledgement of His Plan, His continued Blessing on these united States of America, and the needed Supernatural Support you will need to exist with abundant peace and love in your heart. al.

  • Duane Hinde says:

    Anyone who sits on the bench should know that it takes a male and a female to have a baby, and two people of the same sex, CAN NOT produce another person!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for publishing the list. I shall try to do business with them, with the exception of the Wall Street groups; many of whom I feel belong in jail.

  • Mike Getto says:

    I am proud of the companies !

  • Dee says:

    These people of the same sex that want to get married is disgusting. This is not what God intended.

  • robert hykes says:

    It is a list that I will be sure to give my business to. They have true family values not just limited ones to some closed minded thinking.

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